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    favorite annoucers?

    Mr. Pancakes has taken a creative phrase of his own invention (presumably) and run it into the ground until it's meaningless. When I first heard it I was tickled myself, but it only took three or four times in one basho before I started__to__hate__him (Yucky...). I can't remember which day this tourney, but he used it on the first or second bout, for a not so impressive squash by Jumonji, and then he said it two or three more times after, completely incredulous that in sumo, more than one guy would land on top of another in the same day . . . what a waste of breath he is. He should reserve that phrase for only a crush-out or slam that seems impossible for anyone to top for the rest of the basho. But to be honest, none of the English comentator's are very good - only the Australian (?) guy passes in my book, with a C-. On another thread someone mentioned how short the Japanese commentators keep their play-by-play, and it really makes sense considering how fast-paced a bout can be, and how quickly it can become so from a stand-still. The English commentators are bottom of the barrel for the entire world of sports - they act like this is full-contact golf or something ". . . It's silent on the green, Jumonji's lining up his putt, he's using a 3-iron, WAIT HERE COMES KITAZAKURA!!! HE'S THRUSTING BUT JUMONJI IS HOLDING ON!!! JUMON I MEAN KITAZURURA TRIES A THROW BUT JUMONJI TAKES IT OH WAIT NO!!! HE'S OUT AND IN THE SANDTRAP!!! GET OUT THE MAPLE SYRUP GRANDMA IT'S PANCAKE TIME!!! etc etc etc. Wow, I didn't see that one coming. Okay, next up is Yoshikaze at Hole 7 . . ."
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    Okay then Mr. Mind, let's start a little informal poll, shall we? Any chance that Big Sea can actually carry numbers like this into a yusho race? How long can he stay zensho? What kind of record will he finish with? I say he goes 8-0 and is out of the yusho race by day 11, finishing up with a 'Barely There Ozeki' 9-6 or 10-5 (since Asa is gone). And the 8-0 is only if he doesn't get smeared by Kissy tomorrow. Of course, he will probably take a sly slap-down instead. He certainly won't win by oshidashi. But that's just a prediction . . .
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    What a rawkus little man he is! (I was stupid...) -Kaiguma (Don't forget to vote on the Amazeki? Poll in the Polls section.)
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    Can Miyabiyama make it back to Ozeki?

    I think I've come around to possibly disagreeing with this generally accepted viewpoint. What's missing is the idea that our 'future retirees' are not fighting as strong as they were when last promoted, so at a certain point (maybe right before demotion or maybe years before demotion in a continual state of kadoban) you can almost count Kaio and Chiyo as jo'i who managed to get a foothold on the top rungs. Of course I make this comparison only to challenge the math, not to suggest that Kaio or Chiyotaikai don't deserve the respect of the rank. Miyabiyama trounced Kaio the other day, a fair reflection of this concept. So in a way it's more like trying to make Ozeki with only 3 strong Ozeki and 1 Yokozuna already on the banzuke. 3O + 1Y is just begging for another Ozeki to take the place of an imminent yokozuna promotion.
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    Sekitori Quadrumvirate - Technical problem ?

    (Oops! ) I may have spoken too soon - I was placed on kosho on the banzuke though I'm not sure if before or after my post. Thanks for keeping it real guys :-D I totally understand that you did not have time to send an email reply - I'm sure this unfortunate error kept you way busier than you wanted to be the first few days. I'll be back in Nagoya, and I am confident that with hard keiko I will be in top form! (Nodding yes...) (Nodding yes...)
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    Next Japanese and gaijin Ozeki?

    To anyone who wants to weigh in: new poll for Ama's hopes at making Ozeki (in the polls section). I hope many people will respond so that we get a relatively accurate sense of his hopes as perceived by all of us Sumo Saejin (sp?) , even if it is a negative one . . .
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    Sekitori Quadrumvirate - Technical problem ?

    For what it's worth . . . I encountered the same technical problem as the others, emailed as I was instructed (day 1 and 2), and my picks were not entered. I received no email from anyone at S4. I have email verification of this and I am quite upset that no one has responded. What's worse is I had picked 4 backups for day 1 just in case I couldn't make my picks once torikumi was released (I can't use internet easily on the weekends), so those picks are now unavailable for me to complete the basho. I sent a second email requesting that because of this error, anyone with a gripe might be granted kosho w/ no penalty on the banzuke. Still no reply from the guys at hakkeyoi.net (Nodding yes...) so I decided to 'pull myself out' in the hopes that my request will eventually be satisfied. I simply had no desire to continue under such unfair circumstances. Will someone please respond on this thread at the very least? I figure if there was serious talk of cancelling the basho, you should consider granting a leave to those who were stranded on day one. Is anyone out there? -kaiguma (Nodding yes...) EDIT: Terarno, yours was a good strategy when picking early: next time if I pick way before torikumi, I'll also use random rikishi I don't think much of, in case of errors like this in the future. ps: zenjimoto and kashunowaka, I know I sound angry, nothing personal, just disappointed . . .
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    banzuke dot com

    Yeeees, thank you verrrry much!!!! (I am not worthy...) very nice montage (I am not worthy...) I couldn't be more grateful . . .
  9. kaiguma

    banzuke dot com

    I am severely distressed (Blushing...) it seems no one is uploading daily movies to banzuke.com YIKES!!! What shall I ever do this natsu? I am simply unable to stay up late and watch the crappy feed ( job and family prevent this) and it usually takes several weeks for the Sumo Digest tapes to arrive from my Japanese mother-in law (Bless her). Does anyone have alternatives to the wonderful bazuke.com ??? -kaiguma
  10. kaiguma

    Rikishi Talk Day 2 Natsu Basho 2006

    I wasn't into this at the time of the Kaio injury you mentioned, but knowing his kyujo history, it seems obvious that "no specialist" is the same as "no comment" . . . no? It's called stonewalling and I'm sure Sho's shisho just wants to temporarily stave off a media barage. -kaiguma (just saw the kyujo notice roll in before I added the post, but I'll post anyway - sorry Sho (I am not worthy...) )
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    8-7 1. Oshidashi 2. Yes 3. 10 4. Kyokutenho 5. Ama 6. No 7. M11w not so interested in the prize, but the game seems fun. "Hit or Mitsuki" is a nice choice for this one . . . hehe
  12. kaiguma

    Next Japanese and gaijin Ozeki?

    Ama Rocks!!! ;-) and I think he can make it to Ozeki in the next 6 tourneys if he really busts his tail . . . and he has been. He's made amazing headway in only a few basho. My question: where have all the 'Soup' Rikishi gone? As for Japanese Ozeki, Wakanosato (Help me...) could be there on the Hatsu Banzuke, no prob. Don't believe me, let's see how he does in the next couple of weeks. I predict another double-digit performance.