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  1. Hashira

    New Odd Sumo Banzuke (Nagoya 2010)

    did i miss an announcement about this game being cancelled along with the broadcast? i've entered picks every day but am still at 30 ante, and get no results messages when trying to check is it dead?
  2. Hashira

    Sumo Game Record Watch -- Bishonohana

    and in of those wonderful paradoxes of sumo gaming, Andoreasu will be one of the large group that will break the previous record if he/she manages 8 wins on senshuraku, and could possibly end up with the most points this basho (and therefore alone in #1 all-time), but is already MK at 5-9
  3. Hashira

    New Bench Sumo Banzuke

    my first Makuuchi!! Thank you so much to all hard-working volunteers I will continue to ganbarize right up to sanyaku!
  4. Hashira

    New bench Sumo Banzuke

    Oh yes, I'm sure it was, just don't give promotions for KK anymore!! :-) ***JOKING*** I really appreciate all the hard work. I'll force my way into Makuuchi with a zensho yusho this time around
  5. Hashira

    sumo google search - which countries search sumo

    Sumo is the name of an SUV made by India's Tata motors http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tata_Sumo
  6. hello, I am going to be going to my first Osaka basho this year, and am hoping for some info on ticketing. i'm thinking of the day-of ticket, is it 2100yen, same as Tokyo? does anyone know how quickly they generally sell out on weekdays/weekends? does it have the same one-time exit rule as in Tokyo? and does anyone know about baby-changing/feeding facilities? It's going to be my big guy's first sumo experience! No internet at home right now. I'll be able to check the replies from work, but probably not be able to reply myself, so I thank everyone in advance for any help they can provide. THANK YOU!
  7. Hashira

    Not a great week for me.....

    Very sorry to hear the news, Fuji. Best wishes for the future.
  8. Hashira

    Wakanohana Remarries

    I haven't checked all the topics here, so may have missed this reportage, and not sure if this is in the correct section, but... Masaru Hanada, former Yokozuna Wakanohana (37) and older brother of Takanohana has remarried. He got divorced last October, and has now married a 28 year-old former kindergarten teacher from Osaka. The two were introduced to each other by a mutual friend 10 months ago.
  9. similar to one mentioned above 完売 (kanbai) means all sold, in other words, you can't buy!
  10. Hashira

    Asashouryuu-will he show up tomorrow?

    Kitanofuji was the colour commentator on NHK today, and said flat out that he should not show up tomorrow if he's not (seriously) injured, I'd like to see him continue, but he sure better win.
  11. Hashira

    Asashouryu just got screwed

    my view exactly, but think it deserved a mono-ii at least and a tori-naoshi would have been reasonable
  12. Hashira

    Aki 2008 - Some day 3 comments

    perhaps someone can confirm, but I believe I saw Ms. Uchidate in attendance beside the East Shimpan, and it seemed that Kotoshogiku gaver her a good kick when he went flying out. Wonder if Hakuho willl get in trouble for that and did anyone notice Asashoryu giving a strange wave after losing? it seemed at first as though he was lifting his arm to block flying zabuton, but ended up being a wierd wave as in "i know, i know, I must win or retire"
  13. Hashira

    Wakanohou arrested for drug possession

    He also said that he would do anything to be allowed into sumo again, and asked for forgiveness/acceptance from the Kyokai, other rikishi and all Japanese people think the chances of that are between zero and zilch
  14. Hashira

    Kitanoumi resigns, the brothers are out

    I don't think that's how it works. You can either have your B sample tested at the same lab as the A sample, or you forego your chance to have the B sample exonerate you. I mean, they could still have had it tested somewhere else, I guess, but it wouldn't change the "official" finding based on the A sample at that point. My impression was that the whole "yes, but somewhere else" song and dance was merely intended as a delay tactic, and they didn't realize they were actually giving up their rights that way. that's my impression as well, but it seems strange that they would not understand the procedure at this point in proceedings are you referring to the WADA process in general or the process applied by the NSK?
  15. Hashira

    Kitanoumi resigns, the brothers are out

    My farm with all the steaks in it that the three will be sent on the same plane back home. As for other tests, they REFUSED to do them, so that's that, ne.. i thought it was that they didn't want the B sample tested at the same place, but were in favour of doing new tests at a different lab?