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    Chiyotaikai intai?

    My personal oracle [2010-01 B.xls] has him recording the 7th loss as day 13 fusensho. So I have voted for day 12. I expect him to defeat Hokutoriki, Miyabiyama, Goeido, Toyonoshima, Kakuryu, and Kaio in the first 12 days, but not in that order. That's assuming a perfect desperation performance where he defeats just about anyone he is capable of beating at this point, and a very normal schedule. So if they throw an extra yokozuna or ozeki at him in the first 10 days, we could see it happen a lot earlier. Of course a kyujo or two in sanyaku or meatgrinder positions could prolong his struggle up to the very last days, or shady bouts could result in him netting 10... a win vs. Baruto, Kisenosato, Tochinoshin, Kotoshogiku, any ozeki save Kaio, etc. etc. But really I cannot imagine they would put down the cash to orchestrate something so bold and ultimately transparent in the current yaocho-crazy media climate. We could only expect him to follow up such an act with another kyujo in March and so another kadoban basho in May. Unless he really wants to cement the kadoban record for all of time to come? I imagine Kokone is seeing things a bit more clearly and most likely just wants the embarrassment to be over and done. He's probably been planning a new heya budget and necessary pay cuts for some time now. EDIT: CUJO? Ha! I wonder if the Rabies Virus or other neurotrophics are listed as banned substances for Sumo? Probably not, so at this point it may be his only hope. Look for the telltale foaming after he receives a fifth loss.
  2. kaiguma

    New Bulgarian rikishi in Tagonoura beya

    Lets just hope he doesn't go the way of the last rikishi that you got real friendly with. If he does, I will start wondring about "connections"... (Holiday feeling...) I know he is called "the wise" in his Heya! Is it right? I swear, I got it form a foreigner in Roppongi!!! Strange, he looked just like Kaiho . . .
  3. kaiguma

    Another Mongolian gets Japanese citizenship

    That makes a lot of sense. I'll trust the wiki on this one.
  4. kaiguma

    Yokozunae preparations- Hatsu 2010

    Do I need to reemphasize?
  5. Well we say leg hair with no hyphen and it means exactly what you say. But with a hyphen you can make up just about any "word"* you want to... *it's actually still two words For example, did you know I wear an ass-hat? And I don't care if you think I'm crazy.
  6. kaiguma

    Sumogames.com AWOL?

    Same here; I mentioned it in the Banzuke thread as well but so far no response. Don't worry, probably routine maintenance or a server error no one has yet noticed. It will probably be back up within the next 24. EDIT: elsewhere Asasho calls it an extended Holiday Vacation (par.) so maybe we are waiting until the New Year? Have a great vacation Bob!!!
  7. kaiguma

    Yokozunae preparations- Hatsu 2010

    Well perhaps it is a Freudian slip :-) A pound being roughly 2.2 kilos, we can expect Asa to win slightly less than 2 yusho ;-) That sounds about right...
  8. kaiguma

    Another Mongolian gets Japanese citizenship

    For my son, it is only his "secondary" name. Surname is Japanese family name in kanji, first name is kanji, "3rd" name Katakana from Gaeilge. I know we have been around and around this one before without a definitive answer. I only know the rules for children born outside of Japan seeking citizenship. In that case the surname must come from the mother's name and be registered at the same seat where hers was registered in order to validate the claim of Japanese citizenship. It may be possible for a child born in Japan to "create a new surname" in Kana and then I suppose from then on their offspring would carry the same name. Somehow I had never thought of it that way, but still have a gut feeling that the government would resist allowing surnames that are not accepted kanji. Just to clarify with Moti, is it just Bayaru that is written in Kana? or the surname as well? Oh Otokonoyama, were you asking the question I answered? or the one I am asking? ;-)
  9. kaiguma

    Hatsu 2010 Banzuke

    Low center of gravity is essential. ;-) In other words, he's got junk in the trunk. In other words, a big ass.
  10. I wonder what made all three of us think it a Whitey bum? And the same one at that??? I guess Okinoumi and Cage have similarly constructed (massive) posteriors.
  11. kaiguma

    Apres Banzuke pictures

    Shin-Juryo Willow Ufgood Cha-Ka Feral Child (from The Road Warrior)
  12. kaiguma

    Some more pictures

    That is really cool. How did you get it to do that?! Since it is titled stereoview, I have to assume it is a Stereogram, which is made of two pictures taken simultaneously or nearly so in order to mimic the angle of the perception of your two eyes individually so that a 3D composite can be seen by unfocusing your eyes to view each side independently. This was often done with a blinder dividing the two images in an apparatus called a stereoscope. We used to have an ancient one from my Greatgrandfather and I played with stereograms when I was little. And then of course I got a Disney Viewfinder for Christmas! I believe it operates on very much the same principle, but maybe is a bit more like 3D glasses? But I digress. Since you may have known all of that already, we are looking at a .gif image, which we normally think of as static but it is pretty easy to create an animated gif using simple photoshopping or I assume a wide range of other graphics applications. This animation has only 2 frames...
  13. kaiguma

    Another Mongolian gets Japanese citizenship

    I guess I could have stated it a bit more firmly. I was absolutely certain that kana are allowed for name registrations (hira- and kata-) since my son has katakana in his "middle" name and we seriously considered hiragana for my daughter's secondary name as well, but went with kanji. It would just be beyond jingoistic for the official rule to exclude foreigners the same rights as infants which may or may not be born to foreign parents. I am, however, extremely surprised that the shisho would allow Kana in his naturalized name, assuming the kyokai must have given some sort of informal approval as well... interesting.
  14. kaiguma

    Hatsu 2010 Banzuke

    That's equivalent to asking if he wants to be a sekitori. If he doesn't, one wonders why he's even bothering. I mean, I'd have to admire him for his persistence, over eight years living like a slave while deliberately handicapping himself so as to delay the arrival of privileges he'd be well-qualified to earn if only he were heavier. I'd admire him for his persistence, but not his smarts. IIIRRRCC, he is still trying to down 8 bowls of rice with every meal or whatever. wonder if he has taken Osh's advice with milk by the gallon and grilled cheese sandwiches? And thank you Fay and Doits! especially useful today since the db is momentarily down.
  15. kaiguma

    Kesho Mawashi

    They can borrow from shisho or one of the heya oyakata. Takanohana has plenty of old kesho mawashi as do Otowayama Oyakata (former ozeki Takanonami) and Tokiwayama Oyakata (former komusubi Takamisugi). I was hoping someone would say they use a fundoshi and an old dishtowel... I am SO making a kesho-taoru!!!! Of course first I have to pick a design and figure out how to execute it....
  16. kaiguma

    Asahouryuu cries

    I have a queasy premonition (these usually come true) that it is of Yoshida-san that Asa longs for in the Yok-prep thread... (surrounded by 100 women but only ONE with the strength of a hundred men)
  17. kaiguma

    How is everyone this holiday?

    We had a great winter vacation and our usual family gatherings from all over the US . . . starting with the Solstice celebration and through Christmas. But this year was really special! Snow storm took out power and phone lines Dec 18 (even cells) so the Solstice was celebrated by candle light - perfect! And without running water... not so perfect... (farmhouse gets water via electric pump from the well) I plowed headlong into the beginnings of the blizzard and made it in to town only an hour before log-jams turned the highway into an endless stretch of desolation prompting Governors to declare a state of emergency so the Natl Guard could be called in with humvees to try and rescue hundreds of miles of stranded motorists. My sister was actually stuck in that mess only 3 hours away in normal conditions. She instead slogged along for at least 36 hours to cover roughly 200 miles. So as the roads were cleared we headed to destination #2 even higher into real mountains for Christmas. Also farmland with electric pump and then an ice swarm swept in through Christmas Eve into Christmas morning. We lost power/water while prepping a Christmas dinner, but thankfully not as long as the first blast. I guess Mountain Folk (and utility co.s) are just more prepared for these things! The upside of all of the crazy weather was the simplicity of it all and amazing sledding at my mother's mountainside land. We had the real wooden sleds with metal runners so by the time it all iced over we had cut treacherous paths alongside the barns and horse-pens leading down to the driveway which was strewn with broken pines! We had a grand adventure, and I hope you may be able to make the same of it Fujisan (I am not worthy...) Of course I know it is hard to make an adventure out of window-cleaning but maybe you could get some ideas from Wallace and Gromit? As for [the undeniable fact of]Warming [which is actually a misnomer and more properly referred to as Climate Instability (I am not worthy...)], it was 60 F in NYC today only a week after seeing one of the largest snowdumps to ever hit the lower Northeast during the month of December...
  18. kaiguma

    Ozeki preparations Hatsu 2010

    No, I was joking. (I bet it was worse...) Is it a reflection on Taikai's reputation or on mine that nobody responded with "24-18? Get outta here!"? (I am not worthy...) I think the only thing surprising about this hypothetical result is the whopping total of 42 bouts! as Orion pointed out. But given unique circumstances there could be a number of reasons for a 57/43 result: * starts with energetic emerging makushita who has a good chance of making juryo by March or May, commits each and every bout to yori sumo, or even only to wins by yorikiri * loses steam by 12th bout but keeps taking on fresh opponents in cycle * has really serious injuries so he is only going at 43% to avoid aggrevating the elbows * etc. etc. Of course a quick look shows only one in Makushita so never mind (Hugging...) good thing that's not a real result...
  19. kaiguma

    Yokozunae preparations- Hatsu 2010

    Very good intention... BUT Curious starting point... 1 pound KILO for each yusho edit: please forgive our deep American ignorance!!! (Hugging...) When will we ever learn?! (I am not worthy...)
  20. kaiguma

    Double Digits

    If Sumo had a season structure with some serious downtime, the answer would be obvious: Towards the end of a the season differences increase due to injuries or fitness, leading to less balanced scores. I don't see how this applies to sumo, though. With such low numbers in the sample, I'd say pure coincidence. Don't they say Osaka has slippery clay? And in general a lot more humidity due to climate and the time of year?
  21. kaiguma

    Yokozuna and Ozeki

    To add to what Asasho said, you must be looking at those who actually give a written response to clarify the numbers. Not everyone is motivated to do so, maybe only half or less. As for visibility, I have a feeling at least 50% of forum regulars are using the "view new posts" feature sothat the subforum designations are irrelevant (to them).
  22. kaiguma

    Article on Argentinian ama-sumo

    This is curious: You will have people to serve you and your knowledge is so respected that you don
  23. kaiguma

    KaioU promises to stay on

    You never know: light 3-day fasting might be exactly what Kaio needs to hang on for three more years
  24. kaiguma

    Happy Hanukkah

    What about those of us who aren't Jewish?! (Sign of approval...) But then I do live in NYC, so according to Woody Allen, that makes me a Jew. Happy Chanukah Woody!
  25. kaiguma

    Hakuho in 2010....

    Thank you to whoever allowed me to revote. (Sign of approval...)