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  1. eciq

    Sumo for Japanese

    I wish I came up with this wise sentence myself.... .... I can understand japanese fans who see guys like ROHO with capacity though no dignity getting little sad/frustrated/p*** o**. I do too. But our new Yokozuna? For me he can reach highs of Chiyonofuji/Takanahana... well maybe even higher. I don't think isolation of OZUMO to a national matter will help sumo anything. We must remember we do live in a new world where Japan is no longer an isolated island. Any tries now to keep sumo all japanese because there are too good foreign wrestlers would be a BIG surrender. Such an action would be a BIG offence to the japanese soul. A nation who's history embed samurais, seppuku, kamikaze can't be terrified of threat of Baruto etc. no matter how BIG and skilled they are. The inpact of foreign rikishis should only inspire native wrestlers to fight harder to show THIS IS THEIR game. On the other hand foreign rikishis should respect the OZUMO rituals, rules etc. They should be glad to have a chance to have a chance to participiate in a 'sport' which is older than their native country, with tradition older than Muhammad. Those who do NOT follow and respect the rulez should be kicked all the way to Ushuaia. I wonder also if those japanese (and those who have same opinions) who do NOT like foreigns rikishis have same problems with baseboll beeing such a big sport in Japan?... Hmmm... have a nice sunny day :-) PS. The day rikishis like AMA is a problem for OZUMO I will start to look for some new hobby PS2.....the essence of the problem might be the behaviour of Asashoryu. Beeing among the most tallented sumo wrestlers all time its a pity to see some of his behaviour thats why I hope Yokozuna Hakuho will put back some dignity into OZUMO
  2. eciq

    Totally useless information

    For the odds of having no December babies in a 42-man makuuchi field, I get 2.4%. How's that for totally useless? Ok, I feel compelled to chime in a bit. Firstly I get a probability of 2.6%. But the useless part of all this talk is that December is meaningless - ANY month without a birthday would have gotten Kaiguma's attention. While I'm too lazy now to calculate the probability of that, my guess is that it's over 50% probability that at least a month has no birthday in a field of 42 people. me lazy too...but if december probality is 2.6% that should be the same for all other months so that would make 12x2.6=31.2% probality (not 50) that at least a month has no birthd...... anyway fun with useless info (Laughing...) cium cium eciq
  3. eciq

    What are YOU looking forward to ?** ...errghh...all my points in the post above ended up in kaigumas quote... you can read them as answers to both bealzbubs questions and kaigumas comments... I even messed upp who asked and so... must be my worst post yet..though my answers are what I do think good day all eciq
  4. eciq

    What are YOU looking forward to ?

    ...very good questions alltogether...have a nice sunny day kaiguma... regards eciq
  5. eciq

    Fast forward 1 year - Number of Ozeki ?

    I think/hope that Osh will become a strong ozeki next year. You should be more optimistic and have higher hopes for your countryman (Laughing...) My prediction is Aki Y Asashoryu, Hakuho O Kotooshu, Chiyotaikai, Ama/Homasho (S Kotomitsuki, Homasho (Tokitenku if Homasho is O)) (K Baruto (if healed), Tochiozan) eciq
  6. eciq

    Who could be the best rikishi ?

    Jonah Lomu was a cool choice. With his fysique and speed if he could learn tachai well he could be a very difficult man to stop. I guess some would love to henka him (Laughing...) I too agree with Otokonoyama and Azamaryu that ALL the great judo champs would do well (I add Pawel Nastula) Vassili Alexeiev (Heart...)))) Yeaaa, he could lift out Konishiki thx to ALL for interesting comments
  7. eciq

    Who could be the best rikishi ?

    Hi, Do not know how to create a REAL poll, but your opinions are of more dignity rather than some numbers. Also that would be surely some posts why i did NOT have this or this athlete as an option to vote. However you have the question in the topic. My personal choice would be Alexander Karelin who I think if he choose to be a sumowrestler would make it all the way to yokozuna. He had the strength, balance, size and everything. What are your choices regards eciq
  8. eciq


    (In a state of confusion...) for me its rather like mary jane .... very nice, nice highs but must NOT have it everyday. I started to follow sumo in 97-98 not really sure. Really intensive since 3-4 years. I guess I am not a 'sumoholic yet. Afterall 'eciq' dates back to 1994 ;-) so when you see a change to something like eciqoyana or something like that than you know a new sumoholic is born have a nice sunny day eciq
  9. eciq

    Bout of the Day

    sure GREAT sumo (Applauding...) as for Kokkai I guess ppl wait until someone starts a topic about that. I too want to read all analysies, etc. I have no idea what made him so angry maybe he got hit by Tamanoshimas head at the end of the bout? I wait for some expert views (Applauding...) eciq
  10. eciq

    Bout of the Day

    Yea... I guess he must have had done something in that direction. Incredible fightnig spirit as well. Someone posted last basho that Ama's 'stupid' fierce tachais etc last basho was kinda training session how to deal with big and difficullt oponennts. He might be so right about that. Go Ama go (Applauding...) I was also very impressed with Yokozunas bout. The 'new' Roho is so cool. Finally he does sumo that shoud be his trademark. Gone are the endlessly henkas and slapping downs. Too bad he could not get that win. That would make this basho so much more interesting.
  11. eciq

    What happens if...

    Thank You Asojima. I guess I should maybe ask myself first before I post when a quetion arise in my head :-) I DO feel little stupid. I have been following sumo for some years so I should know better. To my defence I can only say it was some bashos ago we had more than two sekiwake or komosubi (Hatsu 05 I think) As for my predictions the numbers I gave was just an example so they maybe are highly unlikely but the outcome with all six KK is quite likely. Roho is almost there. Both komusubis having 4:4 after first week is VERY promising. Kotomitsuki is only 2 wins away from his trademark 8:7. I doubt Bart will go MK. This leaving only Miyabiyama have to do his duty. I believe he will (Dohyo-iri...) So I think we will have a bigger sanyaku next basho :-) regards eciq
  12. eciq

    What happens if...

    I am NOT an 'guess the banzuke' expert. I wonder what would happen if for example the basho ends with following results ----> Sekiwake ---- Miyabiyama (9-6) Kotomitsuki (9-6) Komusubi ---- Kisenosato (9-6) Kokkai (9-6) Maegashira 1 --Baruto (11-4) Roho (10-5) it is all sekiwake, komusubi and M1 ends with good kachi-koshi. If Baruto's 11-4 is with jun-yusho is it possible he can get any promotion in situation above? It looks like a situation when all six end this basho with good KK is very likely regards eciq
  13. eciq

    Kensho Standings (Aki 2006)

    could not agree more.... ....Ama's excellent start is very promissing for a bout against Baruto or Roho ar maybe both. Maybe than (if he manages to win them) he will climb on a kensho standing list. regards eciq
  14. eciq

    YDC convenes

    Good points to a good post. Beeing self a rookie here I too have noticed some stupid posts and way too long threads sometime arguing about non-sense things. Have been reading forum for 2-3 years and following sumo since mid- nineties. Though to my bad english I did not decide to join untill now :-) have a nice day eciq
  15. eciq

    Miyabiyama, Hakuho NOT promoted: NHK

    In my post above I missed Peterao's name in his quote. Sorry Peterao