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Advice for Poll authors

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Hello to all of you who like to poll Forum members! It has often been remarked how some poll results get skewered because the polls are allowed to run beyond their natural expiry date (start of the basho, for example, or withdrawal of some wrestler). Well, the only way to stop that and keep poll results as meaningful as possible is for YOU, the authors* to close the thread containing the poll.

This can be done in two ways.

1. Enter your thread, scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a box "Moderation options" below the topic on the left. The only option is Close (or Open, if closed) this thread. Use it!

2. If the above is too complex for you - PM one of the mods. We'll groan a bit, but close the poll topic.

Of course, closing the poll topic also effectively closes any further discussion on that poll, which is unfortunate. So my advice is that before you close the poll you add a post summarizing the results and inviting all interested to continue the debate in a more appropriate topic you will/already have opened. For good measure, you may consider adding the link to that new discussion topic in that final post. You can simply paste the link in the post, software is clever enough to automatically make it clickable. So, nothing could be simpler! You will keep the poll results relevant, and make jollier Forum all around. ;-)

*Why you? Because we mods have too many other things on our minds to worry about poll expiry dates (unless explicitly nudged).

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