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  1. Onnagumo

    Kaio retires

    Goodbye, Kaio-zeki, and thank you (Sign of approval...)
  2. Aaaargh, I know I can't see THE smile when they wear those stupid masks. You didn't have to rub it in (Sign of approval...) (just joking (Clapping wildly...) )
  3. Yeah, good idea. Looking at the picture, I think I'll find one in my size (Sign of approval...)
  4. sumo fever seems to be much more contagious than this Mexican flu (Applauding...) I can't deny it, I'm affected too, and you know what... I'm enjoying it! :-) See you on Saturday, maybe!
  5. (Clapping wildly...) Phew..... (Clapping wildly...) indeed yes. Only, in Dutch that word is pronounced not like "cohen" but more like "coon". It's an old word, but it's still often used in novels about knights. It's also a common boy name.
  6. Onnagumo

    Hatsu 2008 Adoptee Reports

    My adoptee, 16 year old Kotokashiwadani, had his 6th basho, and KK again. His record since his entry in maezumo: Maezumo 2 - 0, Jonokuchi 14e 3 - 4, Jonokuchi 14e 5 - 2, Jonidan 96W 5 - 2, Jonidan 53e 4 - 3 and now at Jonidan 28w 4 - 3 again. Well done Kotokashiwadani! (Bye, bye...) (Clapping wildly...)
  7. Onnagumo

    Hakuhou training Hatsu 2008

    :-D (Laughing...)
  8. Onnagumo

    Happy Birthday Onnagumo

    (Neener, neener...) Gee..... completely missed this topic.... I haven't been around here much lately, haven't I? (Oops!) Thanks, all of you! Nice to be remembered :-S And yes, I did have a great birthday!
  9. Onnagumo

    Sumo game/toy from the 1970s

    Hmmmm.... he looks like Musoyama after the "boxing match" with Chiyotaikai :-S (Laughing...) For comfort: look how proud my son was of the yokozuna you made for him (Neener, neener...)
  10. Onnagumo

    Adoptee/lower division-favourites pics

    Thanks Fay! Gee, his hair sure is growing fast!
  11. Onnagumo

    Adoptee/lower division-favourites pics

    Woww, great pics again, Fay! (I AM NOT JEALOUS I AM NOT JEALOUS I AM NOT JEALOUS.... (Jumping in ecstasy...) I have a request too.... Kotokashiwadani? Pleeeeease? (Sign of approval...)
  12. Onnagumo

    Kaio: I'm going kyujo

    Wow.... I can only admire this man's courage and sheer willpower..... (Sign of approval...) Kaio-zeki!
  13. Onnagumo

    Aki Basho 2007, Pics of Day 05

    Thanks for the pics Fay, they are fantastic, as always!!!! Especially the pics of my adoptee Kotokashiwadani (Sign of approval...) I'm keeping my thumbs up!
  14. Onnagumo

    Aki Basho 2007, Pics of Day 04

    That's nothing. Imagine having a father-in-law looking like Tokitenku when you bring his daughter home very late (Applauding...)