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It's a beautiful day!

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While I quite enjoyed Sal's story, and I like his writing style, I would take it all with a handful of salt. He admits to being drunk at the time (memory issues, anyone...), and in reading his posts on other message boards, quite the confrontational character. Incidents no doubt occur, but it takes two to tango. And, the rowdies always dab the corners of their mouths with a serviette after eating dirt (Sign of approval...)

Wah! Don't break my illusions! (Clapping wildly...) While salt in moderate doses are good for you, there's no smoke without fire...or at least I think so, chemistry was never really my forte. Well, you got to admit it was a damn good story anyway.

All my Makuuchi favourites lost today. *sigh* Well, Kotomitsuki seems to be in good shape, and how can you not like Mickey?

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