Musashigawa Oyakata will be 60 on February 4th, 2008. He will be having his kanreki dohyo-iri (ex-Yokozuna reaching 60 gets to do an "I'm still healthy" dohyo-iri as an honor) on June 16th at a local hotel. He will be the 8th one to do it. Ex-Yokozunae who are still with the Kyokai have the privilege of doing it at the KKan, non-Kyokai guys have to do it elsewhere. Musashigawa is a senior executive with the Kyokai board, so naturally, it should be at the Kkan. But it won't . "It's really embarrassing..", he explained, opting for the hotel. It will be held as a part of Musashigawa beya's 25th anniversary party, making it even a smaller "deal". "Just view it as a private affair.. I do promise, however, to practice diligently so as not to embarrass myself..", he added. Former kanreki-ers had other former Yokozunas do the tachimochi and tsuyuharai duty, but Musashigawa Oyakata will be using Miyabiyama and Dejima. 27 years after his retirement, we will see an unryuu-gata dohyo iri from Yokozuna Mienoumi.