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Invitation to Totoro's hoshitori

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Hello all hoshitori players,

The Natsu basho is starting on Sunday and you can send in your

selections for Totoro's hoshitori now. You can change it as often as you

want until the deadline.

The hoshitori page can be reached with:

Hoshi home:

Here is a link to the rules for all newcomers, always worth a read:


Here is a link to the new banzuke:


Here is a direct link to the entry form:

Entry form:

!! Important !!

The entry form is no longer on Dale's server. I would have liked to

continue this rather convenient entry page since it saved me the hassle

to create an own, but I couldn't contact Dale over the last days. I hope

he is all well and just away some days. Now that I had to program the

entry form anyway with mail confirmation and all, I also made some

further automations possibly saving me some time in the future. So I'd

like to have this entry form permanently on my server now.

The entries can be made until noon JST on Shonichi (July 06, 2003).

Best wishes


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