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  1. Susanoumi

    Featured rikishi - Yamamotoyama

    Hello, I also think that Yamamotoyama has talent and so he should be able to reach Juryo after next tournament. Well, maybe Yamamotoyama will be the first really heavy rikishi since Musashimaru to became a Makuuchi-wrestler. I hope so. Susanoumi
  2. Susanoumi

    LA in 08

    Hello, as I know this tournament will take place from June 7th to June 8th in LA. You can also have information on Sayonara!
  3. Susanoumi

    Heaviest active rikishi?

    Thank you for your quick and precise inquiry. I also thought that Orora is the heaviest sumotori but I was not sure. The heaviest rikishi I have ever seen when I travelled to Japan was Kainowaka of Tomozuna beya.
  4. Susanoumi

    Heaviest active rikishi?

    Hello together, I have chosen the shikona Susanoumi because I`m a huge fan of very massive rikishi like Konishiki, Akebono, Susanoumi etc. During the last two weeks I have searched through the whole internet but I wasn`t able to find out who is the heaviest active sumotori in professionel sumo. Now I hope that a few members of the forum can give an answer. If you have success please also write down his height. Thanks a lot! Susanoumi (Whistling...)
  5. Hello everybody, I was also shocked when I heard the message about the death of these young rikishi of Tokitzukaze-beya and I still wish that the reasons are not true. Well, know I must accept the reality. This boy was a victim of violence and Tokitzukaze oyakata should be sent to prison if the justice is able to proof the truth of all facts. Finally I would suggest to make regular visitations of all heya from independent persons which are engaged by the NSK because one victim of violence is one too much. I hope justice will win and the responsible oyakata and rikishi will be punished. Now I wish eyery member of the forum a nice evening! Susanoumi
  6. Susanoumi

    Who is the rikishi named Anju?

    Hello together, and thank you very much for your answers. Sayonara! Susanoumi
  7. Hello everybody, today I watched a few pictures of rikishi Anju (quite a huge human being) on Does anybody of this forum know something about him? Many greetings! Susanoumi (Laughing...)
  8. Susanoumi

    The behaviour of Roho

    Well, also it happened in July that Roho attacked Chiyotaikai with words after a torikumi (I haven`t seen that before) and afterwards he beated two journalists so that one of them has to be sent to hospital I would like to know if anybody has an idea of the reasons for Roho`s very bad and violent behaviour. For the case that you know more about this situation in Nagoya please post new topics in this forum. Susanoumi
  9. Susanoumi

    Orora of Kitanoumi-beya

    Is Orora of Kitanoumi-beya still active. I know that there are banzukes of all divisions in the internet but I had no time to search for them. If anyone knows if he is still active, please post it on the forum. Sayonara! Susanoumi
  10. Susanoumi


    In the Natsu Basho Miyabiyama gained an excellent 14-1 result, the best one during his career. In the past he was often inconstant and had bad results after successful bashos. I am lookings forward to the Nagoya basho and maybe he can make the ozeki promotion this year. (Sigh...) (Punk rocker...)
  11. Susanoumi


    Sumo is distinguished from others sports in many ways and one thing is the heya system. Many current oyakata were very successful rikishi and they are known to be very strict with their deshi. Who of this forum has contacts to sumo-beya and the oyakata and can tell me who are the very strict and if there are also oyakata who are friendy and easygoing. By the way a second question: Is Kainowaka the tsukebito of Ozeki Kaio?
  12. Susanoumi

    heaviest rikishi?

    Thank you very much for this statistics and a second please. What is the adress of the website of doitsuyama? (Annoyed...) (Applauding...)
  13. Susanoumi

    heaviest rikishi?

    I think that russian Orora is the heaviest rikishi among all professional sumotori. Can somebody tell me his current weight? It would be very good the post a list in this forum with the 8 to 10 heaviest rikishi.
  14. Susanoumi


    Hello, two years ago I visited Japan and went to Dewanoumi-beya because I wanted to see asageiko. They said that it would be no problem but a few days after a basho the rikishi don`t practice. Currently I plan a second journey to Japan and I would like to visit Kitanomi-beya because I like some of their rikishi. Has somebody connections to Kitanoumi-beya, so maybe he or she can answer to my qustion.
  15. Susanoumi

    result of Orora

    Does anybody in this forum know the result from Orora of Kitanoumi-beya in Natsu Basho 2006?