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  1. kaiguma

    New recruits for Haru 2012

    All of Kintamayama's inages show up for me as "posted image." It doesn't seem like they are old enough to have expired . . . I really would like to see more images of these recruits! EDIT: Ok, not at all, but quite a few on page 1 of the thread.
  2. Hey it's Kaiguma here after a long hiatus - lurking that is. Having moved to Asheville North Carolina, I am on the lookout for a sumo club here or in Charlotte. Does anyone have connections here? Thanks! ___ ] j [
  3. kaiguma

    Longest ongoing kachikoshi streaks: Lost In New York

    I don't play this game but . . . go go Takarafuji go!!! 4 Isegahama sekitori for July!!!
  4. kaiguma

    Sumo wrestler steals cash mashine in Moscow

    And now we have real journalism. In this case it is the unknowns that give us the real meat of the story... until they become known...
  5. kaiguma

    sumo stamp - who is the rikishi?

    I would have guessed Takamiyama over Toki, but then I don't even know Arase and I didn't even get the nationality correct (Holiday feeling...)
  6. Are you familiar with the term, "Yokozuna-zumo"? Very well, my good sir! My position is that with a 15-0 zenyusho and a 14-1 junyusho, Kotooshu will get promoted to Yokozuna. You believe he will not get promoted with such a record. If he fails to reach 15-0 and 14-1, the bet is off. If he wins two yusho the bet is off. What shall our stakes be? The chances of our bet becoming valid seems quite small, so we might as well make them high! (Holiday feeling...) Since your bet is sealed I believe I can safely add my two cents. Hana, you have cut your chances potentially in half! You were at liberty to set up the scenario, but allowed any combination of the two scores to initiate the bet. The only way you can lose is to begin with the zensho and follow up with the 14-1 yusho playoff loss. And I suppose it is implied but not stated explicitly that we are beginning only from Ozeki: Osh can be demoted to sekiwake and earn his zensho from there, and then following up with a 14-1 playoff loss he could not even be considered for promotion. In fact, not even with back to back zensho.
  7. kaiguma

    Haru, how are you? 2010 GTB

    I can't now remember what I was distracted by, but I tried to submit a day too late!!! Actually I didn't even know February was coming to an end and missed my own mother's birthday:-( Sorry MoM... And of course, I would have landed a respectable 12-3 had I known what day I was living and breathing. And so it goes.
  8. kaiguma

    Sumo wrestler steals cash mashine in Moscow

    Fox in particular being the most "entertainment-based" of the media giants, let's not forget how blurry the media plays the line of "professional" in sumo. [i.e. no line at all...] This could be Alan Karaev for all we know, or worse yet some self-styled sumo star like the one that was posted from an American late night talk show.
  9. kaiguma

    Suppose Baruto....

    I didn't suggest that he is already more advanced than Osh, but only that he has potential. Doesn't mean it will ever pan out. Sheesh. :-P
  10. kaiguma

    Retirements-Hatsu 2010

    Kitazakura may be pulling a who was it can't remember right now -Wakanojoe? and waiting for the kabu to babu. Wakatoba
  11. kaiguma

    Day 15 Observations

    If you mean the official list of promotions, it's one thread up in the "Juryo promotions" thread. thanks!
  12. kaiguma

    Headbutts at tachiai

    Seems to me (=utter layman) that at the speed at which the rikishi come out of tachiai, one can avoid a butt only when one has some prior idea where the opponent's head is moving I think the heads are colliding far more often than we are aware of it. It all happens so fast an d unless the replay is focused in the upper body at just the right angle we might miss it.
  13. kaiguma

    A History of Tegata

    Mainly just bumping, but I can tell you the only rule I (think I) know: only Sekitori can make them. Not sure how longstanding a rule it is, so hopefully this bait will bring out the experts.
  14. kaiguma

    Makunouchi surprises....

    No one is really saying they don't like Bushuyama, we just didn't think he had what it takes, and yet he obviously does . . . have something . . . that still strangely doesn't look how we thought it should o_O Anyhow, much respect to the big saggy man on Pinocchio legs. And may I add a fresh one? Sagatsukasa! Really?? I wish him all the best, though I cannot imagine him sticking around another basho. And of course he has a ton of heart so he will probably surprise me. :-P
  15. kaiguma

    Day 15 Observations

    Should have secured his juryo debut with that, too, to go alongside stablemate Kurosawa. (Double shikona change coming up?) Good basho for Onomatsu-beya, even in case this Takanohana thing isn't working out... I've seen this a few places, but I wonder why not go with Matsutani as the 4th promotee? I know in the Makushita joi there us a bit of deference for higher rank, but 4-3 from Ms3 vs 6-1 from Ms7, really? The former has a better track record but I contend that it is also a lot more common and therefore more chances of occurring in a dry basho. OTO, the latter has a higher "lowest" promotion value, which kind of indicates it is regarded with a higher value. Also, when is the official list released? EDIT: I dug a little deeper and examined every case of 6-1 from Ms7. There are only a handful of examples that pit the result in direct contest with a 4-3 from Ms3 and most of those are old, 2005 being most recent. Still, prior to 2005 we see every instance in the 21st century favoring Ms3 and even once 4-3 from Ms4. We have to go back to Hatsu 1979 for an example of the Ms7 being treated as the better result, and that with both candidates promoted to juryo. While Makushita banzuke-making has been less than usual the past few basho, I can see why everyone feels this is a safe bet.