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On 21.4.2017 at 18:09, WAKATAKE said:

So I guess now the bets are on which one he gets?

Haven't seen anything specific yet, but guesses elsewhere have focused on Magaki (Tokitenku estate) and Oyama (same ichimon, mandatory retirement in October). The latter may be blocked by yet another re-employment though, given that Oyama has been a long-time fixture in the administrative ranks and seems to be well-regarded behind the scenes.

Outside of those the current choice of "open" kabu looks pretty bare - Onogawa (Kitanoumi estate) is unlikely to leave Dewanoumi-ichimon, and with the ill-fated Kasugayama and Kumagatani shares it's arguably not even clear who's holding the rights to sell them.

If Asasekiryu has some longer-term target it wouldn't be hard to arrange an interim loan. Takasago-ichimon is loaning out two shares at the moment, which would certainly get recalled if there's a need for one of their own. Potentially bad news for Hochiyama (in Okinoumi's Kimigahama) or Tosayutaka (in Chiyootori's Sanoyama).

If I had to bet, I'd go with Magaki. That kabu has been a hot potato in recent years anyway - if Asasekiryu takes it, it would be in its 5th ichimon since 2010 - and it's unlikely that the Tokitsukaze group will have much of a way of preventing another move.


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