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    BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    If Hakuho wins tomorrow, he's the goat.
  2. Jesinofuji

    FUSEN LUCKY 2017

  3. Jesinofuji

    Natsu 2013 videos- Day 1-15

    Thank you Kintamayama. Your videos and attached commentary are the best!
  4. Jesinofuji

    Greatest Maegashira

    This is a tough question. Definitely NOT Asanowaka. I liked Kaiho, he was always fun to watch. I suppose next will be the greatest Sekiwake ever. Names that immediately come to mind are Kotonishiki, Takatouriki, and Wakanosato.
  5. Jesinofuji

    Greatest Ozeki?

    Asashoryu was... Oh wait, you mean the greatest Ozeki who was never promoted to Yokozuna. I have to agree with the above posters, Raiden was, but if the rank Yokozuna had existed in his era, he surely would have been promoted. In the modern era, Kaio hands down!
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    Aki Basho 2012 Discussion Thread

    Go Harumafuji!
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    Asashouryuu-after intai preparations

    It's so sad. I'm still so sad he's gone :(
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    Asashoryu will take this yusho. He is in top form, and his left elbow looks fully functional. Not only will he win, he will complete a zensho-yusho, silencing those who thought he was washed up.
  9. Jesinofuji

    How many Yushos will Asashoryu win in 2009?

    He will win all 6! Remember where you heard it first.
  10. Jesinofuji


    7-8 Yorikiri No 14 Baruto Lose 4 M4W
  11. Jesinofuji


    7-8 yorikiri no 14 M4 yes 3 M6e
  12. Jesinofuji


    7-8 Yorikiri no 14 M7 Yes 5 M5e
  13. Jesinofuji


    7-8 yorikiri no 14 kakuryu yes 3 M3
  14. Jesinofuji


    I agree with the first part, if Asashoryu isn't scummed by the Kyokai, the yokozuna will take all 6 yusho. But it won't be evenly split. Asashoryu will take all 6. JSNF
  15. Jesinofuji


    7-8 1)yorikiri 2)no 3)15 4)Takekaze 5)no 6)4 7)M6 east
  16. Jesinofuji

    Asashoryu: Will he stay or will he go (or be gone?)

    He bites his tongue and stays. His life is sumo and there is nothing he can do that will further frustrate those who wish to do him as much harm as possible than shatter every record in the sumo record book (excepting perhaps Futabayama's). He is a victim of bias, a victim on ignorance, and a victim of outright hatred. But in the end he will stand above all and strike down his aggressors.
  17. Jesinofuji

    medical look at Asa in hot water

    I just knew you were going to say something along these lines. ... Of course this would be a very bad thing if he were faking injury so he could slack off. And of course that's what the kyokai assumed after seeing him gleefully kicking around a soccer ball. But we have been shown that this is not the case. His injury is not of the nature that prevents him from engaging in physical activity. It's a long standing problem that he needs to fix. His period of recovery begins only after the surgery takes place. There is no "blatantly logical" reason for him to sit and rest in his bed before this period begins. Let's also keep in mind that the Yokozuna is a professional athlete, and the soccer game with Mongolian kids is like a warm up to him. Asashoryu knew he needed the surgery, so he applied for leave from the jungyo. He submitted a doctors note to the Kyokai. What more do the need to see? His MRI scans? Both his elbow and back are hurt. Anyway, this sounds like you are accusing Asashoryu of decieveing the Kyokai in order to get some extra vacation time. Is that what this boils down to? You're going against the doctor's word here. You are bold, I must admit. Oh, he watches Montey Python!
  18. I don't see how Asashoryu should be expected to refuse a request by his own country's government. He just finished winning a yusho. Of course he is still physically capable of performing physical activities at a high level. A soccer game with kids is, without question, no problem for him at the moment. What does it say about NSK for nobody in the organization to understand this. He has an injury. He has doctor's reports to prove this. Is the injury severe enough to prevent him form playing soccer? No. Is it severe enough for him to be unable to compete in sumo? No. Does this mean he's ok with letting the injury slide forever? Take a wild guess. Minor injuries often require a long period of physical inactivity (a.k.a. rest) to heal. Asashoryu, wanting to be on the safe side, requested his only ever stay of absence from a jungyo as a yokozuna. Why wouldn't he? Is not a Yokozuna's first duty to perform sumo at the highest level? And when his country asks him to spend but a couple hours playing in a game of soccer with some kids to encourage his country's youth to participate in sports, he is expected to decline outright? Is it completely unfeasible for a doctor to suggest that it not be best for Asashoryu to take part in the jungyo, but still be able to kick a ball around with a few kids for a couple of hours?
  19. Jesinofuji

    medical look at Asa in hot water

    Touchy aren't we. No, just a bit irate at your dumb arguments that keep showing with every post you make that either a) you don't even understand the issues at hand, as in your continued insistence that it's All About The Physical Ability To Play Soccer when it isn't, which people have pointed out to you even before your latest posting storm that cheerfully seems to ignore anything posted in this thread, or b) you think that your blatant logical fallacies, as in when you try to say "if only they looked at it from really silly angles that make no sense at all, they'd surely see that Asashoryu did nothing wrong!", actually constitute a valid argument to anybody but yourself, or c) your Asashoryu-sized blinkers have completely robbed you (again) of any ability to see reality for what it is. Or d) all of the above. This is like 2003 all over again. Given how limited your rah-rah-Asashoryu posts have been in the past couple of years, it's quite interesting to see you back in full force. Touchy, aren't we? It seems to me the only argument people are making against Asashoryu is: If he can play soccer, he can join the jungyo. This is the "blatant logical fallacy." So let me get this straight. It's not o.k. for the yokozuna to be playing soccer. Or is it that he can't play soccer during any period of time between basho where he does not participate in the jungyo. He should rest in preparation for the surgery kind of thing? He should have stayed home right? Why? So he doesn't hurt the Kyokai higher-upps' feelings? You're quick to point out that my arguments are full of "blatant logical fallacies", yet you're not so quick to point out where they are. You've also never been one to answer my questions concerning the issues. Rather than even try a response, you prefer to attempt to cover your @$Z with stuff like "your dumb arguments", "you don't even understand the issues at hand", "which people have pointed out to you even before", "seems to ignore anything posted", "really silly angles that make no sense at all", "robbed you (again) of any ability to see reality." If my arguments are so weak, then why can you not address them? Why do you have to resort to personal attacks when it would be much more effective to contradict everything I have stated and make me look like a fool to everyone?
  20. Jesinofuji

    medical look at Asa in hot water

    Isn't this all about playing SOCCER? Hey, didn't ya know that you use your feet and not your elbows in soccer. If fact you not even allowed to use your elbow. Not you're saying that an apology is the same as an admission of guilt. Guilty or not, in this situation he is forced to apologize because his penalty will be much more severe if he does not. I agree with you that it's not a point of debate. Asashoryu was told by his doctor that he would need surgery, after which, he would need 6 weeks of rest. If he had asked the doctor whether is would be ok for him to play in the soccer game or not, the doctor would very likely have said yes. For medical reasons, soccer was ok, the jungyo won't be. That's why Asa did what he did. Simple as that. He playd as requested by his own country's government to help promote sports to Mongolian children. This is just another case of Kyokai officials whining. What do they think, they are bigger then the government of Mongolia?
  21. Jesinofuji

    medical look at Asa in hot water

    Unless they disagree with your sweeping assessment that they "should" look at it that way, I guess. Which they obviously do. So the kyokai is supposed to pass judgment on Asashoryu without even taking into account his the nature of his medical condition. Get the facts before you make the decision, its's that simple. I imagine a group of cave-men siting around a circle saying "Daaaahhhhhh He play soccer, he no dohyo-iri, he lie to us, we club him Daaaaahhhhhhh!" (Clapping wildly...) Touchy aren't we.
  22. Jesinofuji

    medical look at Asa in hot water

    That's a "physical" impossibility. Standing around for the fans and doing the dohyo-iri cannot be more difficult than playing soccer. Actually it's not a "physical" impossibility. In fact it's a "physical" reality. If you look into the issue a little more closely you'll see that he is scheduled to have a surgery. He played soccer BEFORE the surgery. The jungyo is AFTER the surgery. Don't tell me that you honestly don't think the surgery is going to have any effect whatsoever on his ability to perform.
  23. Jesinofuji

    medical look at Asa in hot water

    Firstly, the Kyokai should look at this from a medical perspective. The questions that should be asked are: Was Asashoryu physically unfit to participate in a soccer match? Will he be physically unfit to take part in the jungyo. If the answers are no and yes, Asa is clear of any guilt and wrongdoing.
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    15-0 14-1 6-9