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Rikishi Talk Senshuraku Natsu Basho 2007

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Takamisakari (9-6) over Hokutoriki by yorikiri, 9.7 seconds


(Never been known to do well on the Senshuraku but ended up getting his ninth win)

"I thought to myself I'd lose again for sure too. But I am happy I got the bout. I guess I'd be facing lot tougher higher ranked guys next basho."

Ryuo (10-5) losing to Takekaze by okuridashi, 8.2 seconds


(Missing Kanto-sho but won 10 bouts in his Makuuchi debut basho)

"I knew if I won 11, I'd get Kanto-sho. Overall I am satisfied with my performance this basho. I never imagined I would win 10."

Aminishiki (9-6) losing to Roho by tsukidashi, 3.0 seconds


(Getting his first Shukun-sho)

"I ended up losing by pulling today. I was late coming out of tachiai. I let the bad part showing up on the last day. There is no question I am happy getting the award but when you come up with a bout like today's, I cannot be pleased wholeheartedly. If they decide to cancel my award, I understand. Maybe they should have given it to someone else."

Dejima (12-3) over Kotoshogiku by oshidashi, 3.1 seconds


(Getting Kantos-sho for the first time in 8 years, when he won all three awards by winning the yusho at the 1999 Nagoya basho)

"I've kept working hard all these years never wanting to give up. I'd like to bring in ever more exciting sumo the next basho that this basho. I am thankful that they appreciated my sumo enough to present the award to me. Because I really wanted it too."

Asasekiryu (12-3) losing to Ama by yorikiri, 5.2 seconds


(Getting his second Gino-sho award)

"If I got the win today, I could have had an even better finish to the already great basho."

"With the award money, I am inviting my parents, my brother and sister to the Hawaii jyungyo."

Ama (8-7) over Asasekiryu


(A new sekiwake getting Kachikoshi on the Seshuraku to stay in the rank next basho.)

"I felt so strongly I needed to get Kachikoshi so it's been really tough going for a while. But I am happy I did it eventually. I realize I need to work much harder."

Kotomitsuki (12-3) over Chiyotaikai by okuridashi, 11.4 seconds


(Beating an ozeki with his favorite dashi-nage)

"It was so well executed. "

(Never have done well at his home basho of Nagoya where he has a chance for ozeki promotion this time)

"I've always done badly there. I just don't feel comfortable. I only have a bad image of the basho. But I know I just have to keep myself steady, not get too high or low. The first half will be crucial."

Kitanoumi oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai


(On Kotomitsuki's ozeki promotion chance)

"If he can display a sumo like he has consistently shown this basho, I am sure we will be considering it. He has a long consistent streak as a Sanyaku. He is showing good strenth now. I am hoping he is one of those late-bloomer types(as 31 years old)."

Asashoryu (10-5) losing to Hakuho by uwate-dashinage, 50.9 seconds


(Could not become the Wall he stated prior to the basho but never making his left elbow and right shoulder injuries as an excuse)

"I wasn't moving at all. The first thing I need to do is to get myself healed completely (rubbing his bandaged left elbow). I promised you I'd be the wall. For that I need to apologize to you all I couldn't be that wall. It seems once I got on the dohyo, I just turned into a regular guy."

(Now after 21 basho, no longer will be the sole yokozuna)

"I knew it would come some day. I look forward to facing him on the senshuraku."

"I cannot even explain myself what happened this basho. I need to go back to the beginning to change my mental approachi."

Kokonoe oyakata, Chief dohyo judge


(On Asashoryu)

"It looked like as if there was a change of the generation already. I felt there was something not exactly the same as usual anymore. "

Hakuho (15-0) over Asashoryu


"I couldn't finish him off easily so I needed more time. I kept thinking to go with everything I had. I wanted to show a good sumo as I know I disappointed many fans last basho. "

"I believed today was an opportunity of test my sumo ability. I won the yusho yesterday so I had nothing left to prove except going all out and to show my sumo. I am really happy. I am really happy I won."

(In front of his parents and family, he new wife and daughter as well as Kyokushuzan who helped him join Ozumo. His parents arrived yesterday but Hakuho told them he would not see them until he would get the win today to make sure he got the all win yusho before he sees them.)

"I believe I was able to show a good sumo to them today. I want to become a strong yokozuna."

(Asked by NHK's Fujii announcer on becoming a yokozuna and uttered a statement very close to what he should say only after formally proclaimed as a yokozuna)

"I will do my best not to bring a dishonor to the yokozuna name."

(On a yokozuna dohyo-iri)

"It wiil be Shiranui style, honoring the heya's famed yokozuna, Yoshibayama."

(The last yokozuna to do Shiranui style dohyo-iri was yokozuna Wakanohana III. Yokozuna Tamanoumi who died during his tenure as well as other late blooming yokozuna like Kotozakura, Takanosato have also performed Shiranui style. As a result it's often been said as jinxed as it is equated with yokozuna with a short life span.)

(The Kyokai officials which tend to regard proper protocols have been known to be upset with Miyagino beya people who have been conducting themselves as if Hakuho has already become a yokozuna. The official yokozuna promotion ceremony can only be performed on May 30 as there are a couple of processes to be completed before it happens.)

Kumagatani oyakata (who guided for six and half years as Hakuho's direct oyakata)


"I never imagined he would come this far. Iniitially if he was lucky, he would make Makuuchi."

"When I saw him the first time, he looked so slim. I stopped him from doing any training at all back then and I got him to eat as much as possible every day. He probably must have wondered why he couldn't do any training."

"But in two months he gained enough weight to get to 80 kg from 68 kg and he was able to pass the physical."

"He looked like he was getting bigger and bigger every day in those days as well as he started gaining strength."

(Normally commuting to the Kokugikan by riding a bicycle but this basho he became more superstitious and watched the bouts on TV from his home.)

"I told him the most important thing is to have a good heart. To possess the heart of Japanese and to become a man with proper manners."

Hakuho's father (former yokozuna of Mongolian sumo and became the yokozuna when he was 22 years old, the same age as Hakuho)


"The best way to become a yokozuna is to beat another yokozuna. I was a 20th century yokozuna and my son became a 21st centry yokozuna. This must be the first in the world."

Hakuho's mother


"This became all possible only because so many people have been supporting him throughout his career."

Sayoko, Hakuho's wife


"I believe he wanted to be a good papa."

Kitanoumi oyakata


"Ive received a formal request to convene a special Diretors meeting to consider the promotion from Hanaregoma oyakata (Director of Judges) and I accepted prior to the Asashoryu bout today. "

"I feel Hakuho stuck to his own sumo and that led him to win all 15 bouts this basho. Quality wise his sumo has been noticilbly improved this basho compared to the last. He was simply more stable. "

"If he can perfect a form that no one can beat once he gets into it, then he will be winning more yusho. It's also important not to let his opponent to get too close to him. I want him to aim for a sumo that we all can watch him with ease."

Yusho board



Sokokurai (East 1, Arashio beya, from China) Beating Daionami (Tatsunami beya from Mongolia) in the Yusho Deciding bout.

23 years old. Dohyo debut: 2003 Aki basho.

186 cm, 118 kg. Favorite technique: Migi-yotsu, nage.


Yamamotoyama (East 61, Onoe beya, from Saitama Prefecture) beating Ri (Kasugano beya from Hyogo Prefecture) in the Yusho Deciding bout.

23 years old. Dohyo debut: 2007 Hatsu basho

189 cm, 238 kg. Favorite technique: Migi-yotsu, yori.

"As we had a sell-out, I was really nervous today. But I only thought about moving forward. I made a dohyo-debut at the same time as my opponent (Ri). I want to get to Juryo before him."

"I want to emulate Onoe oyakata (former komusubi Hamanoshima) and discipline myself to forcefully keep attacking an opponent."

Sansho Awards


Shukun-sho : Aminishiki - his first Shukun-sho for beating the yokozuna and two ozeki

East 4, 28 years old from Aomori Prefecture, Ajigawa beya. Dohyo debut: 1997 Hatsu basho.

185 cm, 135 lg

Kanto-sho: Dejima - his fourth, his first Kanto-sho since the 1999 Nagoya basho

East 10, 33 years old from Ishikawa Prefecture, Musashigawa beya. Dohyo debut: 1996 Haru basho Makushita Tsukedashi. 180 cm, 160 kg.

Gino-sho: Asasekiryu - his second, the first since the 2004 Haru basho

West 8, 25 years old from Mongolia, Takasago beya. Dohyo debut: 2000 Hatsu basho.

184 cm, 139 kg.


Kaio - Makuuchi 1,119th appearence (overtaking Takanonami and became the 8th most in sumo history)

Wakanosato - 1,000 th career appearence.

Hakuho was the top getter of Kensho banner this basho, surpassing Asashoryu for the first time. Hakuho captured 49 kensho (worth 2.695 million yen) on the senshuraku alone for a total of 237 kensho. Previously his best was at the Natsu basho last year when he got 161.

Other than his kyujo shortened basho at the Natsu basho last year, his only other that Asashoryu did not place top was a second place finish at the 2004 Kyushu basho when Kaio got 10 more kensho. Asashoryu's most kensho basho was at the 2005 Natsu basho when he received 286, 104 more than this basho.

Former Juryo Makushita East 10 Sumanofuji, 29, of Nakamura beya has announced his retirement on May 27. He finished with 1 win and 6 losses this basho. His dohyo debut was at the 1993 Haru basho and he made Juryo debut at the 2001 Natsu basho. He made eight Juryo promotions, the most in Sumo history. His highest rank was at Juryo West 9.

"Ever since I had a serious eye injury at this Hatsu basho, I've been beginning to lose a strong will to continue. I've made up my mind before this basho that if I got makekoshi, I'd retire," Sumanofuji said.

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