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  1. I think Asashoryu will stck it out another year unless he cannot take a single yusho... so I marked 2

    I think Kaio will retire after achieving the last record he can possibly reach in his dying career, so gone by next year.

    I think Chiyotaikai cannot pull out a speedy return.

    I think Baruto cannot get it together yet, maybe some time in 2011. I used to believe his bad balance and injuries would overcome him but he has improved lots.

    So, I marked only 3 Ozeki. I know it doesn't seem too probable: in the past 2 years we've heard many bemoan the "too many ozeki" situation. But one day the cracks will crumble.

  2. I went with Y1E (naturally) and 3 + 6

    Apparently I misclicked for the 3 though... looks like it registered as 4? Can the poll-meister correct that or is my vote unalterably miscast?!

    As I have guessed elsewhere, I think Asa, Haru and Osh will each get a slice of the pie as Hakuho continues to battle his kettei-sen jitters.

  3. J1-7 (total crapshoot between that and M13-18)

    3kk (all in juryo)


    I think he will play the divisional rollercoaster: even healthy I think he's been figured out by most of the top division, including visitors from below. But if he ends on an upswing that could lead to Hatsu promotion to Makuuchi. For my scenario to play out he has to lose at least 10 kilo. Otherwise I can see him staying injured most of the time and wallowing in lower-mid juryo for a few years ala Sakaizawa etc. . . . and then an eventual intai due to the injuries.

    I don't believe it is remotely possible for his body to sustain Konishiki-level weight gain. If he goes that way he will blow out both knees.

  4. ... what with the most recent 4-spot sekitori expansion having come in bargain for the kosho abolition.

    On that note, I was surprised to learn that there was just one official adjustment in between the 1967 mass elimination of sekitori spots (maku 40->34, juryo 36->26) and the 1991 expansion (maku 38->40). The increase from 34 to 38 spots apparently took place in June 1971, though you sure couldn't tell in retrospect, considering they didn't actually have all 38 spots filled until 1979, and not regularly until 1984. I wonder how people would react if they truly went back to that flexible handling of the division sizes...

    GTB results would be a lot more interesting :-)

  5. Well, at the very least I think it would probably have the desired effect in the bottom half of juryo and the last 5 or so ranks of makuuchi. Of course the extra motivation would only last for one basho (Clapping wildly...) but hey lethargy is lethargy. I really doubt this is all caused by serious claims of injury. Those who are seriously injured are already out of the jungyo...

  6. You even have to get an approved kanji name, though I heard that might be changing.

    Yes, I remember reading in Gaijin Yokozuna how they wouldn't let Chad Rowan become a Japanese citizen, only Akebono Taro.

    Emphasis here might be on approved, as not all kanji is recognized for names. There are extensive lists available at the registry-place of any township, county, etc. and embassies/consulates abroad. Hiragana and katakana are allowed though. I am pretty sure Akebono could have been ろわん ちゃど but that could have been more of an affront to the kyokai than what eventually drove him away...

    I am curious about the proposed change. Are they doing away with the restricted naming lists or allowing names to be given outside of Japanese script?

  7. Don't be hard on him, he did a lot of work! (In a state of confusion...)

    But really, is 2000 part of the 21st century? If yes, then these are the first 10 years of the 21st century and therefore the first decade. No one says you have to start counting at '1.' For that matter, we commonly say "the first time in a decade" and this means the past 10 years regardless of when that might start, such as 1994-2003 for example.

    And even if you are going by hard and fast numerical decades, we (used to) refer to them as the '-ties' with the last one being the nineties. Not sure how the year 2000 could be called part of the nineties . . . (In a state of confusion...)

  8. I also imagine it to be Tochinoshin.

    With specific regard to posture, it is very familiar. It is interesting how in such a heavily-cropped image I still have a string sense of the center of gravity and balance of the rikishi. I am almost 100% certain this is on of the initial crouches at the shikiri-sen as the rikishi get into the zone, and size up the aite, etc. in between trips to their respective corners. To me it seems to be the exact moment when both fists are placed on the ground, sometimes with the head bowed down.

    If not, it could also be the crouch back at the tawara when the hands are clasped together and then brought upward.

    Does anyone else have a different guess?

  9. And here I thought the devious scheme was for the jungyo tour to be sent through Kaio's hometown after so many years so they could just conveniently "forget" him there...

    Right? You know it would be easy since they visit so many retirement homes . . .

    (I'm bad)

  10. I'm surprised anyone has given so much airtime to a question which was obviously "tongue in cheek" from its first utterance...

    That's how you get YOURS clean, isn't it???

    But seriously, just in case you're curable, Rikishi come in all shapes and sizes. Yes most of the upper division has a lot of fat on their bones, but also a lot of very very flexible muscle mass. Also that fat is concentrated in certain areas such as the thighs and gut, not so much on the buttocks. Take someone like Kotomitsuki or Tamanoshima for example, if you can find some of their videos (especially instant replays). At a glance you would probably call either of them a tub'o'lard, but in a replay you can clearly see that they have rippling muscular posteriors. Even the fat that they do have is classified as subcutaneous rather than the deep artery-clogging cholesterol fat of heart attacks.

    If you were talking about Yamamotoyama or Orora etc., maybe someone would laugh at your joke because those are some real unhealthy lardasses. But around here, if you show zero respect for sumo and Ozumo, you get no respect from us either. I don't even know why I am writing this...

  11. I really liked this book, even though it was a fairly quick read. I am sure it was meant for a coffee table, but the pictures are really awesome. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't know the first thing about sumo as it is really a great overview. Reading this book sparked a couple of questions:

    1) Does the sumo school still exist and is it really 6 months long?

    2) For a few years in 1989 and 1990 there were 3 Yokozuna and 3 Ozeki and then 4 Yokozuna and 2 Ozeki. This seems somewhat like the situation we have going on now with the 2 Yokozuna and 5 Ozeki. There aren't enough yusho to go around and some regular poor performers. I wonder what the general feeling was toward the rikishi at that time and if there were a lot of outcries for some of them to retire.

    3) What is the story behind Andy Adams and Clyde Newton? I know they were well respected in the sumo circles many years ago. Where are they now and what ever happened to Sumo World magazine?

    4) Did anyone ever get to watch Chiyonofuji in his prime in person during a tournament?



    1) Aren't gaijin rikishi now required to attend for a full year (2 sessions)?

    2) The answer to this may not correlate since the ozeki were mostly seen as holding there own and not in constant kadoban trouble. Even if sometimes you are seeing mostly kyu-roku ozeki they are not also getting too old yet not retiring, setting kadoban records and exciting general speculation about OBSC.

    Some of these later became yokozuna and/or regularly challenged for the yusho despite 3 yoks. The kadoban crowd could often beat back kadoban with at least 10 wins, not 8 or 9, and sometimes a yusho. And those that couldn't really hack it EVENTUALLY retired, like our beloved Asashio... Kaio is about 3 basho away from looking just like Asashio at his intai. Plus Onokuni was sitting out several consecutive tournaments or politely allowed to appear a few times in this period so that's one less yokozuna gunning for any given yusho.

    [PS there are only 2 years in 1989 and 1990 (Laughing...)]

    3) I don't know much about either, but Clyde Newton gives very lucid commentary as a guest host for NHK's English language broadcast. He is usually on once or twice in a given basho (?) and typically co-hosts with Hiro or Ross. Can't remember if I have heard him with Murray...

    4) Yes, lots of people and some on this forum I am certain. I also hope we can hear some juicy anecdotes. What exactly is it in the book that makes you want to hear some first-hand accounts?

  12. How eerie is that? These are my exact thoughts, down to 61 and 2 10's... that is crazy!

    In fact, I ran through it as 13, 10, 10, 9, 8 only not in that order.

    If you throw in an 11, those are the six numbers that I have too on my scrappy paper. Coincidence indeed - unless you're using your mind-zapping-thought-penetrating-gun (again). (Sign of disapproval...)

    Oh look at that, I only gave 5! Yes, since we arrived at 61, my missing number was an 11...

    ILS, I understand what you say, but I don't believe it applies to Ama. I think he really sapped himself getting to Ozeki and since then has been pretty nervous. I also think he has harbored a few minor injuries, known and unknown, that have held him back or at least affected his day-to-day confidence during basho.

    I wouldn't write him off just yet :-)

  13. I say....

    O1E (toss up between that and O1W)

    4 bashos at 10 or more. (I'm thinking two of which will be exactly 10)

    61-65 wins (My rushed calculation says '61' to be precise).

    How eerie is that? These are my exact thoughts, down to 61 and 2 10's... that is crazy!

    In fact, I ran through it as 13, 10, 10, 9, 8 only not in that order.

    I think, to different degrees, you and I both thought he would settle into the rank a lot more quickly than he has. ILS you are totally right, he is not Komusubi Ama and I miss that too, but he is no less for the change. I believe 2011 is his year to settle and we will see a grounded Harumafuji. If he can be just as exciting once again, will you love him again? (I am not worthy...)

    When I really think of what is missing it is almost too simple. Haru leans out just a few (6?) inches too far when he is fully extended at the tachiai. When he stays a bit more over his hips he is so difficult to beat. It's like when he loses he is just overeager to prove himself with raw power and an explosive start. Yet after that explosion he is left with no power or balance. And oddly enough he only does this against lower-ranked opponents, maybe believing he has to physically overwhelm them to prove his place as ozeki?

    Anyway, I think Isegahama and Aminishiki and Harumafuji are all onto this by now and the keiko must be focused on correcting that flaw. If so, he should be completely cured by March or May at the latest.

  14. FWIW the last two times that the demoted Ozeki was put into the S1 position in 2001 Nagoya and Aki with Miyabiyama and Dejima respectively, there were really no other viable candidates for Sekiwake. In the current situation Kotoshogiku at 10-5 from M2E is certainly a viable candidate for a Sekiwake position.

    2) Also this is not exactly a situation in which 3 Sekiwakes would be an ongoing status. While it is true that Taikai could conceivably get KK at Sekiwake without getting the 10 needed for re-promotion to Ozeki, it's not likely. Nor is it likely that he could do it back-to-back should he decide not to retire.

    3) IMHO the torikumi makers are most likely to put Taikai in the O2E spot, let him have his try and then go back to the zenity of 2 M16 spots in the next basho.

    Point 1 - How about Wakanosato with 9-6 from Komusubi? The Sekiwake Kotomoitsuki could have been given a cushioned fall to Komusubi with Tamanoshima taking the other slot. Or if Mickey needed to leave Sanyaku, Kotonowaka's 8-7 from M2 was certainly enough. Yes it would have made the banzuke a bit trickier but it leads me to my conclusion...

    Point 2 - He has clearly stated he will retire with or without kk if he is not repromoted. So you are correct but I don't think it matters to the NSK.

    Point 3 - I'm sure you mean S2E. I know hard to put it in writing, right ? :-O

    Conclusion: Rather than S1 demotions stemming from lack of candidates for Sekiwake promotion, it seems more likely that S2 demotions are made when there is a clear Sekiwake candidate for whom it would be unfair to remain at Komusubi. l[Or both Sekiwake make kk.] Because of statistical data being limited, the appearance that they prefer to create the S2 slot may be misleading.

  15. A second look and I just noticed Ama outperformed all but Hakuho when facing Yokozuna. The joi is obviously his dark not-so-secret weakness so I'd say it's a mental game between being top ozeki in 2009 vs. playig second fiddle to Kotooshu.

    Kotooshu is faring better than even Asashoryu vs. Yokozuna and Kotomitsuki even ties Asa! Perhaps beating him twice (?) contributes and I guess Asa has only beaten Hak in playoffs so... mental game there as well?

  16. I cringe to link here, but perhaps it is the easiest

    This is the playoff from May Basho, two days after the bout posted directly above.

    Yes I am biased, but to really appreciate this one of course you have to see and understand the regulation bout on day 13.

    As a longstanding Harumafuji fan, nothing on television has ever made me feel quite that good!

  17. Yeah, I'm struggling with the number of sekiwake issue, too. I'm wanting to go with three, but they've been so stingy with the sanyaku slots of late, I can totally see Chiyotaikai being the only one to accompany Baruto.

    On another note (and Bealzbob will hopefully excuse the hijack of a "makuuchi"-titled thread), but has anyone looked at juryo? What a complete nightmare. The bottom 12 guys all either KK or on the way to makushita, and what's worse, the makuuchi demotees (not to mention two high-ranking juryo) ought to fall to exactly the same level that all those KK should be promoted to.

    My goodnessgracious... I don't keep notes so I can't remember exactly how I worked it out.

    Let's see... mostly by overdemotion of Kyokunankai and Sakaizawa to J12 (definitely done before under similar circumstances)

    Also I gave the Makuuchi dropouts a little bit of a break to make room for all the 9-6ers to fit all into one block. I know it doesn't always work that way but it seems fair and they definitely have been known to throw a bone to the dropouts falling so far, especially if they do it en masse.

    Oh yeah, also making it impossible are the strong performances of the juryo promotees! Jumonji I could drop to the bottom even if he didn't quite deserve it, but the guys from Ms had to stay down at J14E and J13W. I don't think there is any kind of precedent for such weak promotions. I wonder if one of my cushioned falls from Makuuchi might not instead turn into a plummet... maybe YMY all the way to J14E?