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    Kaio robbed

    Wow, I had no idea. I actually turned off the stream after the first bout, I thought for sure Kaio had won, and went in the kitchen cause I was really hungry. Had no idea there even was a mono-ii (In a state of confusion...)
  2. Naifuzan


    I've got a friend who is a huge predator fan, and draws them all the time. Check out this one that he painted! (Sign of disapproval...)
  3. Naifuzan


    I haven't had any real accidents at work yet. I currently work with meat, so there are alot of knives and stuff like that around. One of my collegues actually got her fingers stuck and almost cut off in a machine just this saturday. Luckily the cut wasnt very deep so it was no problem. Another guy at work did the very same thing a few weeks ago and that time it went about halfway through the fingers. So I'm pretty careful... Especially with my fingers since I play the guitar alot.
  4. Naifuzan

    Comic about sumo

    Heh, you're right that one wasnt that funny. Comics about sumo rarely are if you are a sumo fan, cause the comedy of it is that sumo is very foreign and strange I guess. Wich doesnt quite work if you're a sumo fan. I do like wulffmorgenthaler usually tho, I visit the page daily and there's often something funny there.
  5. Naifuzan

    Reintroducing myself

    Thank you everyone! He's been gone too? Havent heard from him. (Shaking head...)
  6. Naifuzan

    Reintroducing myself

    Hi! Remember me? (Annoyed...) I've havent watched any sumo since haru basho this year. Got a bit tired of never being able to watch the live stream since I almost always work when its on, then I sorta forgot about sumo. Lotsa stuff going on. But now I'm back, and I thought I'd try to start following it again. Looked a bit at the scores for the year, and it doesnt look like much has changed.
  7. Naifuzan

    Ruslan KARAEV vs MUSASHI. Who won?

    He did get knocked out in the 2nd round of the match following that one, against Glaube Feitosa. Probably very much due to the beating he took from Karaev. <-- good scource for k-1 info
  8. Naifuzan

    Who will stop Asa in Kyushu

    Ama was my thought as well. He's just so daaamn good! (Applauding...)
  9. Naifuzan

    Asa in Kyushu

    You are correct.
  10. Naifuzan

    N.Y. S.U.M.O. Challenge

    I saw a similar picture to that one in a swedish newspaper. A really small picture with a text explaining that it was sumo wrestlers on their way to the weigh-in, "dressed in their traditional mawashia-clothing".
  11. Naifuzan

    Blog Translations

    I actually don't read it, but it's good that it's there, cause I do think it's interesting stuff and I plan on reading it some day (Whistling...)
  12. Naifuzan

    Kotooushuu meets Bulgarian counterpart

    Looks like a pretty massive guy!
  13. Naifuzan


    Grattis!! Nice weekend to have a birthday, I must say. (Yusho winner...)
  14. Naifuzan


    Aminishiki has got some really memorable victories over yokozunas now! Takanohana, Musashimaru and now Asashoryu. I doubt asashoryu will go intai because of this tho (Whistling...)
  15. Naifuzan


    I find the scrollbar thing extremely annoying... wait wait wait... (Dohyo-iri...) Guess I'm part of today's youth with no patience :-D
  16. Naifuzan

    Cool game...

    All I did was mash on the right arrow and space bar, and won every bout all the time... Not such a hard game (Nodding yes...)
  17. Naifuzan


    The only "problem" as I see it is that not much have been heard of taikai (at least not by me), so don't know what shape he's in. Probably safe to assume he's not in such a great shape, as usual lately. So just as everyone else, I voted tochiazuma in this poll.
  18. Naifuzan

    Swedish class

  19. Naifuzan

    Swedish class

    hello - hej goodbye - hej d
  20. Naifuzan

    testing sumo emoticons

    I'd say the first one looks more like oshidashi. Can't see any hands on the belt (You are going off-topic...)
  21. Naifuzan

    Ossetian Ruslan KARAEV is the K1 winner.

    I was thinking of Alan Karaev when I first read about this on the official K-1 site, so I was a little bit confused. But then I realized that it was another Karaev to enter K-1. Looking forward to when I get to see these fights.
  22. Naifuzan

    Profile tests for computer geeks!

    Apparently I am OS X, .swf and Musa Ibrahim.
  23. Naifuzan

    How Kaio is Doing?

    I'm sorry, I misunderstood your question. If your question would have been what I thought, my answer would have been informative (at least I think so). So I wasnt trying to be rude or anything.
  24. Naifuzan

    How Kaio is Doing?

    There is no basho this month. Next one (Nagoya basho) is in july.