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  1. Johnofuji

    37th Wanpaku Tournament (2022-10-30)

    Thanks for that Information. Do you happen to know anything about their kesho mawashi and the Wanpaku tsuna that the Wankpaku Yokozuna wears? I've always wondered if it's just a gimmick by the sponsors or is there an official ranking system? I have seen photos of kids posing in kesho mawashi at least 100 years ago (the photos not when I saw them). Are there a series of tournaments and a banzuke perhaps or is it all based on the annual event. The kesho mawashi seem generic so maybe they are just for show to imitate a the Ozumo rituals.
  2. Johnofuji

    Nagoya 2022

    I rang Hoshihikari and he agreed that the gyoji buggered it up. In amasumo the rules are very clear. "The gyoji shall not order the temporary halt of a bout during offensive moves of competitors." I'm pretty sure that they are the same in Ozumo as they are based on the Japanese rules and the main differences I've found are based on slapping to avoid ruptured ear drums and a few other safety precautions. Article 27 : When a mawashi becomes loose during a bout, the gyoji shall call out "Matta!" (Wait!) to halt the bout temporarily. Both competitors must freeze in their positions (kumite) until the bout is restarted. The gyoji shall not order the temporary halt of a bout during offensive moves of competitors. After tightening the mawashi and confirming with the judges that neither competitor has shifted from his/her kumite, the gyoji shall place his hands on the backs of both competitors, call out "Hikimasuyo! Hikimasuyo!" (Get ready. Get ready) and restart the bout by lightly tapping their backs and calling "Hakkeyoi!"
  3. Johnofuji

    Hakuho retires

    If it helps to take away some of the wank factor, I checked with one of his mates and apparently the watch was a gift from a rich sponsor. Sekitori don't need cash or pockets when their sponsors take them out. Hoshihikari said "That's a good thing .The worst thing is when sponsors give us the leftover food that we never left"
  4. Johnofuji

    MMA's Alexander " King Kong" Romanov Sumo background?

    Thanks Shinobi san. I got a reply form the Russian Sumo Federation and they have never heard of him. He may have done it with Moldova or even the Ukrainians but I've never seen the Moldovans compete as a separate team.
  5. Johnofuji

    MMA's Alexander " King Kong" Romanov Sumo background?

    Thanks. I thought so. I'm just curious as I don't think I've seen him at any world championships .His name normally would show up in an email search if he was listed in any of the draws that the International Sumo Federation send me. He is closer to a middleweight anyway so he wouldn't stand out as a King Kong . I'll ask me friend who works for the Russian Sumo Federation. Whether it's true or not I suppose if he keeps winning it's a good plug for sumo.
  6. This guy Alexander " King Kong" Romanov, claims to have experience in sumo and commentators say that it helps him in MMA (which it might) However , judging by the lack of evidence I would say that it is a load of the cow's husband's excrement. I've never heard of him competing in amasumo and an interview of him in Russian says he doesn't mention sumo . It's a good selling point but he doesn't need one so why tell porkies?
  7. Johnofuji

    Rikishi of the past

    Thanks for that interesting tidbit Akinomaki san. We can always rely on you to give us the most interesting pearls of information that can't be found anywhere else. It's sad when you think about how much Japanese history has been lost from wars, earthquakes , fires or simply from spring cleaning which as to be done because the houses are too small . More sumo statues.
  8. Johnofuji

    Keiko mawashi stolen!!

    As uncomfortable as I was about doing it , I sold one to an American for $100 and I don't think they did sumo. It was all done impersonally via our Sumo Federation email so I'm not sure if they would get excited or not to know that it had been worn by a large sweaty Samoan , Tongan or Maori for a TV commercial. I have heard of some prolific undie thieves in Japan but I thought they were just isolated incidents. I made the mistake of looking it up and it's way too common. Just recently an upskirt photographer got arrested with 2700 pairs. Ewww. Do you think we could cheer up Terasawa by getting him a new rabbit? A mawashi is a very personal item for a rikishi. New ones are very uncomfortable and take a very long time to soften up . The first few times really take the skin off but at least the black ones are a little softer due to the dyeing process.
  9. Johnofuji

    Other Runaway rikishi

    Yes I remember now. He was a bit of a pisshead so he got told to choose the booze or sumo. He got up fairly high in makuuchi and was on the verge of greatness before he had to go troppo. He was a big solid unit. I had to help one of my Samoan deshi on the set of a new Marvel movie last week and he was almost twice the size of Nankairyu .
  10. Johnofuji

    Other Runaway rikishi

    Yes I was wondering that too when I saw that Raishu's post about the Phantom Rikishi. Maybe he is right and the oyakata have zombie rikishi on the books to collect their slavery fees.
  11. Johnofuji

    Other Runaway rikishi

    He ran away 7 times but all I know is that his father persuaded him to go back each time. He was probably after some of his mum's Filipino cooking .
  12. Johnofuji

    Other Runaway rikishi

    Ossu, I'm curious as to how often rikishi have run away from their stables. I recall that 6 Tongans ran away from their Heya in 1976 after a dispute with the stablemaster who took over after the death of the oyakata that recruited them. I'll have to ask our resident ex-rikishi Minaminoshima for details as I think his dad was involved too. In about 1991 Kyokutenhō, Kyokushuzan and three others ran away and sought refuge in the Mongolian embassy however Kyokutenzan persuaded them to return. In January 1932 there was the Shunjuen Incident where dozens of rikishi walked out and only 11 remained in the top division. I know a lot of individuals have run away so it's not a rare occurrence. Saito from Tokitsukaze eventually ended up having his life brutally taken away from him after he was persuaded to come back several times. One of the kids in a documentary about a decade ago did a runner and there are countless tales of rikishi wanting to chuck in the towel. A rikishi once told me that a former university sekitori was forced to quietly resign for getting frisky with his tsukibito in the hot tub. It was alleged that the victims ran away after they were made to bob for plums (if you catch my drift) I know that it used to be very common for rikishi to sneak out for some fun at night until the stablemasters got better CCTV. The Musashigawa beya boys found a blind spot next to the dohyo so they would dive out of the window. Are there any other notable incidents that our sumo history buffs recall?
  13. Johnofuji

    Ishiura keiko violence - the next scandal

    Get ready for the next scandal about Hakuho taking a sneaky trip to Sydney for New Years Eve. At least he gave me a calendar and a tegata date 2nd January 2020
  14. Johnofuji

    Kindai sumo club coach Ito in memoriam

    Very sad news. He as a really nice guy. I think I saw a bout yesterday of him doing a beautiful izori on Dr Saito who was the first World Openweight Champion and the first to have the displeasure of tying my first proper mawashi.
  15. Johnofuji

    Sumo World Championships 2018

    Thanks Akinomaki. If there is wifi at the stadium I will try to post videos as they happen to Facebook. I'll either make a page or put it in my Kimarite Central Sumo techniques page.