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  1. Johnofuji

    Hakuho retires

    If it helps to take away some of the wank factor, I checked with one of his mates and apparently the watch was a gift from a rich sponsor. Sekitori don't need cash or pockets when their sponsors take them out. Hoshihikari said "That's a good thing .The worst thing is when sponsors give us the leftover food that we never left"
  2. This guy Alexander " King Kong" Romanov, claims to have experience in sumo and commentators say that it helps him in MMA (which it might) However , judging by the lack of evidence I would say that it is a load of the cow's husband's excrement. I've never heard of him competing in amasumo and an interview of him in Russian says he doesn't mention sumo . It's a good selling point but he doesn't need one so why tell porkies?
  3. Johnofuji

    MMA's Alexander " King Kong" Romanov Sumo background?

    Thanks Shinobi san. I got a reply form the Russian Sumo Federation and they have never heard of him. He may have done it with Moldova or even the Ukrainians but I've never seen the Moldovans compete as a separate team.
  4. Johnofuji

    MMA's Alexander " King Kong" Romanov Sumo background?

    Thanks. I thought so. I'm just curious as I don't think I've seen him at any world championships .His name normally would show up in an email search if he was listed in any of the draws that the International Sumo Federation send me. He is closer to a middleweight anyway so he wouldn't stand out as a King Kong . I'll ask me friend who works for the Russian Sumo Federation. Whether it's true or not I suppose if he keeps winning it's a good plug for sumo.
  5. Johnofuji

    Rikishi of the past

    Thanks for that interesting tidbit Akinomaki san. We can always rely on you to give us the most interesting pearls of information that can't be found anywhere else. It's sad when you think about how much Japanese history has been lost from wars, earthquakes , fires or simply from spring cleaning which as to be done because the houses are too small . More sumo statues.
  6. Johnofuji

    Keiko mawashi stolen!!

    As uncomfortable as I was about doing it , I sold one to an American for $100 and I don't think they did sumo. It was all done impersonally via our Sumo Federation email so I'm not sure if they would get excited or not to know that it had been worn by a large sweaty Samoan , Tongan or Maori for a TV commercial. I have heard of some prolific undie thieves in Japan but I thought they were just isolated incidents. I made the mistake of looking it up and it's way too common. Just recently an upskirt photographer got arrested with 2700 pairs. Ewww. Do you think we could cheer up Terasawa by getting him a new rabbit? A mawashi is a very personal item for a rikishi. New ones are very uncomfortable and take a very long time to soften up . The first few times really take the skin off but at least the black ones are a little softer due to the dyeing process.
  7. Johnofuji

    Other Runaway rikishi

    Ossu, I'm curious as to how often rikishi have run away from their stables. I recall that 6 Tongans ran away from their Heya in 1976 after a dispute with the stablemaster who took over after the death of the oyakata that recruited them. I'll have to ask our resident ex-rikishi Minaminoshima for details as I think his dad was involved too. In about 1991 Kyokutenhō, Kyokushuzan and three others ran away and sought refuge in the Mongolian embassy however Kyokutenzan persuaded them to return. In January 1932 there was the Shunjuen Incident where dozens of rikishi walked out and only 11 remained in the top division. I know a lot of individuals have run away so it's not a rare occurrence. Saito from Tokitsukaze eventually ended up having his life brutally taken away from him after he was persuaded to come back several times. One of the kids in a documentary about a decade ago did a runner and there are countless tales of rikishi wanting to chuck in the towel. A rikishi once told me that a former university sekitori was forced to quietly resign for getting frisky with his tsukibito in the hot tub. It was alleged that the victims ran away after they were made to bob for plums (if you catch my drift) I know that it used to be very common for rikishi to sneak out for some fun at night until the stablemasters got better CCTV. The Musashigawa beya boys found a blind spot next to the dohyo so they would dive out of the window. Are there any other notable incidents that our sumo history buffs recall?
  8. Johnofuji

    Other Runaway rikishi

    Yes I remember now. He was a bit of a pisshead so he got told to choose the booze or sumo. He got up fairly high in makuuchi and was on the verge of greatness before he had to go troppo. He was a big solid unit. I had to help one of my Samoan deshi on the set of a new Marvel movie last week and he was almost twice the size of Nankairyu .
  9. Johnofuji

    Other Runaway rikishi

    Yes I was wondering that too when I saw that Raishu's post about the Phantom Rikishi. Maybe he is right and the oyakata have zombie rikishi on the books to collect their slavery fees.
  10. Johnofuji

    Other Runaway rikishi

    He ran away 7 times but all I know is that his father persuaded him to go back each time. He was probably after some of his mum's Filipino cooking .
  11. Johnofuji

    Ishiura keiko violence - the next scandal

    Get ready for the next scandal about Hakuho taking a sneaky trip to Sydney for New Years Eve. At least he gave me a calendar and a tegata date 2nd January 2020
  12. Johnofuji

    Kindai sumo club coach Ito in memoriam

    Very sad news. He as a really nice guy. I think I saw a bout yesterday of him doing a beautiful izori on Dr Saito who was the first World Openweight Champion and the first to have the displeasure of tying my first proper mawashi.
  13. Johnofuji

    Sumo World Championships 2018

    Thanks Akinomaki. If there is wifi at the stadium I will try to post videos as they happen to Facebook. I'll either make a page or put it in my Kimarite Central Sumo techniques page.
  14. Johnofuji

    Preparations of the masses- May 2018

    It will be Sleepless in Sumida for Ishiura. He sent me a message at 3.30am Japan time to tell me that his wife gave birth. He didn't say if the baby is the gender that is allowed on the dohyo or the gender that has to stay out. (or according to Tumblr it could be one of 112 genders) Congratulations to him and his lovely wife. They are both brilliant with kids. He read bedtime stories to my kids who just adore their Uncle Masa. IT'S A BOY.
  15. Johnofuji

    Towels-Who likes what color?

    I assume that the towels match the bathmats for all rikishi now that Baruto has retired. Do they usually stick with the same colours? I might have to try this on my Sumo for dummies torikumi if it helps identify the rikishi easily. Each basho a local Japanese restaurant feeds myself and my family. In return I get to walk around with a dai joki, give out fabulous prizes (my kids rig the lucky door tickets if they don't like the look of people) and answer questions from diners about sumo whilst they watch NHK. I make a torikumi with shikona, height weight, country of origin and head to head stats but when it comes to something simple like the colour of the shimekomi and kesho mawashi it can be hard when they change them so often (soiling perhaps?) Profile photos are too small if I want to keep the sheet at one or two pages and everyone looks so alike to the initiated.
  16. Johnofuji

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    Ishiura's wedding was awesome. His bride was very charming and stunningly beautiful. Some of the kids from her nursery came and sang to us. My seat was right next to Hakuho and his lovely wife Sayoko. On the next table there was Kyokutenho, Miyabiyama, and Kaio. There were also about 20 rikishi including Kaisei, Ichinojo, Satoyama just to name a few. Lots of Nichidai amasumo. The after party was fun and got a little rowdy with some slightly camp sumo parody entertainment. The food was delicious with many courses by one of the Iron Chefs. I ate Hakuho's dessert to see if it will give me super human strength. It seems to be working as I don't have the hangover that I deserve.
  17. Johnofuji

    Sumo in the World Games

    The security here makes as much sense as Ewoks living with Wookies. Luckily I have a 200 square metre penthouse at Sky Tower but the athletes at the Gulag University accommodation aren't allowed wifi because of "Manchester"??? At the Opening Ceremony we had to check in our bags and they had two searches but nothing for the general public. Even at the Sumo stadium they were trying to insist that all gear had to be backstage but we told them to bugger off.
  18. Johnofuji

    Sumo in the World Games

    I've given up looking for any footage online. The websites are absolutely useless and hard to navigate or simply a hoax. It's impressive how quickly they can edit the bouts to reply the highlights straight afterwards. I have a lot of footage but I probably should check for expletives before I share them because it's frustrating whenever someone gets in my way. I have access all areas as VP of the IFS so I can sit down at a table and then turn around and get the replay. The Women's Lightweight bouts were all so long and there was even a mizu iri after 3 minutes. One girl got disqualified when her mawashi fell off. Not too many serious injuries but we will see who can back it up in the Openweight today. As usual the Ukrainians, Egyptians and Polish deliberately try to disrupt the play and stuff around at the start. They get warnings but just ignore them so I am going to recommend that the make an example of the someone early to stop this bad sportsmanship. One Egyptian came right over to the other side of the dohyo when he was facing my Middleweight and picked up a handful of sand before they told him to go back and wipe it off. It was quite bizarre behaviour. I haven't seen the Ukrainians try to put sand in the eyes of their competitors like in the past. Byamba was out ignominiously after a poor performance. Trent Sabo was brilliant in making the finals but Batyr is a class above. As I expected my good friend Otgon Alphabet soup surname was undefeated in the Women's Middleweight. They trained with us in Sydney for a few months and it was like fighting against the Mongolian Yokozunae. She had a counter to everything and is so technically superior. Lots more stories but I've got to get the team ready soon and get out to the pressure cooker stadium. I posted all the finals on my Facebook but I'll try to share them in another way so more people can enjoy them. Kanpai
  19. Johnofuji

    Sumo in the World Games

    Yes. It's messier than the platform pizzas left behind by drunken salarymen at Shinjuku station. All athletes had to qualify for their divisions at national and "continental" level so they had to work within the quotas given but replacements were allowed. The extra spots for some countries came about when the quotas couldn't be filled or if someone had to pull out or declined. For example one of the kiwi girls buggered her knee in training and had to pull out so the IFS offered her spot to another country to get a better representation. Considering its meant to be the World Games it wouldn't be as fun if the big four would have too many athletes. I had a judo champion who was also Oceania Sumo champion who would have been brilliant but she got proposed to and others got pregnant or are seeing the world. As you and Mikawa have noticed there have been quite a few marriages in the amasumo world. I thought that Asano had married a sumotori but I could be mixing her up with another in her team who did. I'm sad that Miku can't make it. She is like a female Ura . Anna Jiggleallover is a tough emotionless competitor with a lot of experience. It's 4 years old but here are the stats I did on her for the IFS Ganzohnesushi - I agree. Julia is a legend and lots of fun to party with. You wouldn't know it to look at her but she is also kicking oshiri in MMA at world level - Julia MMA
  20. Johnofuji

    Sumo in the World Games

    I suppose you could put it that way . As someone said "it's the Olympics for the dud sports" .. with the exception of sumo of course. Everyone tries to get in to watch the sumo. In Taiwan , security was so bad .They let so many athletes in from other sports that they were even taking seats in the marshalling area from those about to compete. This year accreditation is as hard to get as a masu zeki on senshuraku. I am Vice President of the IFS and even I had to pay 60 Euros a day just to get a card to be able to get my team ready. I'll help you out as much as I can Kintamayama as I will be taking a team from Oz. It was meant to be a combined Oceania team but all the kiwis pulled out for various reasons. ISL (International Sumo League ) put spanner in the works .They have been sleazing around behind the backs of each Federation trying to poach individual athletes with contracts for their re-incarnation of the failed World Sumo League. Some took the bait but it looks like it probably won't get off the ground as proposed in August. I don't have a problem with Athletes taking the rare opportunities to earn money (although it changes their amateur status) but ISL could at least have the common courtesy to go through the proper channels when they deliberately plan to clash with other events. Here is what we were sent in January .It explains how the quotas were decided and who gained IFS pre-selection. Any additional spots that weren't filled were re-allocated to other countries. "Based on IFS board of director meeting in year 2016, IFS will select top 3 athletes per each weight category. 2 Tops athletes per category from each continent and 1 athlete per category from hosting country (Poland). Open weight will be included in Heavyweight. All 96 athletes will compete as oneself weight class (Light/Middle/Heavy) and compete as Openweight on 2nd day of competition Quota breakdown as below; IFS Qualiification procedure World Games; Each continental select 2 athletes for each category Lightweight(軽) 2 Athlete Middleweight(中) 2 Athlete Heavyweight(重) 2 Athlete 2 Athlete x 6 Continentals x 3 Catagories = 36 Athlete (2選手×6大陸×3階級=36選手) Hosting country has right to despatch 1 athletes each category = 3 athletes (国から各階級1名づつ=3選手) IFS will recommend 3 athletes per category = 9 athletes So pleased to make official announcement of top athletes that IFS sport director has selected from past year championships results; Lightweight Men – Mr. ALTYEV, Batyr (RUS Mr. MAIL ABOU EL ROKB, Fathy Mohamed (EGY) Mr. BAASANDORJ, Badral (MGL) Middleweight Men – Mr. MIWA, Hayato (JPN) Mr. LUTO, Michal (POL) Mr. KAZIEV, Atsamaz (RUS) Heavyweight (Open) - Mr. BAASANSUREN, Turbold (MGL) * withdraw - Mr. MARGIEV, Vasilii (RUS) - Mr. KUROKAWA, Kojiro (JPN) - Mr. KUDZOEV, Eduard (RUS) * replace the vacancy from Mr. Baasansuren (MGL) Lightweight (Women) – Ms. BOYKOVA, Alina (UKR) - Ms. YAMANAKA, Miku (JPN) - Ms. KOVAL, Vera (RUS) Middleweight (Women) – Ms. MAKSYMENKO, Maryna (UKR) - OTGON, Munkhtsetseg (MGL) - ALEXANDROVA, Anna (RUS) Heavyweight (Open) – Ms. POLIAKOVA, Anna (RUS) - Ms. KHISHIGDORJ, Sunjidmaa (MGL) - Ms. DRBOIAN, Mariia (UKR)
  21. Johnofuji

    BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    It's the tofu,quinoa,lentil and kale chanko without enough protein that puts his deshi in a bad mood.
  22. Johnofuji

    Basho Talk - Kyushu Basho 2016 ** (SPOILERS)

    Speaking of Bushido- I'm not sure if this bout on day 14 has already been mentioned but this is pure bastardry from Sato with this nasty dame oshi on our little mate Ura. Shockingly bad sportsmanship and arrogance from someone so young. I hope Takanohana gives him more than a talking to for this. Ura Vs Sato Day 14 Kyushu basho
  23. Johnofuji

    Sumo World Championships 2016

    I've got the results as a jpeg but I'm buggered if I can work out how to post it.Unless I'm doing something wrong, all I seem to be able to do is post old photos that I posted years ago otherwise they have to come from somewhere with a url. I took a lot of video but some of it was shaky. The stadium was so packed it was hard to get somewhere stable to rest on. Normally I would sit in the VIP area as it's usually not busy but there were many guests. It was too hot to wear my suit in the stadium so I didn't like sitting next to the dignitaries whilst looking scruffy. I sat with Katrina's sister next to the camera for the good bouts. I believe that someone must have damaged the upstream usb link as I was told that they were frantically trying to repair it. This tournament probably had the best coverage in recent times so it will be disappointing if another year goes by without sharing any official footage simply because the IFS never get around to doing it. I'll let you know when I put some videos on YouTube or my Facebook page - Kimarite Central Sumo Techniques.
  24. Johnofuji

    Featured Club / Dojo - Komatsuryu Dojo

    Yes it's him. As much as I envy his mateship with all the colourful sumo identities and his sumo experiences - I am not John Gunning. We have done tachi-ai on palm trees in Thailand, tsuppari on the Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong and been nipple crippled by Baruto in Osaka but I have never been to the Komatsuryu dojo. I hear the kids are too ferocious and like crushing bones.