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  1. QttP

    Post-Basho pics

    It seems that Tochiazuma has got a Thinkpad X. I've got a Thinkpad T. So I win. (Applauding...)
  2. QttP

    Day 1 Henka Sightings

    Nothing done by Kyokushuzan can be considered "sin".
  3. QttP

    World's Greatest Athlete 2005

    Achievement-wise, he is. He didn't lose the final to Nalbandian, that's for sure. Athletes I've seen nominated for best of the year include Federer, Armstrong, Isinbaeva, some others. Among these only Isinbaeva has shown such domination of her sport (Women's pole vault, for those who don't know) as Asashoryu did in sumo this year.
  4. QttP

    Zabuton !

    Fine. Asashoryu did an henka against Chiyotaikai in 2003 and he did a semi-henka against Kyokushuzan last time they met. Let's deny his right for yusho until the end of time.
  5. QttP

    Kotooshu won

    Tumppi - I didn't see your question. I was talking about the pages on NSK's site that get updated with latest results as the matches progress.
  6. QttP

    Absolutely Disgusted

    How, pray tell?
  7. QttP

    Kotooshu won

    Eh. Managed to secure his favorite grip once and already a formidable foe? I'd wait a bit.
  8. QttP

    Absolutely Disgusted

    That's another very legitimate (although, in my opinion, very stupid) way to see the situation. Why I think it's very stupid? Because I (apparently, as most others) don't think that one-hit-wonders have no right for their moments of glory. A yusho is the result of one's outstanding performance throughout a single basho, no more, no less. There is no rule that says that to be written in the history books as a yusho winner one needs to be posting top results constantly.
  9. Indeed. Miyabiyama is hideously hard to topple, when he seems determined. His problem (if he even sees that as a problem) is his tendency to fall down when nobody seems to be touching him.
  10. QttP

    Kotooshu won

    I absolutely understand you. The problem with SumoNow's reports is that, while Ken tries to make it as unbiased as possible, is still very selective. Some bouts he doesn't report at all, others with just a sentence. I forgot how Kintaro shapes up his reports, cause I haven't read through the mailing list for a while, but I assume that it would also suffer from the human touch. The thing with me is that I care about results first, story later. So I first look at who beat whom, and then, if I cannot find the movies, I read SumoNow. And then I read SumoTalk just to see which new levels of bias and what new crazy suggestions those guys can come up with. (In a state of confusion...)
  11. QttP

    Absolutely Disgusted

    I assume you haven't seen this then. How come? Were you from some reason unable to watch that particular day of that particular basho or does "all the years" means "the entire year" in your tongue?
  12. QttP

    Kotooshu won

    How about just going to the NSK site and "scrolling slowly"? That's what I do whenever I cannot watch the stream or follow the live text updates.
  13. QttP

    Kotonowaka Intai

    Agree, but it is rather unusual that you were fighting against your oyakata on the dohyo and you kicked his ass. I mean they are from the same generation of rikishi (because of Kotonowaka long-standing career, I am not talking about age) Due to the heya rule, no one of the current Sadogatake rikishi has ever fought Kotonowaka on the dohyo,
  14. QttP

    Zabuton !

    Yes, I'm sure that is the exact reason why Chiyotaikai doesn't deserve the yusho, because no other yusho winner in history ever had to resort to henka to win his yusho. (Weeping...)
  15. QttP

    Day 13 results and day 14 pairings

    Yeah, I didn't like it one bit. Not that I have any positive feelings towards Takamisakari, but I occasionally feel pity for him when his foes treat him with extra obnoxiousness (which happens not too rarely).
  16. QttP

    Kotonowaka Intai

    As Asasosakari pointed out, this bout was important to Shunketsu and not nearly as important to Kotonowaka. Hence, I see no problem with the henka.
  17. QttP

    Ozeki ranking!

    Chiyotaikai OE Kaio OW Tochiazuma O2E Kotooshu O2W
  18. QttP

    Zabuton !

    I'd like to hope it's gonna be like Hatsu 99. It's not very probable, but if it happens, it's gonna be the best ending ever to an otherwise dull year. At least it ain't gonna be another 10-2 -> 10-5.
  19. QttP

    Kotonowaka Intai

    Did Kotonowaka say prior to the basho that he'll go intai if and only if he goes makekoshi? Because it's not as if kachikoshi/makekoshi made the difference between makuuchi and juryo for him.
  20. QttP

    thoughts on the year

    As no one hasn't corrected this yet, the little besserwisser inside me must step forward. (Blushing...) Iraq's invasion in Kuwait began on August 2nd, 1990. To tell you the truth, when I first saw the date, I had a feeling that it's wrong, because I remember the Gulf War events as being related to the year 1990, even though I myself weren't in Israel back then. The thing is I didn't care enough to actually post anything about it. I'm surprised that you did. :-P
  21. QttP

    Kotooshuu v.s. Hakuho

    Yes. At some point during the throw Osh was flying with both feet up in the air. Thus, the elusive dead body rule would apply.
  22. QttP


    Nothing too amazing in that one, as far as I can see. His upper body was leaning backwards at some point, but his legs were bent and his feet were planted in the tawara (except that brief moment you noticed). Tamanoshima tried too hard to choke him, instead of pushing at the body (granted, Asashoryu tried to keep Tamanoshima from lowering his posture and did so with great success). Tamanoshima should have gone for a slapdown when Asashoryu's feet skidded to the tawara, and the latter would have fallen flat on his belly. But he missed the moment, and the rest is history.
  23. QttP

    thoughts on the year

    Very good post, Iwagakki. Thanks for giving us something nice to read. Never have been a fan of Asashoryu, as you all know. Have tremendous respect for him, because he seems to be getting better by the basho, and not only on the dohyo, but also outside of it. Right now it doesn't matter, because Asashoryu is sumo and sumo is Asashoryu. Yes, it is frustratingly boring, but after Nalbandian dispatched Federer in the Master's cup finals, maybe there's hope for sumo too.
  24. QttP

    Chiyotaikai and life on earth

    It took just six days to get from this: To this: This is Chiyotaikai for you. This is why he is the best there was, is and ever will be. (In a state of confusion...)