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  1. Notsukutsu

    Haru 2010 Banzuke

    Many rikishi have man-tits, but I've never before seen double manboobs on anyone. :-D
  2. Notsukutsu

    The new Baruto

    When he originally joined ozumo, he intended to go by his real first name Kaido, which sounds Japanese as is. Since there already was a rikishi called Kaido, they had to brainstorm for name ideas for him and came up with Baruto. I'm sure given a choice he'd go by his real name, but by now I'm sure he's just fine with Baruto as well.
  3. Notsukutsu

    The new Baruto

    You have to be kidding. (In jonokuchi...)
  4. Notsukutsu

    Baruto in a Japanese TV show

    So I accidentally came across this clip: Perhaps someone here with knowledge of Japanese could take the time to translate what they are saying? Something about his tsuridashi habit no doubt... either way it sounds funny :) Thanks a lot!
  5. Notsukutsu

    Sumo Confidential

    Here's another clip of Baruto at his homeland visiting an amateur sumo event. He even mentions the young guy in the documentary, about how he had good potential at 140 kg and 185 cm, but kept running away, permanently the last time, and tells the would-be rikishi to have patience and persevere until they reach the top division. For what it's worth I'd love to see him use the technique at 1:10 at a proper basho. (Sigh...)
  6. Notsukutsu

    BBC Top Gear question re- a rikishi

    Here's another picture, perhaps someone can identify?
  7. I could see him get stumped over Miyabiyama, but the others should be fair game for him. Of course, there are no guarantees, but I wouldn't worry either.
  8. What I'm worried is that Baruto might be nervous about this match, like with Chiyotaikai the first day.
  9. Pretty interesting day for sure. Baruto was visibly nervous and had probably lost the bout in advance in his mind. He needs to practice handling mental stress better. :)
  10. Notsukutsu

    Baruto preparations - Aki 2006

    This bag looks small compared to Baruto. Can anybody enlighten me what is in the bag and how heavy it might be? That's his favorite pillow, and he's pouting because they said he can't keep it (In a state of confusion...)
  11. Notsukutsu

    Junior Sumo World Champs

    That was a pretty awesome push there at the end. Not even sure what kind of kimarite would that be. Sights like that aren't happening very often with 150+ kilo behemoths in ozumo, so I guess amateur sumo can be cool in its own way. :)
  12. Notsukutsu

    Junior Sumo World Champs} Bart says that the championships normally take place in Japan, and holding them here is a big deal, and will likely help promote Estonia. They named a training hall there, where he started his sumo career, after him - "Foreigners won't usually last long in professional sumo, how have you preservered?" - "I don't know how much longer I can take it, either" B-) "It's life as usual" About the future: "Upwards. There's still room for improvement" - "Is it true that some people in Japan consider rikishi as sex symbols?" - ".... Well there's some truth in it, too" (Punk rocker...)
  13. Notsukutsu

    Junior Sumo World Champs

    Yes and yes. Saw a clip about him and the championships on TV news tonight. It will likely be made available online tomorrow.
  14. Notsukutsu


    I wouldn't care either way :) Barring injuries or other disasters, Baruto will ascend to sanyaku sooner or later, but as a high maegashira he'd retain the chance for a honest to god kinboshi ;)
  15. Notsukutsu

    Baruto in Makuuchi Version 2

    It's from Kotooshu landing on top of him yesterday. He surely has the tsuri-dashi technique perfected enough as for not to hurt himself in that manner. :) It sucks, but I guess a henka every once in a while it's necessary evil. I'm not sure if any rikishi has completely sworn off them, because completely rooting it out from one's arsenal would mean a handicap against an opponent who hasn't. Today Baruto showed that he is capable of henka and regardless of implications in press has not bound himself in that manner. And for what it's worth, he could just as well pull the same move tomorrow with no qualms. Something for his next opponents to consider. It's sad and personally I would've liked it better if he had lost honorably as with Hakuho. It's as if he had traded certain virginity to success. :)