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  1. Akinomaki

    Sumo federation rules to resume keiko

    After half a year and 3 months late due to Corona, training at the corporate sumo club of Sodick Co. Ltd. restarted on the evening of the 12th, butsukari geiko included. The club was formed April 2019, in their debut they won the 2nd division of the All Japan corporate sumo championships team event. The winner of the 2nd division replaces the last of the 1st division of 16 teams wiki/全日本実業団相撲選手権大会 The top of the 3 club members is Hayato Miwa (25) from Anamizu town (like Endo), 3rd at the above tournament individuals, best 16 at the All Japan, and he won a national select corporate sumo tournament last year o The others are ex-Toyo-dai, Keita Yamada (30) and Yoshiki Ukawa (24)
  2. Someone on the internet compiled a banzuke for university rikishi, taking into account all of their results from last year. Very useful for getting to know all the contenders in the college sumo scene: Kurokawa Kojiro (黒川 宏次朗) Takushoku University Y Turbold (トゥルボルド) Nihon University Ishibashi Hiroki (石橋 広暉) Kindai University O Oyanagi Ryota (小柳 亮太) Tokyo University of Agriculture Kizaki Shinji (木崎 信志) Nihon University S Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗) Nippon Sport Science University Murata Ryo (村田 亮) Toyo University K Sasaki Kodai (佐々木 耕大) Nihon University Kajisako Haruki (楮佐古 明輝) Tokyo University of Agriculture M1 Ikegawa Yuki (池川 勇気) Kindai University Tamaki Kazuma (玉木 一嗣磨) Kindai University M2 Osanai Takuma (長内 拓磨) Kindai University Yago Taiki (矢後 太規) Chuo University M3 Miyashita Haruya (宮下 治也) Takushoku University Nishikata Wataru (西方 航) Nippon Sport Science University M4 Yoshimoto Yuto (吉本 雄斗) Chuo University Sawada Hideo (沢田 日出夫) Nihon University M5 Takemasa Shinnosuke (武政 進之介) Meiji University Nishino Tomonori (西野 倫理) Toyo University M6 Furukawa Takahiro (古川 貴博) Nihon University Shiroishi Masahito (白石 雅仁) Toyo University M7 Uchiyama Shota (内山 翔太) Chuo University Futoda Masabumi (太田 雅章) Toyo University M8 Nakajima Nozomi (中島 望) Nihon University Osanai Riki (小山内 力樹) Nihon University M9 Nakajima Ryosuke (中嶋 亮介) Toyo University Torioka Ryosuke (鳩岡 良祐) Takushoku University M10 Omura Taihei (大村 泰平) Kyushu Institute of Info Sciences Muramatsu Yusuke (村松 裕介) Nippon Sport Science Uni. M11 Nishizawa Motoyasu (西澤 元康) Nippon Sport Science University Nakamura Yuya (中村 友哉) Kanazawa Gakuin University M12 Yamagushiku Shogo (山城 将吾) Nihon University Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助) Nihon University M13 Furukawa Haruki (古川 晴貴) Nihon University Nakai Takumi (中井 巧) Kyushu Institute of Info Sciences M14 Nakamura Soki (中村 壮希) Kindai University Minami Yuta (南 友太) Nippon Sport Science Uni. M15 Hashimoto Yukikazu (橋本 幸一) Kyushu Institute of Info Sciences Saito Shin (齋藤 真) Tokyo University of Agriculture M16 Nagata Shoki (永田 将輝) Kindai University Ichiki Takaya (一木 隆冶) Kyushu Institute of Info Sciences M17 Nakamura Ryutaro (中村 竜太郎) Kindai University
  3. mikawa

    University Banzuke 2015

    Now that Collegiate Ozeki East has become an Ozumo Ozeki, why don't we take a look at the other sanyaku members from this banzuke? This is also to kickstart the amateur sumo banzuke season for 2019-2020, which I will post here in the Amasumo Section over the next few weeks. Yokozuna East: Kurokawa Kojiro (黒川 宏次朗) Currently working as a member of staff at Takushoku University. Yokozuna West: Turbold (トゥルボルド) Currently in Juryo, his shikona is Mitoryu. Ozeki East: Ishibashi Hiroki (石橋 広暉) Our new Ozeki Asanoyama. Ozeki West: Oyanagi Ryota (小柳 亮太) Currently in Makuuchi, his shikona is Yutakayama. Sekiwake East: Kizaki Shinji (木崎 信志) Currently in Juryo, his shikona is Churanoumi. Sekiwake West Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗) Middleweight World Champion, currently part of the Itoigawa Sports Association in Niigata. Komusubi East: Murata Ryo (村田 亮) Injury has set him back, or else he would have been a sekitori long ago. Back in Makushita now with a 6-1 record this basho. His shikona is Murata. Komusubi West: Sasaki Kodai (佐々木 耕大) Currently working in the Tottori Prefectural Office, occasionally coaches at Tottori Johoku High School with Ishiura's dad.
  4. Asashosakari

    2019 World Sumo Championships

    That's apparently been fixed at least for the men by now; the lightweight/middleweight demarcation is now at 85 kg rather than 80. Probably more sensible for reasons of historical continuity as well, IIRC lightweight previously also went up to 85 kg before the middle/light-heavy split. The squad for the Japanese team was announced by the Nihon Sumo Renmei last month: Adult Men Yo Miyagi 宮城 陽 (Nippon Sports Science University) - lightweight Ryota Fukano 深野 良太 (Nippon Sports Science University) - middleweight Koju Osanai 長内 孝樹 (Kindai University) - light-heavyweight Atsushi Igarashi 五十嵐 敦 (Iwate Morioka-shi municipal government office) - heavyweight, team first Kojiro Kurokawa 黒川 宏次朗 (Takushoku University faculty) - openweight, team second Tomohiro Saigo 西郷 智博 (Tottori prefectural government office) - team third Hayato Miwa 三輪 隼斗 (Sodick Co.) - team sub Adult Women Yuka Okutomi 奥富 夕夏 (Nihon University) - lightweight Nagisa Matsumoto 松本 渚 (Ritsumeikan University) - middleweight Sakura Ishii 石井 さくら (Tokyo Sumida-ku Honjo Middle School) - light-heavyweight, team first (see also Junior roster) Airi Hisano 久野 愛莉 (Nihon University) - heavyweight, team second Hiyori Kon 今 日和 (Ritsumeikan University) - openweight, team third Sarina Yamashita 山下 紗莉奈 (Nihon University) - team sub Junior Boys Taisei Kitano 北野 泰聖 (Kumamoto Kumamoto-shi Agricultural High School) - lightweight Taiki Mita 三田 大生 (Tochigi Otawara-shi Kurobane High School) - middleweight Kazuma Kawabuchi 川渕 一意 (Ishikawa Kanazawa-shi Gakuin High School) - heavyweight, team third Hidetora Hanada 花田 秀虎 (Wakayama Wakayama-shi Commercial High School) - openweight, team first Naoya Kusano 草野 直哉 (Kumamoto Kumamoto-shi Buntoku High School) - team second Genki Okuwa 大桑 元揮 (Shizuoka Numazu-shi Hiryu High School) - team sub Junior Girls Yuna Yamaguchi 山口 結奈 (Oita Oita-shi Yoshikan High School) - lightweight Rio Hasegawa 長谷川 理央 (Aomori Tsugaru-shi Kizukuri High School) - middleweight, team first Sakura Ishii 石井 さくら (Tokyo Sumida-ku Honjo Middle School) - heavyweight, team second (see also Adult roster) Shion Okura 大蔵 紫音 (Gifu Ogaki-shi Nihon University High School) - openweight, team third Nana Kakuda 角田 奈那 (Tottori Tottori-shi Johoku High School) - team sub
  5. Corporate yokozuna for a record 4th time is Mitakeumi's former coach:: Toyo University staff member and all-out oshi blaster Kengo Arakizeki, who won in the final over Aisin Seiki's Tatsuya Kamiyama (name translates as Kamiyama but is pronounced differently--like 'Oyama'). Kamiyama/Oyama won a corporate-college tournament the other week in Kariya. Arakizeki had previously shared the record with 2 others who had won the tournament 3 times. His first 3 titles came in a span of 4 tournaments from 2009-2012, and he then finished runner-up to Ichinojo when going for his 4th yusho in 2013. He also has many strong accomplishments in other big amasumo tournaments, including winning and running-up (to Ishikawa teammate Endo) in the Kokutai, as well as making the final and semi-finals of the December All Japan tournament, but he hadn't seen a major result in a few years. The losing semifinalists were Hayato Miwa (far right) of Niigata and Keisuke Yoshida (centre; 2014 winner) of Aisin Seiki. The team winner was Aisin Seiki, beating Nippon Express for the yusho. Aisin Seiki has a strong addition this year in Ryosuke Nakajima (second on left below), who was the west yokozuna on last year's university banzuke, and finished runner-up to Kamiyama in the Kariya tournament I mentioned.
  6. Katooshu

    Sumo World Championships 2018

    Asian Sumo Championships Men's lightweight champion: Munkhbayar Galbadrakh (Mongolia) Men's middleweight champion: Miwa Hayato (Japan, Nittaidai grad, runner-up at the 2017 All-Japan tournament) Men's heavyweight champion: Seira Shiroyama (Toyo 3rd-year, 2017 Kokutai champion and 2-time high school yokozuna) Men's openweight champion: Tomohiro Saigo (Nichidai grad, 2016 Kokutai champion and 2017 amateur yokozuna) The openweight winner is incorrectly listed on-screen as a competitor from Hong Kong. And, not to belabour a negative point, but so many of the competitors look clueless. The toughest amateur competitions in the world are by far the Japanese national ones, just vastly more depth to the competition in those.
  7. Here is the recipient of the makushita and sandanme tsukedashi of this year. Makushita 15 Saigo Tomihiro (Tottori Gov) => Amateur Yokozuna (+ 2nd All Japan Corporate and Best 4 at Kokutai) Nakashima Nozomi (Nichidai (4th) => College Yokozuna Shiroyama Seira (Toyo 2nd) = > Kokutai champion (+ Best 4 All Japan College) Kurokawa Soichiro (Aisin) => Corporate Yokozuna (+ Best 4 Kokutai and Best8 All Japan ) Sandanme 100 (in Italic => None college wrestler) Kizaki Shinnosuke (Nichidai 4th) => Best 4 All Japan Furukawa Takahiro (Nichidai 4th) => Best 4 All Japan + Best 8 All Japan College Motobayashi Genki? (Kindai 3rd) => 2nd All Japan College Deruderubayaru (Nittaidai 1st) => Best 4 All Japan College Hiroo ??? (Nichidai 3rd) => Best 8 All Japan College Higo Ryuta (Kindai 4th) => Best 8 All Japan College Nakajima Ryosuke (Toyo 3rd) => Best 8 All Japan College Miwa Hayato (Niigata) => 2nd All Japan 2017 Murayama Taiyo (Niigata) => Best 8 All Japan + Best 8 Kokutai Nishikata Wataru (Tochigi) => Best 8 All Japan Yoshida Keisuke (Aisin) => Best 8 All Japan + Best 4 Corporate Miyashita Haruya (Fukui) => 2nd Kokutai Kazusako Akiteru?? (Kochi) => Best 8 Kokutai Tomita Genki (Wakayama) => Best 8 Kokutai Takahashi Osamu (Nagasaki) => Best 8 Kokutai Sasaki Kodai (?) => Best 4 Corporate Haga Shoma (Ibaraki) => Best 8 Corporate Yurube Keisuke (Ehime) => Best 8 Corporate Iwami ??? (?) => Best 8 Corporate
  8. mikawa

    2017 All-Japan Amateur Championship

    This site has the full names for the top 8 rikishi. They are: Winner - Saigo Tomohiro (西郷 智博, Tottori Prefectural Office) Runner-Up - Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼人, Niigata Prefecture) Semi-Finals - Kizaki Shinnosuke (木﨑 伸之助, Nihon University) Semi-Finals - Furukawa Takahiro (古川 貴博, Nihon University) Quarter-Finals - Murayama Taiyo (村山 大洋, Niigata Prefecture) Quarter-Finals - Kurokawa Soichiro (黒川 宗一郎, Aisin Light Metals) Quarter-Finals - Nishikata Wataru (西方 航, Tochigi Prefecture) Quarter-Finals - Yoshida Keisuke (吉田 圭佑, Aisin Seiki)
  9. Asashosakari

    Sumo in the World Games

    Men's Open Weight Last 46 Vasilii Margiev (RUS HW) bye Kostiantyn Bulatov (UKR LW) bye Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) bye Daniel Bazzana (AUS MW) oshidashi Andrew Freund (USA LW) Fathy Abouelrokb (EGY LW) bye Wlater Rivas (VEN MW) hikiotoshi Kena Heffernan (USA MW) Kojiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) bye Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL MW) tsuridashi Patryk Swora (POL LW) Byambajav Ulambayar (MGL HW) bye Giorgi Meshvildishvili (GEO MW) fusen Mark Lawrence (USA HW) Ramy Belal (EGY HW) bye Hayato Miwa (JPN MW) tsukidashi Mykola Kozhukhov (UKR MW) Michal Luto (POL MW) bye Eduard Kudzoev (RUS HW) hikkake Abdelrahman Elsefy (EGY LW) Jakkrapong Chaorungmetee (THA LW) bye Flavio Tooru Kosaihira (BRA HW) oshidashi Joel Kindred (AUS LW) Tsz-Shing Brandon Ng (HKG HW) bye Cristiano Silva Mori (BRA LW) bye Natsagdorj Dugersuren (MGL HW) bye Eoghn Jorge Tivoli (AUS MW) fusen Michael Wietecha (USA HW) Batyr Altyev (RUS LW) bye Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR HW) yoritaoshi Colton Runyan (USA MW) Misbah Hossam (EGY MW) bye Isao Shibaoka (JPN LW) fusen Pawel Wojda (POL LW) Trent Sabo (USA LW) bye Serhii Sokolovskyi (UKR HW) uwatenage Atsamaz Kaziev (RUS MW) Badral Baasandorj (MGL LW) bye Kiyoyuki Noguchi (JPN MW) fusen Aron Rozum (POL MW) Oscar Hernandez (VEN LW) bye Avtandil Tsertsvadze (GEO HW) okuridashi Takahiro Higuchi (BRA MW) Ibrahim Abdellatif (EGY HW) bye Jacek Piersiak (POL HW) tsukitaoshi Thomas Traill (AUS LW) Last 32 Vasilii Margiev (RUS HW) fusen Kostiantyn Bulatov (UKR LW) Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) yorikiri Daniel Bazzana (AUS MW) Fathy Abouelrokb (EGY LW) tsukidashi Kena Heffernan (USA MW) Kojiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) fusen Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL MW) Byambajav Ulambayar (MGL HW) fusen Mark Lawrence (USA HW) Ramy Belal (EGY HW) fusen Hayato Miwa (JPN MW) Michal Luto (POL MW) oshitaoshi Eduard Kudzoev (RUS HW) Jakkrapong Chaorungmetee (THA LW) oshidashi Flavio Tooru Kosaihira (BRA HW) Tsz-Shing Brandon Ng (HKG HW) sotogake Cristiano Silva Mori (BRA LW) Natsagdorj Dugersuren (MGL HW) yorikiri Eoghn Jorge Tivoli (AUS MW) Batyr Altyev (RUS LW) uwatenage Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR HW) Misbah Hossam (EGY MW) fusen Isao Shibaoka (JPN LW) Trent Sabo (USA LW) tsukidashi Atsamaz Kaziev (RUS MW) Badral Baasandorj (MGL LW) yoritaoshi Kiyoyuki Noguchi (JPN MW) Oscar Hernandez (VEN LW) yorikiri Takahiro Higuchi (BRA MW) Ibrahim Abdellatif (EGY HW) yorikiri Jacek Piersiak (POL HW) Last 16 Vasilii Margiev (RUS HW) yorikiri Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) Kena Heffernan (USA MW) yorikiri Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL MW) Mark Lawrence (USA HW) yorikiri Hayato Miwa (JPN MW) Eduard Kudzoev (RUS HW) oshidashi Flavio Tooru Kosaihira (BRA HW) Cristiano Silva Mori (BRA LW) yorikiri Natsagdorj Dugersuren (MGL HW) Batyr Altyev (RUS LW) katasukashi Isao Shibaoka (JPN LW) Atsamaz Kaziev (RUS MW) yorikiri Kiyoyuki Noguchi (JPN MW) Takahiro Higuchi (BRA MW) oshitaoshi Jacek Piersiak (POL HW) Quarterfinals Vasilii Margiev (RUS HW) yorikiri Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL MW) Hayato Miwa (JPN MW) oshidashi Eduard Kudzoev (RUS HW) Natsagdorj Dugersuren (MGL HW) sotogake Batyr Altyev (RUS LW) Kiyoyuki Noguchi (JPN MW) shitatenage Jacek Piersiak (POL HW) Repechage R1 (no contest) Mykola Kozhukhov (UKR MW) bye Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR HW) bye Badral Baasandorj (MGL LW) bye Repechage R2 Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) bye Mark Lawrence (USA HW) yorikiri Mykola Kozhukhov (UKR MW) Isao Shibaoka (JPN LW) oshidashi Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR HW) Atsamaz Kaziev (RUS MW) fusen Badral Baasandorj (MGL LW) Repechage R3 Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL MW) tsuridashi Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) Eduard Kudzoev (RUS HW) yorikiri Mykola Kozhukhov (UKR MW) Natsagdorj Dugersuren (MGL HW) yorikiri Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR HW) Jacek Piersiak (POL HW) oshidashi Badral Baasandorj (MGL LW) Repechage R4 Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) tsuridashi Mykola Kozhukhov (UKR MW) Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR HW) uwatenage Jacek Piersiak (POL HW) Semifinals Vasilii Margiev (RUS HW) kotenage Hayato Miwa (JPN MW) Batyr Altyev (RUS LW) uchigake Kiyoyuki Noguchi (JPN MW) Repechage R5 Kiyoyuki Noguchi (JPN MW) tsuridashi Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) Hayato Miwa (JPN MW) shitatenage Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR HW) Bronze Medal Match Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN HW) oshidashi Hayato Miwa (JPN MW) Gold Medal Match Vasilii Margiev (RUS HW) kotenage Batyr Altyev (RUS LW)
  10. Asashosakari

    Sumo in the World Games

    Men's Lightweight Last 15 Batyr Altyev (RUS) bye Pawel Wojda (POL) uwatenage Jakkrapong Chaorungmetee (THA) Abdelrahman Elsefy (EGY) oshitaoshi Andrew Freund (USA) Cristiano Silva Mori (BRA) kotenage Joel Kindred (AUS) Patryk Swora (POL) yoritaoshi Badral Baasandorj (MGL) Kostiantyn Bulatov (UKR) uwatenage Oscar Hernandez (VEN) Trent Sabo (USA) yorikiri Fathy Abouelrokb (EGY) Thomas Traill (AUS) oshitaoshi Isao Shibaoka (JPN) Quarterfinals Batyr Altyev (RUS) uchimuso Pawel Wojda (POL) Abdelrahman Elsefy (EGY) oshidashi Joel Kindred (AUS) Badral Baasandorj (MGL) katasukashi Kostiantyn Bulatov (UKR) Trent Sabo (USA) hatakikomi Isao Shibaoka (JPN) Repechage R1 Pawel Wojda (POL) bye Joel Kindred (AUS) tsuridashi Andrew Freund (USA) Badral Baasandorj (MGL) yoritaoshi Oscar Hernandez (VEN) Isao Shibaoka (JPN) tsukiotoshi Fathy Abouelrokb (EGY) Repechage R2 Pawel Wojda (POL) yoritaoshi Joel Kindred (AUS) Badral Baasandorj (MGL) yoritaoshi Fathy Abouelrokb (EGY) Semifinals Batyr Altyev (RUS) shitatedashinage Abdelrahman Elsefy (EGY) Kostiantyn Bulatov (UKR) yorikiri Trent Sabo (USA) Repechage R3 Kostiantyn Bulatov (UKR) sukuinage Pawel Wojda (POL) Abdelrahman Elsefy (EGY) yoritaoshi Fathy Abouelrokb (EGY) Bronze Medal Match Pawel Wojda (POL) yorikiri Fathy Abouelrokb (EGY) Gold Medal Match Batyr Altyev (RUS) uwatedashinage Trent Sabo (USA) Men's Middleweight Last 15 Atsamaz Kaziev (RUS) bye Colton Runyan (USA) oshidashi Daniel Bazzana (AUS) Mykola Kozhukhov (UKR) oshitaoshi Kiyoyuki Noguchi (JPN) Michal Luto (POL) uwatedashinage Wlater Rivas (VEN) Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL) uwatenage Eoghn Jorge Tivoli (AUS) Aron Rozum (POL) utchari Hayato Miwa (JPN) Kena Heffernan (USA) yorikiri Misbah Hossam (EGY) Giorgi Meshvildishvili (GEO) oshitaoshi Takahiro Higuchi (BRA) Quarterfinals Atsamaz Kaziev (RUS) uwatenage Colton Runyan (USA) Kiyoyuki Noguchi (JPN) hikiotoshi Michal Luto (POL) Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL) yorikiri Aron Rozum (POL) Misbah Hossam (EGY) yorikiri Giorgi Meshvildishvili (GEO) Repechage R1 Colton Runyan (USA) bye Kiyoyuki Noguchi (JPN) sakatottari Wlater Rivas (VEN) Aron Rozum (POL) yorikiri Eoghn Jorge Tivoli (AUS) Giorgi Meshvildishvili (GEO) komatasukui Kena Heffernan (USA) Repechage R2 Colton Runyan (USA) sukuinage Wlater Rivas (VEN) Aron Rozum (POL) yorikiri Giorgi Meshvildishvili (GEO) Semifinals Atsamaz Kaziev (RUS) yoritaoshi Michal Luto (POL) Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL) yoritaoshi Misbah Hossam (EGY) Repechage R3 Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL) yoritaoshi Wlater Rivas (VEN) Michal Luto (POL) yorikiri Aron Rozum (POL) Bronze Medal Match Usukhbayar Ochirkhuu (MGL) yorikiri Aron Rozum (POL) Gold Medal Match Atsamaz Kaziev (RUS) yorikiri Misbah Hossam (EGY) Men's Heavyweight Last 16 Vasilii Margiev (RUS) yorikiri Jacek Piersiak (POL) Michael Wietecha (USA) oshidashi Ibrahim Abdellatif (EGY) Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN) yorikiri Natsagdorj Dugersuren (MGL) Flavio Tooru Kosaihira (BRA) yorikiri Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR) Ramy Belal (EGY) okuridashi Mark Lawrence (USA) Avtandil Tsertsvadze (GEO) tsukidashi Byambajav Ulambayar (MGL) Eduard Kudzoev (RUS) oshidashi Tsz-Shing Brandon Ng (HKG) Serhii Sokolovskyi (UKR) yoritaoshi Kojiro Kurokawa (JPN) Quarterfinals Vasilii Margiev (RUS) tsukiotoshi Michael Wietecha (USA) Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN) yorikiri Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR) Ramy Belal (EGY) kotenage Avtandil Tsertsvadze (GEO) Eduard Kudzoev (RUS) oshidashi Kojiro Kurokawa (JPN) Repechage R1 Michael Wietecha (USA) yoritaoshi Jacek Piersiak (POL) Oleksandr Veresiuk (UKR) yorikiri Natsagdorj Dugersuren (MGL) Avtandil Tsertsvadze (GEO) yorikiri Mark Lawrence (USA) Eduard Kudzoev (RUS) tsukiotoshi Serhii Sokolovskyi (UKR) Repechage R2 Jacek Piersiak (POL) sukuinage Natsagdorj Dugersuren (MGL) Avtandil Tsertsvadze (GEO) yorikiri Eduard Kudzoev (RUS) Semifinals Vasilii Margiev (RUS) yorikiri Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN) Ramy Belal (EGY) tsukiotoshi Kojiro Kurokawa (JPN) Repechage R3 Kojiro Kurokawa (JPN) yorikiri Jacek Piersiak (POL) Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN) shitatenage Avtandil Tsertsvadze (GEO) Bronze Medal Match Kojiro Kurokawa (JPN) yorikiri Soichiro Kurokawa (JPN) Gold Medal Match Vasilii Margiev (RUS) yorikiri Ramy Belal (EGY)
  11. Asashosakari

    Sumo in the World Games

    The second day's medal winners: Women's Open Weight 1. Anna Poliakova (RUS, heavyweight) 2. Ivanna Berezovska (UKR, heavyweight) 3. Olga Davydko (RUS, heavyweight) Men's Open Weight 1. Vasilii Margiev (RUS, heavyweight) 2. Batyr Altyev (RUS, lightweight) 3. Hayato Miwa (JPN, middleweight) Videos: Day 2 coverage (66 mins) Open Weight highlights (3 mins)
  12. mikawa

    Sumo in the World Games

    From what I can find...... Men's Lightweight Shibaoka Isao (柴岡 功) finished 3rd in the Lightweight competition at last year's World Championship. He graduated from Nippon Sport Science University, and currently works at Yodobashi Camera. Men's Middleweight Noguchi Kiyoyuki (野口 清之) was the winner of the Middleweight competition at the World Championships in 2014. He graduated from Nihon University, and is now a teacher at Nagasaki Prefectural Yukokan High School. Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗) was the winner of the Middleweight competition at the World Championships last year. He also won the 32rd College Sumo Uwajima Tournament in 2015, as well as the Open Weight Competition at the 41st College Sumo Class-by-Class Tournament last year, beating Turbold in the final by Shitatedashinage. Can't find where he's gone to since graduation. Men's Heavyweight Kurokawa Soichiro (黒川 宗一郎), the older of the Kurokawa siblings, finished 3rd in the Open Weight Competition at last year's World Championships. He graduated from Takushoku University, and currently works at Aisin Light Metals, winning the 64th All Japan College & Corporate Sumo Kariya Tournament last year. However, he has been unlucky in the All Japan Sumo Championships, being a runner-up twice (in 2014 and 2015, losing to Mitakeumi and Turbold respectively), and finished 3rd last year. Kurokawa Kojiro (黒川 宏次朗), the younger of the Kurokawa siblings, finished runner-up in the Heavyweight Competition at last year's World Championships. He's currently a 4th year student at Takushoku University, and came 3rd at the All Japan Sumo Championships in 2015 (losing to his brother in the semi-final). He's also the Student Yokozuna in 2015. Women's Lightweight Okutomi Yuka (奥富 夕夏) is currently a 1st year at Nihon University. She won the Lightweight Competition at the 21st All Japan Women's Sumo Championships last year, and came 3rd at the 5th International Women's Sumo Sakai Tournament in April this year. She also won the Middle School Middleweight Competition at the 17th All Japan Women's Sumo Championships back in 2013. Women's Middleweight Ota Asano (太田 麻乃) came 3rd at the Adult Middleweight Competition at the 3rd Women's Sumo Himeji Tournament last month, as well as 3rd at the 5th International Women's Sumo Sakai Tournament in April this year. She currently works at the Numazu City Council in Shizuoka. Mizunuma Hikaru (水沼 ひかる) won the Middleweight Competition at the 5th International Women's Sumo Sakai Tournament in April this year. She's currently a 3rd year student at Tsushima High School in Ehime Prefecture. Women's Heavyweight Ueta Yuka (上田 幸佳) graduated from Nihon University. She won the Open Weight Competition at the World Championships back in 2012.
  13. Johnofuji

    Sumo in the World Games

    I suppose you could put it that way . As someone said "it's the Olympics for the dud sports" .. with the exception of sumo of course. Everyone tries to get in to watch the sumo. In Taiwan , security was so bad .They let so many athletes in from other sports that they were even taking seats in the marshalling area from those about to compete. This year accreditation is as hard to get as a masu zeki on senshuraku. I am Vice President of the IFS and even I had to pay 60 Euros a day just to get a card to be able to get my team ready. I'll help you out as much as I can Kintamayama as I will be taking a team from Oz. It was meant to be a combined Oceania team but all the kiwis pulled out for various reasons. ISL (International Sumo League ) put spanner in the works .They have been sleazing around behind the backs of each Federation trying to poach individual athletes with contracts for their re-incarnation of the failed World Sumo League. Some took the bait but it looks like it probably won't get off the ground as proposed in August. I don't have a problem with Athletes taking the rare opportunities to earn money (although it changes their amateur status) but ISL could at least have the common courtesy to go through the proper channels when they deliberately plan to clash with other events. Here is what we were sent in January .It explains how the quotas were decided and who gained IFS pre-selection. Any additional spots that weren't filled were re-allocated to other countries. "Based on IFS board of director meeting in year 2016, IFS will select top 3 athletes per each weight category. 2 Tops athletes per category from each continent and 1 athlete per category from hosting country (Poland). Open weight will be included in Heavyweight. All 96 athletes will compete as oneself weight class (Light/Middle/Heavy) and compete as Openweight on 2nd day of competition Quota breakdown as below; IFS Qualiification procedure World Games; Each continental select 2 athletes for each category Lightweight(軽) 2 Athlete Middleweight(中) 2 Athlete Heavyweight(重) 2 Athlete 2 Athlete x 6 Continentals x 3 Catagories = 36 Athlete (2選手×6大陸×3階級=36選手) Hosting country has right to despatch 1 athletes each category = 3 athletes (国から各階級1名づつ=3選手) IFS will recommend 3 athletes per category = 9 athletes So pleased to make official announcement of top athletes that IFS sport director has selected from past year championships results; Lightweight Men – Mr. ALTYEV, Batyr (RUS Mr. MAIL ABOU EL ROKB, Fathy Mohamed (EGY) Mr. BAASANDORJ, Badral (MGL) Middleweight Men – Mr. MIWA, Hayato (JPN) Mr. LUTO, Michal (POL) Mr. KAZIEV, Atsamaz (RUS) Heavyweight (Open) - Mr. BAASANSUREN, Turbold (MGL) * withdraw - Mr. MARGIEV, Vasilii (RUS) - Mr. KUROKAWA, Kojiro (JPN) - Mr. KUDZOEV, Eduard (RUS) * replace the vacancy from Mr. Baasansuren (MGL) Lightweight (Women) – Ms. BOYKOVA, Alina (UKR) - Ms. YAMANAKA, Miku (JPN) - Ms. KOVAL, Vera (RUS) Middleweight (Women) – Ms. MAKSYMENKO, Maryna (UKR) - OTGON, Munkhtsetseg (MGL) - ALEXANDROVA, Anna (RUS) Heavyweight (Open) – Ms. POLIAKOVA, Anna (RUS) - Ms. KHISHIGDORJ, Sunjidmaa (MGL) - Ms. DRBOIAN, Mariia (UKR)
  14. Asashosakari

    Sumo in the World Games

    I've been meaning to start a thread for this - but decided against it because I also wasn't able to find all that much decent concrete information so far. Next-next weekend though, right? (Parallel to Nagoya Days 14-15.) But now that I'm looking again, I've literally just now come across this participants list - linked from here, i.e. annoyingly hidden in the press section rather than front and center where the average site visitor might actually find it, and not even on the actual event site. Anyway, that's a lot more than I had before today, which was just two countries' sumo nominations (GER and JPN) and a partly incorrect quota list. So, the nominated sumotori: Men Lightweight (16 15): AUS (2) - Joel KINDRED (29), Thomas TRAILL (18) BRA (1) - Cristiano SILVA MORI (31) EGY (3 2) - Fathy ABOUELROKB (20), Elsaed Ahmed GABR ELDERS (33), Mohamed Gamal Sedek Elsefy ABDELRAHMAN EHAB (18) JPN (1) - Isao SHIBAOKA (24) MGL (1) - Badral BAASANDORJ (24) POL (2) - Patryk SWORA (24), Pawel WOJDA (24) RUS (1) - Batyr ALTYEV (25) THA (1) - Jakkrapong CHAORUNGMETEE (40) UKR (1) - Kostiantyn BULATOV (25) USA (2) - Trent SABO (35), Andrew FREUND (46) VEN (1) - Oscar HERNANDEZ (32) Men Middleweight (17 16 17 15): AUS (2) - Eoghn Jorge TIVOLI (37), Daniel BAZZANA (28) BRA (2 1) - Takahiro HIGUCHI (34), Flavio Tooru KOSAIHIRA EGY (2 1) - Misbah HOSSAM (27), Yousaf ABDELWAHAB (18) GEO (1) - Giorgi MESHVILDISHVILI (25) IND (1 0) - Jaskanwar SINGH (24) JPN (2) - Kiyoyuki NOGUCHI (26), Hayato MIWA (22) MGL (0 1) - Usukhbayar OCHIRKHUU (26) POL (2) - Michal LUTO (27), Aron ROZUM (27) RUS (1) - Atsamaz KAZIEV (31) UKR (1) - Mykola KOZHUKHOV (23) USA (2) - Colton RUNYAN (27), Kena HEFFERNAN (43) VEN (1) - Wlater RIVAS (34) Men Heavyweight (18 16): BRA (3 1) - Takahiro HIGUCHI, Flavio Tooru KOSAIHIRA (41), Hector MONTI EGY (2) - Ramy BELAL (33), Ibrahim ABDELLATIF (20) GEO (1) - Avtandil TSERTSVADZE (36) HKG (1) - Tsz Shing Brandon NG (26) JPN (2) - Kojiro KUROKAWA (22), Soichiro KUROKAWA (25) MGL (2) - Byambajav ULAMBAYAR (32), Natsagdorj DUGERSUREN (27) POL (1) - Jacek PIERSIAK (29) RUS (2) - Vasilii MARGIEV (32), Eduard KUDZOEV (25) UKR (2) - Oleksandr VERESIUK (28), Serhii SOKOLOVSKYI (20) USA (2) - Michael WIETECHA (34), Mark LAWRENCE (29) Women Lightweight (17 15 16 15): BRA (1) - Luciana MONTGOMERY W. HIGUCHI (32) GER (1) - Julia DORNY (27) HUN (1) - Fruzsina FORGO (25) JPN (1) - Yuka OKUTOMI (19) MGL (2 1) - Battugs TUMEN-OD, Undrakhzaya NYAMSUREN (22) NOR (1) - Rikke Juell BUGGE (23) POL (2 3) - Monika SKIBA (29), Magdalena MACIOS (27), Aleksandra ROZUM (19) RUS (2 1) - Vera KOVAL (33), Daria IBRAGIMOVA TPE (1) - Hui-Shan HSIAO (29) UKR (2 1) - Alina BOYKOVA (32), Svitlana TROSIUK (29) USA (2) - Janna VAN WITBECK (44), Jenelle HAMILTON (36) VEN (1) - Euscaris PEREIRA (27) Women Middleweight (17 16): BRA (3) - Fernanda ROJAS PELEGRINI (38), Daniela Fatima VAQUEIRO (35), Juliana DE PAULA MEDEIROS (34) GER (1) - Kerstin SCHMIDTSDORF (39) JPN (2) - Asano OTA (31), Hikaru MIZUNUMA (17) MGL (1) - Munkhtsetseg OTGON (29) POL (2) - Olimpia ROBAKOWSKA (24), Marina ROZUM (29) RUS (2) - Anna ALEKSANDROVA (30), Ekaterina ALEKSEEVA (30) THA (1) - Kamonchanok AMNUAYPOL (25) UKR (1) - Maryna MAKSYMENKO (29) USA (2 1) - Cody STOUT, Sonya DEL GALLEGO (34) VEN (2) - Ofelia BARRIOS (32), Yaseny CASTILLO (35) Women Heavyweight (17 16): BRA (1) - Sarah GOMES (17) GER (2) - Anika SCHULZE (33), Johanna Doris SCHUMANN (33) HUN (2) - Erika MAKAI (40), Vivien SARKANY (21) JPN (1) - Yuka UETA (25) MGL (2 1) - Batchimeg BAAST (35), Zoljargal DAGVADORJ POL (1) - Jagoda MAZUREK (21) RUS (3) - Olga DAVYDKO (31), Ekaterina GORDEEVA (23), Anna POLIAKOVA (35) THA (1) - Viparat VITUTEERASAN (23) UKR (2) - Mariia DRBOIAN (22), Ivanna BEREZOVSKA (26) USA (1) - Natalie BURNS (35) VEN (1) - Maria CEDENO (30) I'm a bit confused by those numbers because I was under the impression that each division is limited to 16 quota places, but maybe I was just mistaken about that. There's supposed to be World Games livestreaming on the World Games Channel and the IOC's Olympic Channel, as well as actual TV coverage in selected countries. (I know the TV rights have been sold for the German-speaking countries and I presume also in Poland, no idea about anywhere else.) Remains to be seen how much of the live coverage is actually of sumo rather than other sports. Results will become available on this database site, which is the same system they used in 2013. There's also the official event site, but if their pre-event performance is any indication, it's going to be almost completely useless. Edit: Forgot one thing - I'm not sure what to think about Brazil apparently nominating two men for both the middleweight and the heavyweight. No idea if that's correct, or why it would be allowed if it is. Edit again: Corrected based on later information, and competitors' ages added. More edit: 2 new competitors added. And one last: Corrected for late scratches.
  15. (第64回 全国選抜大学・実業団相撲刈谷大会) Individual Competition Winner: Kurokawa Soichiro (黒川 宗一郎, Aisin Light Metals) Runner-up: Turbold (トゥルボルド, Nihon University) 3rd Place: Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助, Nihon University) 3rd Place: Kamiyama Tatsuya (神山 達哉, Aisin Seiki) Top 4: (Kurokawa Soichiro 黒川 宗一郎 ・ Turbold トゥルボルド ・ Kizaki Shinnosuke 木崎 伸之助 ・ Kamiyama Tatsuya 神山 達哉) Team Competition Winner: Nippon Sport Science University Minami Yuta (南 友太) ・ Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗) ・ Muramatsu Yusuke (村松 裕介) ・ Nishizawa Motoyasu (西澤 元康) Runner-up: Toyo University Staff Arakizeki Kengo (荒木関 賢悟) ・ Haga Shoma (芳賀 翔真) ・ Nakade Yuma (中出 雄真) 3rd Place: Toyo University Shiroishi Masahito (白石 雅仁) ・ Murata Ryo (村田 亮) ・ Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅) ・ Nakajima ??? (中島 ???) 3rd Place: Kindai University Motobayashi Kenji (元林 健治) ・ Yoshi Kazuma (吉 数馬) ・ Nakamura Soki (中村 壮希) ・ Watanabe Ryo (渡辺 亮) Footage from the tournament Quarter-finals: Hashimoto Yukikazu (橋本 幸一, Kyushu Institute of Info Sciences ) vs Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助, Nihon University) Osanai Riki (小山内 力樹, Nihon University) vs Kurokawa Soichiro (黒川 宗一郎, Aisin Light Metals) Turbold (トゥルボルド, Nihon University) vs Minami Yuta (南 友太, Nippon Sport Science University) Takita Shin (滝田 真, Mie Prefecture) vs Kamiyama Tatsuya (神山 達哉, Aisin Seiki) Semi-finals: Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助, Nihon University) vs Kurokawa Soichiro (黒川 宗一郎, Aisin Light Metals) Turbold (トゥルボルド, Nihon University) vs Kamiyama Tatsuya (神山 達哉, Aisin Seiki) Final: Kurokawa Soichiro (黒川 宗一郎, Aisin Light Metals) vs Turbold (トゥルボルド, Nihon University) Comments Two familiar faces clashed in the individual final, as last year's Amateur Yokozuna Turbold faced off against the 2-time finalist Kurokawa Soichiro, with the latter having graduated from university earlier this year, and having chosen to find employment rather than pursuing a career in Ozumo. Kurokawa gets the upper hand this time, though he would probably have preferred to win the final of last year's All Japan Sumo Championships instead. Turbold, on the other hand, remains as strong as ever, and looks to be the favourite for this year's college and amateur titles. In the team competition, traditional powerhouse Nippon Sport Science University followed up their team triumph at last month's Towada Tournament by winning the Kariya Tournament as well. Their arch-rivals Nihon University however suffered a shock 3-0 loss in the quarter-finals against Toyo University Staff, who have done a great job in recent years in coaching their club members. Shiroishi Masahito, Murata Ryo and Shiroyama Seira are all names to watch out for in the college sumo scene.
  16. Miwa Hayato is so talented/athletic. I feel sorry for his being so small if he has aspiration to join Ozumo. Multiply what I said by 3 for Nakamura.
  17. (第41回 全国学生相撲個人体重別選手権大会) Open Weight Competition Winner: Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗, Nippon Sport Science University) Runner-up: Turbold (トゥルボルド, Nihon University) 3rd Place: Kitamura Naoki (北村 直樹, Tokyo University of Agriculture) 3rd Place: Nakamura Yuya (中村 友哉, Kanazawa Gakuin University) Semi-Finals: Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗, Nippon Sport Science University) vs Kitamura Naoki (北村 直樹, Tokyo University of Agriculture) Nakamura Yuya (中村 友哉, Kanazawa Gakuin University) vs Turbold (トゥルボルド, Nihon University) Final: Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗, Nippon Sport Science University) vs Turbold (トゥルボルド, Nihon University) 135+ kg Competition Winner: Murata Ryo (村田 亮, Toyo University) Runner-up: Nishino Tomonori (西野 倫理, Toyo University) 3rd Place: Kubo Masahiro (久保 正博, Toyo University) 3rd Place: Nakajima Ryosuke (中嶋 亮介, Toyo University) Quarter-Finals: Murata Ryo (村田 亮, Toyo University) vs Kizaki Yuya (木﨑 雄也, Nihon University) Kubo Masahiro (久保 正博, Toyo University) vs Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助, Nihon University) Motobayashi Kenji (元林 健治, Kindai University) vs Nakajima Ryosuke (中嶋 亮介, Toyo University) Nishino Tomonori (西野 倫理, Toyo University) vs Hiroo Satonari (廣尾 達成, Nihon University) Semi-Finals: Murata Ryo (村田 亮, Toyo University) vs Kubo Masahiro (久保 正博, Toyo University) Nakajima Ryosuke (中嶋 亮介, Toyo University) vs Nishino Tomonori (西野 倫理, Toyo University) Final: Murata Ryo (村田 亮, Toyo University) vs Nakajima Ryosuke (中嶋 亮介, Toyo University) -135 kg Competition Winner: Nishizawa Motoyasu (西澤 元康, Nippon Sport Science University) Runner-up: Furukawa Haruki (古川 晴貴, Nihon University) 3rd Place: Higo Yuta (肥後 勇太, Kindai University) 3rd Place: Terasawa Shigeru (寺沢 樹, Toyo University) Semi-finals: Furukawa Haruki (古川 晴貴, Nihon University) vs Terasawa Shigeru (寺沢 樹, Toyo University) Nishizawa Motoyasu (西澤 元康, Nippon Sport Science University) vs Higo Yuta (肥後 勇太, Kindai University) Final: Furukawa Haruki (古川 晴貴, Nihon University) vs Nishizawa Motoyasu (西澤 元康, Nippon Sport Science University) Comments Two big names faced each other in the final bout of the open weight competition, as Miwa Hayato, runner-up in this year's Kanazawa Tournament, produced a tactically perfect performance to overcome Turbold, the current Amateur Yokozuna. Credit to Turbold though, as he hung in there despite being in a disadvantageous position for almost the entire bout, and his recent performances have simply been exceptional. New powerhouse Toyo University clean-sweeped the 135kg or over competition, as Murata Ryo defeated his club-mate Nishino Tomonori in the final. Murata Ryo's ranking of Komusubi in last year's College Banzuke shows just how good he has been over the past couple of years, and that's on top of being a former wanpaku quarter-finalist as well as a former middle school s emi-finalist. He's almost been a very consistent rikishi, hailing from the same prefecture (Mie) as 2-time High School Yokozuna Shiroyama Seira. Meanwhile, Kubo Masahiro, Motobayashi Kenji and Nishino Tomonori are all very familiar with each other, with all 3 belonging to the same year group (2 years Murata's junior), and thus having faced each other many times throughout the years. Their most notable bout is probably in the quarter-finals of the 23rd Wanpaku Tournament back in 2007, where Nishino Tomonori faced Kubo Masahiro (on Kubo's birthday). That's such a long time ago...... Nishizawa Motoyasu and Furukawa Haruki are also familiar names in the college sumo scene, as is the rivalry between their universities, Nippon Sport Science and Nihon respectively. Furukawa Haruki is a former wanpaku semi-finalist as well as a former Middle School Yokozuna, and incidentally, club senpai (Udo Junior Sumo Club) to the current Middle School Yokozuna, Kusano Naoya. Didn't see that henka hatakikomi coming though......
  18. Asashosakari

    2016 Kokutai in Iwate

    Adult individual finals: More luck with the names here, so relatively few ?? entries despite the inclusion of given names. (Help appreciated, also with the one place of employment I've had trouble with.) Name Pref. Affiliation 荒木関 儀晃 Arakizeki Yoshiaki Aomori 鰺ヶ沢町役場 Ajigasawa-machi municipal government 新保 杏也 Shinpo Kyoya Aomori 東洋大 Toyo University 1st year 吉本 雄斗 Yoshimoto Yuto Ehime 伊予銀行 Iyo Bank 一ノ瀬 康平 Ichinose Kohei Fukuoka 博多高教 Fukuoka-shi Hakata HS faculty 大波 渥 Onami Atsushi Fukushima 東洋大 Toyo University 4th year 安田 竜浩 Yasuda Tatsuhiro Gifu 大垣東中教 Ogaki-shi Higashi MS faculty 山本 大生 Yamamoto Daiki ?? Hokkaido 福島町役場 Fukushima-cho municipal government 田中 健介 Tanaka Kensuke Hyogo 茂木運送 Mogi Transport 芳賀 翔真 Haga Shoma Ibaraki 東洋大職 Toyo University staff 荒木関 賢悟 Arakizeki Kengo Ishikawa 東洋大職 Toyo University staff 村田 亮 Murata Ryo Ishikawa 東洋大 Toyo University 4th year 中出 雄真 Nakade Yuma Ishikawa 東洋大職 Toyo University staff 五十嵐 敦 Igarashi Atsushi Iwate 盛岡市役所 Morioka-shi municipal government 里舘 健 Satodate Ken Iwate 平舘高教 Hachimantai-shi Tairadate HS faculty 小林 史尚 Kobayashi Fumitaka ?? Kyoto 電源開発 Electric Power Development 高橋 大和 Takahashi Yamato Kyoto 同大 Doshisha University 3rd year 城山 聖羅 Shiroyama Seira Mie 東洋大 Toyo University 1st year 野口 清之 Noguchi Kiyoyuki Nagasaki 生月中教 Hirado-shi Ikitsuki MS faculty 高橋 修 Takahashi Osamu ?? Nagasaki 長崎鶴洋高職 Nagasaki-shi Kakuyo HS staff 田中 達也 Tanaka Tatsuya Nagasaki 佐世保特別支援学校教 Sasebo-shi Special Support School faculty 三輪 隼斗 Miwa Hayato Niigata 日体大 Nihon Taiiku University 4th year 元林 健治 Motobayashi Kenji Osaka 近大 Kinki University 2nd year 田中 大陽 Tanaka Hiroaki Osaka 摂津倉庫 Settsu Warehouse 西方 航 Nishikata Wataru Tochigi 矢板高教 Yaita-shi HS faculty 美馬 弘典 Mima Hironori Tokushima 上板中教 Kamiita-cho MS faculty 中島 望 Nakajima Nozomi Tottori 日大 Nihon University 3rd year 西郷 智博 Saigo Tomohiro Tottori 鳥取県地域振興部スポーツ課 Tottori prefectural sports promotion dept. 佐々木 耕大 Sasaki Kodai Tottori 鳥取県連盟 Tottori prefectural federation ?? 森本 太良 Morimoto Taro Wakayama 和歌山県庁 Wakayama prefectural government 沢田 日出夫 Sawada Hideo Wakayama 和歌山県スポーツ振興財団 Wakayama Sports Promotion Foundation 冨田 元輝 Tomita Genki Wakayama 和歌山県庁 Wakayama prefectural government 中村 優太 Nakamura Yuta Yamaguchi 響高教 Toyoura-cho Hibiki HS faculty Only 8 students in the lot, half of them from Toyo University. They didn't bother to post the original draw on the results website and the TV coverage only started with round 2, so you're getting all the first-round winners on the left-hand side. Last 32 Shiroyama (Mie) yoritaoshi Mima (Tokushima) Nakamura (Yamaguchi) tsukiotoshi Miwa (Niigata) Satodate (Iwate) oshidashi Haga (Ibaraki) Yoshimoto (Ehime) tsukidashi Yasuda (Gifu) Tanaka (Osaka) oshidashi Takahashi (Kyoto) Sasaki (Tottori) uwatenage Tanaka (Hyogo) Noguchi (Nagasaki) shitatehineri Arakizeki (Aomori) Nakade (Ishikawa) yorikiri Sawada (Wakayama) Saigo (Tottori) yorikiri Igarashi (Iwate) Shinpo (Aomori) oshidashi Ichinose (Fukuoka) Tomita (Wakayama) uwatenage Tanaka (Nagasaki) Nishikata (Tochigi) hikiotoshi Arakizeki (Ishikawa) Murata (Ishikawa) fusen Onami (Fukushima) Morimoto (Wakayama) oshidashi Kobayashi (Kyoto) Yamamoto (Hokkaido) tsukidashi Takahashi (Nagasaki) Motobayashi (Osaka) hatakikomi Nakajima (Tottori) Last 16 Shiroyama (Mie) oshidashi Nakamura (Yamaguchi) Satodate (Iwate) tsukidashi Yoshimoto (Ehime) Tanaka (Osaka) oshidashi Sasaki (Tottori) Noguchi (Nagasaki) oshidashi Nakade (Ishikawa) Saigo (Tottori) kotenage Shinpo (Aomori) Tomita (Wakayama) yorikiri Nishikata (Tochigi) Murata (Ishikawa) tsukidashi Morimoto (Wakayama) Yamamoto (Hokkaido) oshidashi Motobayashi (Osaka) Quarterfinals Shiroyama (Mie) oshidashi Satodate (Iwate) Tanaka (Osaka) tsukiotoshi Noguchi (Nagasaki) Saigo (Tottori) oshidashi Nishikata (Tochigi) Murata (Ishikawa) tsukitaoshi Motobayashi (Osaka) Semifinals Shiroyama (Mie) abisetaoshi Noguchi (Nagasaki) Saigo (Tottori) oshidashi Murata (Ishikawa) Third Place Noguchi (Nagasaki) oshidashi Murata (Ishikawa) Final Shiroyama (Mie) shitatehineri Saigo (Tottori) Saigo was a university senior 3 years ago, so he's either 24 or 25 right now...doubtful though that he'll make use of the Ms15Td option even if his age were to allow it, I would guess. The only current senior in the top 8 for possible Sd100Td considerations was third-place Murata. Good tournament for Toyo University as is becoming the norm of late, with both the runner-up and the bronze medalist in their ranks. Also nice to see hometown representative Satodate from Hachimantai (where this competition has been held) go all the way to the quarters. On another note - does shinitai not exist in amateur sumo? Otherwise that was a spectacular misjudgement in the mono-ii, IMHO.
  19. Individual Competition Winner: Turbold (トゥルボルド, Nihon University) Runner-up: Furukawa Haruki (古川 晴貴, Nihon University) 3rd Place: Onami Atsushi (大波 渥, Toyo University) 4th Place: Miyano Hayato (宮野 健人, Kindai University) Team Competition Winner: Nippon Sport Science University Minami Yuta (南 友太) ・ Matsunaga Hisashi (松永 久志) ・ Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗) ・ Nishizawa Motoyasu (西澤 元康) ・ Muramatsu Yusuke (村松 裕介) Runner-up: Nihon University Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助) ・ Turbold (トゥルボルド) ・ Osanai Riki (小山内 力樹) ・ Furukawa Haruki (古川 晴貴) ・ Nakajima Nozomi (中島 望) 3rd Place: Toyo University Nishino Tomonori (西野 倫理) ・ Murata Ryo (村田 亮) ・ Shiroishi Masahito (白石 雅仁) ・ Onami Atsushi (大波 渥) ・Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅) 4th Place: Chuo University Chikahei Keitaro (近平 佳多朗) ・ Tanaka Daisuke (田中 大介) ・ Yago Taiki (矢後 太規) ・ Kato Yusuke (加藤 祐介) ・ Hamada Junpei (濱田 純平) Footage from the tournament: Nihon University, Nippon Sport Science University and Toyo University are currently the 3 strongest universities in Japan for college sumo (not necessarily in that order). The defending Amateur Yokozuna, Turbold, is continuing to go strong, and will probably be the favorite for this year's university championships. His clubmate, Kumamoto's Furukawa Haruki (古川 晴貴), is also a very talented college rikishi, and a familiar name in amateur sumo (he's also a former Middle School Yokozuna). In the team final, Nihon University narrowly lost the match 3-2 to Nippon Sport Science University, with Turbold and Furukawa Haruki their only victors (no surprise there). Muramatsu Yusuke (村松 裕介) and Osanai Riki (小山内 力樹) are both former Wanpaku Yokozuna. Interestingly, Toyo University have put 2-time High School Yokozuna Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), who's currently in his first year at college, in the 5th and (theoretically at least) most important spot on their team. Is Shiroyama really that good? Guess we'll find out over the next few years......
  20. This tournament was held in Kanazawa City in Ishikawa last Sunday, and here are the main results: Individual Competition: 1st: Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), Toyo University 2nd: Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗), Nippon Sport Science University 3rd: Minami Yuta (南 友太), Nippon Sport Science University 3rd: Yago Takanori (矢後 太規), Chuo University Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅): Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗): Team Competition: 1st: Nihon University 2nd: Toyo University 3rd: Nippon Sport Science University 3rd: Kanazawa Gakuin University 5th: Takushoku University 5th: Tokyo University of Agriculture 5th: Kindai University 5th: Chuo University The winning team for Nihon University consisted of Turbold, Katamura Keiya (片村 敬也), Nakajima Nozomi (中島 望), Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助) and Osanai Riki (小山内 力樹): The runners up, Toyo University, featured Shiroishi Masahito (白石 雅仁), Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), Murata Ryo (村田 亮), Nishino Tomonori (西野 倫理) and Onami Atsushi (大波 渥): Whilst Nihon University has always been a powerhouse in University Sumo, Toyo University have in recent years attracted some very talented rikishi to their ranks, not least the 2-time High School Yokozuna who's already made a name for himself at University level - Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅).
  21. Miwa Hayato seems to be at near the top in most tournaments although he does not (IMO) seem to have the size. But this thread is the first time I've seen his face close up and I can be mistaken him with another rikish. I am trying to put names & faces to college rikishi I see in youtube. Thanks, Mikawa san for posting these.
  22. This tournament took place today at the Kokugikan, the main results are listed below. Not much information can be found on the West Japan one, which also took place today. Individual Competition: 1st: Osanai Riki (小山内 力樹), Nihon University 2nd: Murata Ryo (村田 亮), Toyo University 3rd: Furukawa Haruki (古川 晴貴), Nihon University 3rd: トゥルボルド, Nihon University Individual Final (Osanai Riki vs Murata Ryo) Team Competition: 1st: Nippon Sport Science University 2nd: Nihon University 3rd: Toyo University 3rd: Chuo University Team Final (Nihon University vs Nippon Sport Science University) Furukawa Haruki (古川 晴貴) - Minami Yuta (南 友太) Kizaki Shinnosuke (木﨑 伸之助) - Matsunaga Hisashi (松永 久志) Turbold (トゥルボルド) - Nishizawa Motoyasu (西澤 元康) Katamura Toshiya (片村 敬也) - Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗) Osanai Riki (小山内 力樹) - Muramatsu Yusuke (村松 裕介)
  23. Asashosakari

    Kokutai National Sports Festival 2012

    And now for the individual results. The juniors, name readings to be taken with the usual grain of salt: Qualifiers: Aoyama Masashi Kyoto, Kyoto-shi Toba HS Fujiwara Kotaro Saitama, Saitama-shi Sakae HS Furusawa Daiki Fukui, Fukui-shi Agricultural & Forestry HS Hiroshima Chikara Fukuoka, Nakama-shi Kibogaoka HS Horikiri Kosuke Chiba, Nagareyama-shi Minami HS Ihara Kazunari Shizuoka, Mishima-shi Hiryu HS Inui Rikito Fukui, Ono-shi Okuetsu Meisei HS Ito Haraki Fukuoka, Nakama-shi Kibogaoka HS Ito Masayuki Ehime, Seiyo-shi Nomura HS Iwasa Yutaro Fukui, Fukui-shi Agricultural & Forestry HS Katsuyama Mitsuo Okinawa, Uruma-shi Chubu Agricultural & Forestry HS Kawamoto So Wakayama, Arida-shi Minoshima HS Kawamura Shohei Kyoto, Kyoto-shi Hiyoshigaoka HS Kawasaki Hiroki Kochi, Kochi-shi Technical HS Kitamura Naoki Nagano, Nagano-shi Sarashina Agricultural HS Kizaki Shinnosuke Tottori, Tottori-shi Johoku HS Matsunaga Shuzo Fukuoka, Nakama-shi Kibogaoka HS Minami Tomota Kanagawa, Kawasaki-shi Mukainooka Technical HS Miwa Hayato Niigata, Itoigawa-shi Kaiyo HS Mizuta Kento Tottori, Tottori-shi Johoku HS Motobayashi Kenji Osaka, Higashiosaka-shi Kinki University HS Nagano Shota Kochi, Kochi-shi Technical HS Nagao Yuki Gifu, Kitagata-cho Agricultural & Forestry HS Nakai Shun Kochi, Susaki-shi Meitoku Gijuku HS Nakashima Hiroki Aichi, Nagoya-shi Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden HS Nakashima Nozomi Tottori, Tottori-shi Johoku HS Nishi Taisei Kochi, Susaki-shi Meitoku Gijuku HS Nogami Kengo Oita, Nakatsu-shi Higashi HS Noguchi Takuma Oita, Hita-shi Forestry & Technical HS Oba Katsutaro Kumamoto, Kumamoto-shi Buntoku HS Obata Kutaka Miyagi, Misato-machi Kogota Agricultural & Forestry HS Onami Atsushi Fukushima, Fukushima-shi Shoin Gakuen HS Sakae Toshiki Kagoshima, Kagoshima-shi Commercial HS Sato Katsunari Miyagi, Shikama-cho Kami Agricultural HS Shibaoka Yoshiki Kochi, Kochi-shi Technical HS Shibata Tetsuya Nagano, Kiso-machi Seiho HS Shijirbayar Chiba, Nagareyama-shi Minami HS Shinbo Kyoya Aomori, Ajigasawa-machi HS Sugawara Jun Miyagi, Misato-machi Kogota Agricultural & Forestry HS Suzuki Genta Akita, Yokote-shi HS Suzuki Takumi Tokyo, Meguro-ku Gakuen HS Takahashi Masatoshi Gunma, Kiryu-shi Jutoku HS Tanabe Hironobu Ishikawa, Kanazawa-shi Gakuin Higashi HS Turbold Tottori, Tottori-shi Johoku HS Ukawa Yoshiki Ishikawa, Kanazawa Technical HS Utetsu Fumiya Aomori, Towada-shi Sanbongi Agricultural HS Wakabayashi Kai Gifu, Kitagata-cho Agricultural & Forestry HS Yasuda So Akita, Akita-shi Kanaashi Agricultural HS Prelims: Nishi uwatenage Suzuki G. Kawamoto yorikiri Ihara Turbold sukuinage Minami Furusawa oshidashi Sugawara Tanabe uwatedashinage Sato Shinbo kotenage Shibata Nakashima N. oshidashi Shibaoka Wakabayashi hatakikomi Takahashi Nakai oshidashi Fujiwara Suzuki T. uwatedashinage Iwasa Mizuta oshidashi Horikiri Nakashima H. tsukiotoshi Obata Inui uwatenage Kizaki Miwa hatakikomi Motobayashi Ito M. uwatenage Aoyama Nagano yorikiri Yasuda Round of 32: Shijirbayar uwatenage Nishi Kawamoto kotenage Oba Turbold tsuridashi Kawamura Ito H. tsukiotoshi Furusawa Tanabe oshitaoshi Nogami Shinbo yoritaoshi Onami Sakae shitatehiheri Nakashima N. Wakabayashi yoritaoshi Hiroshima Matsunaga uwatenage Nakai Kitamura yorikiri Suzuki T. Mizuta uwatenage Noguchi Kawasaki okuridashi Nakashima H. Ukawa shitatedashinage Inui Nagao oshidashi Miwa Ito M. uwatenage Katsuyama Utetsu hatakikomi Nagano Round of 16: Shijirbayar tsukiotoshi Kawamoto Turbold hatakikomi Ito H. Shinbo yorikiri Tanabe Sakae oshidashi Wakabayashi Kitamura uwatenage Matsunaga Mizuta abisetaoshi Kawasaki Nagao uchimuso Ukawa Utetsu hatakikomi Ito M. Quarterfinals: Turbold yorikiri Shijirbayar Shinbo uwatenage Sakae Mizuta uwatenage Kitamura Utetsu tsukidashi Nagao Semifinals: Turbold uwatenage Shinbo Utetsu yorikiri Mizuta Third Place: Shinbo yoritaoshi Mizuta Final: Utetsu tsukiotoshi Turbold A great showing for Aomori prefecture with winner Utetsu and third-place Shinbo, and not quite unexpectedly also for Tottori with 2nd and 4th place. Utetsu (previously mentioned winning a regional tournament a few weeks ago) has been cleaning up in high-profile amateur events for the last few years, and Shinbo may be coming back into prominence after being a big name back in his wampaku days, so perhaps an Aomori resurgence in the professional ranks may be on the way. It'll be a bit longer though as they're only in 1st grade (Utetsu) and 2nd grade (Shinbo) of high school yet, respectively. Turbold is a 3rd grade student at powerhouse Tottori Johoku and after this showing one should probably start wondering if we'll be seeing him in a heya come next March. At 187 cm / 135 kg and reportedly inspired to come to Japan by Hakuho's example, it's probably a safe bet that he's interested in turning pro. If somebody wants to translate his quotes from the article, I'd appreciate it. (Incidentally, Tottori Johoku has another Mongolian student in its sumo club, fellow 3rd grader Ichinnorov - after being runner-up in last year's Kokutai individual category he wasn't part of the Tottori prefectural squad this year. Not sure if he's injured or just didn't make the cut in their high-powered team.) Turbold narrowly missed making it a repeat title for Tottori after Shinji Kizaki's victory in 2011; instead the crown returns to Aomori after two years (to the same school, in fact), the 2010 winner Hasegawa having been from Sanbongi HS as well. For anyone wondering, Kizaki is at Nihon University now, Hasegawa at Tokyo Nogyo. BTW, Fukushima prefecture's Onami is probably yet another brother of Arashio-beya's Onami and Goshi. I'm not sure which grade he is in, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's joining them after graduating. Not a whole lot of pictorial evidence this year, but the above article does have this pic of the decision in the Utetsu-Turbold final: Oh, here's another one, from the Utetsu-Mizuta semifinal (Utetsu on the right):
  24. Asashosakari

    2009 All-Japan Senior High School, Wampaku...

    FWIW, Ryoya Tatsu is now listed as this year's middle school yokozuna on Wiki, so perhaps I was wrong about the relative importance of those two tournaments. The lack of coverage of the later tourney would probably support that, too. Incidentally, that other tournament was won by the Nō Middle School team from Itoigawa-shi in Niigata, pictured below. Their member Hayato Miwa also earned runner-up honors in the individual competition.