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  1. marujama


    Have seen something like that in Matrix movie :-D
  2. marujama

    Kensho Standings (Haru 2008)

    Oops (Blushing...) Thanks, but I've to learn a bit language to get through this page! :-) So I'd better wait for your annual report!
  3. marujama

    Kensho Standings (Haru 2008)

    So here's the question. Is there the whole kensho-standigs list available anywhere, or is it just compilated by Zentoryu?
  4. marujama


    For the meaning you have to look here!
  5. marujama

    Day 12 Pics - Natsu 08

    Yes, he is the one, who cannot hide his emotions so these emotions of anger or disappointment are seen to everybody. And this is not accepted in sumo, especially when your are a yokozuna. Takava
  6. marujama

    Day 12 Pics - Natsu 08

    Edit after Ossetian Yokozunas new post : I've seen these pictures, but how can they reflect Hakuho's today's emotions???
  7. marujama

    Day 12 Pics - Natsu 08

    Yes, until now I didn't mention the crowd of spectators behind the scene all saying "oouuch"! (I am not worthy...) They are really givin' out the real emotion of yokozuna loss! :-O
  8. marujama

    Day 12 Pics - Natsu 08

    Please, point me one of these photos I can see Hakuho's emotions?
  9. marujama

    Bart Sez: "Ouch!"

    In Estonian televison's telephone interview Bart said, that if a 22-year old's knee can't hold a man, it have to be cut off. Some rough words followed this saying. He also said that he will be back in Osaka, but said that the knee needs a total repairing before coming back. As I'm not sure about my translation from the intreview, I'll hope some (estonian-speaking) members can modify or approve my translation from the video.
  10. marujama

    The Kotooshu-Homasho bout

    It looks to me, that Kotooshu is below the dohyo-line (before Homasho is down), but photo can't show the real situation. Mono-ii should have been the predicting answer for later questions. (Blushing...)
  11. marujama

    Asashoryu will not loose (Part 2)

    IMO this thread is over.
  12. marujama

    Baruto preparations - Hatsu 2007

    According to Estonian Televisions Sports Site Baruto says, that he has to do hard keiko before next basho, starting in January 7th in Tokyo. As a matter of fact, the injured knee is still not in 100% condition, but somehow rikishi hopes it will not disturb him in the next basho. As he had to abandon hard keiko before last basho because of the knee, he now hopes to prepare for the next basho in the best tension. Such news by Estonian Television Sports Site.
  13. marujama

    Appropriate nicknames

    Sorry for starting OT in thread about yokozunas possible score in previous basho. I should have started it a new thread and not in honbasho talk section. But as I now see, other forumers are troubled too about new member taking himself a not suitable name. PS, can moderators do something to put posts about user-names into their right place. Sry once more (A yokozuna...)