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What fantastic photos.

It is so nice to see some photos of the off time they have from basho's and keiko.

I sure hope you will continue to take many photos in the future.

Thank you.

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You mean this restaurant?

I was wondering what the hell that title meant. Never heard of the place. Is it well known?

It's a nationwide chain of "hamburg" restaurant. The service is fast and the prices cheap. Lots of desserts and fancy coffees so the gals like it too.

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the gals like it too.

I'm not quite sure I understand the insinuation.

Really ;-)

Most guys tend to go for fast, cheap, and volume. Bikkuri Doneky has that in spades. Ladies tend to prefer some variety, especially with drinks and desserts. Again, Bikkuri Donkey delivers. It's the kind of place that has a little something for everyone. Giganitc portions for the fellas. Lattes and gateau chocolat for the gals. A couple can drop in and both get what they want. That's the trend with many so-called family restaurants these days, but Bikkuri Donkey does it as well if not better than most these days- achieving the balance of fast, cheap, tasty, and a great variety to choose from. No, I don't work there.

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Wednesday March 19th 2008

Decided to celebrate by having yakiniku

Good evening. This is Raou.

The heya had a good run today with 7 successive victories.

Mausnoyama six in a row in particular stand out.

Today myself, Masunoyama and Kiatsatsuma went with the oyakata and an aquaintence to have yaki-niku.

The place we went is called "Satsuma no Kubo" and it serves beef that comes from Kagoshima.

The restaurant is adorned with all kinds of trophies, photos and awards.


The place does so well that some people have to wait up to one or two hours to be seated.

Masunoyama was starving by the time we got to sit down.


We all toasted his great run.


Kiatsatsuma was enoying the fine taste of the drink.


First up was..

Raw liver


next was...



and then...

Tongue and steak



No question the tounge and steak was really delicious

And finally we had to take a photo with the ornament.


Lets do our best with yaki-niku power for one last bout

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Sorry for occupying your post by duplicating it, but I just wanted to see he photos and this was the easiest way. (Showing respect...)

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Masunoyama got the Sandanme Yusho!!!!

Comments here, language doesn't matter (I am not worthy...)


would be good in Japanese.

舛ノ山さん should be 舛ノ山くん if you are older then he is. Guess you are.

名前: your name


タイトル:whatever title of the comment. (おめでとうございます! or 舛ノ山ーさん/くん へ

The Blogger Raou got mad cause they did a mistake, announced Masunoyama's Yusho as Tagasagobeya's Masunoyama's Yusho...sure he is from Chiganoura- but who cares, HE WON!!!

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