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Guest Takamisakari

y helo thar

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Guest Takamisakari

just thought i should introduce myself. at the moment i'm living in new hampshire, but a few months ago i had been living and studying in switzerland, and it was there that i was exposed most to sumo. a few years ago i used to get a tv channel that would occasionally have a japanese news program (that was in english) that had a sports segment where they discussed sumo which piqued my interest, but that channel eventually was taken off the air. then while in switzerland though, the channel eurosport would show sumo tournaments and i fell in love with the sport. i'm a big fan of mixed martial arts and kickboxing, but sumo is right up there with them, it's definitely one of the most exciting sports in my opinion.

anyway, once i left switzerland i have been in need of some sumo and have had no way of seeing it. i was hoping that someone here would be able to help me in this respects as i desperately want to watch sumo again, and it's a sport that i really want to learn more about and be able to discuss.

that's pretty much it, and takamisakari is one of the biggest badasses on the planet.

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