Heh, that's something I'd been meaning to check for years... Might as well now. A few more cases: Azumazeki - Takaminobori & Takamiwaka hatsu-dohyo 1986.01, branch-out from Takasago-beya 1986/Feb/02 (first basho affected) Irumagawa - Hoken & Kotsukasa & Kuwayama hatsu-dohyo 1992.11, branch-out from Kasugano-beya 1993/Jan/29 (first two basho affected) Minezaki - Minezakura & Sakaguchi hatsu-dohyo 1988.03, branch-out from Hanaregoma-beya 1988/Dec/01 (first five basho affected) Oguruma - Terukaze hatsu-dohyo 1986.11, Hayate & Hidekaze & Okaze & Shofu hatsu-dohyo 1987.03, branch-out from Sadogatake-beya 1987/Mar/23 (first three basho / first basho affected) Oitekaze - Daishodai & Hayateumi hatsu-dohyo 1998.03, branch-out from Tomozuna-beya 1998/Oct/01 (first four basho affected) Onomatsu - Onowaka hatsu-dohyo 1994.03, branch-out from Oshiogawa-beya 1994/Oct/01 (first four basho affected) Nakadachi (later Sakaigawa) - Toshoka hatsu-dohyo 1998.05, branch-out from Dewanoumi-beya 1998/May/25 (first basho affected) Shikihide - Shikinohana & Shuho hatsu-dohyo 1992.03, branch-out from Tokitsukaze-beya 1992/May/01 (first basho affected) Shikoroyama - Teraofuji & Toofuji hatsu-dohyo 2004.01, branch-out from Izutsu-beya 2004/Jan/27 (first basho affected) I only checked currently active stables and only those founded since the late 1980s, so almost certainly not complete. Surprising that the Oitekaze duo slipped through for so long. --- By the way, the exact Minezaki-beya and Shikihide-beya founding dates (= Misugiiso departure from Hanaregoma-beya, and Oshio departure from Tokitsukaze-beya) can be added to the kabu side of the DB...we didn't have those pieces of info yet back when we compiled the lot, but Sensho's juryo debut a few years ago and Arawashi's makuuchi debut last year finally provided them.
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