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    Urgent and Important !

    Hello Everybody, I know this is the wrong section BUT topic dont get any attention at "Off Topic" so i need to put this here...Pls forgive me about this... Today (Tuesday night) Fay contact me with her Facebook account and told me that she stuck in London (She was robbed) and she want 850 GBP from me... I actually dont believe that i am talking to Fay "herself" (as i am police offcer) i asked her some easy questions about herself, about Sumo World, her personal website about Sumo and even her Favorite Sumo Wrestler... She (probably hacker) couldnt answer any of these questions and went offline... Pls be cautious about this...could be not Fay herself... @Umut PS. I was bumped out from Fay's friends in Facebook when our conversation ended (with hacker probably)
  2. Umut66

    Konnichi-wa . . .

    Welcome Kana - San.... (Applauding...)
  3. Umut66

    Urgent and Important !

    Ohh...great to have you here... I had a very very bad argument with the hacker....was upset it could (maybe) he/she was you... Hacker Asking for help from your friends Fay...wants money from your friends not just me...pls inform your friends about the situation.... And pls add me to your friends when you have a new Facebook account :)
  4. Umut66

    Urgent and Important !

    Yeah she is asking for help but.... I just felt that she is not Fay....talking different.... I asked her what is SF...and she answered Sumo Fight....wrong answer I asked whats her personal website about answer I asked her Favorite Sumo answer.... Then went offline...
  5. Umut66


    Great action shots...Thanks for sharing Fay...
  6. Umut66

    Pics Day 03 - Natsu Basho 08

    Thank you very much for these great pictures Fay....I am glad that you are there for us....for me especially.... U R GREAT !!!
  7. Umut66

    Sumopedia is live

    Congrats and Good Luck on sumopedia...I suggest a Tegata for an avatar (logo)
  8. Umut66

    Traditional Sumo Song

    Hello everybody, I am sorry i know that i shouldnt post this thread to this section but Sumo Information section is close to me. I guess i am inactive thats why. Anyway here is my question: What was the name of the Traditional Sumo Song ??? I want to download it from LimeWire or else but cant remember/dont know the name. Anybody can tell me the name of the song? Or what to write to search in LimeWire? Thanks !!!
  9. Umut66

    Traditional Sumo Song

    Ohhh i didnt know that....I am sorry....hmmmm pffffffff :(
  10. Umut66

    Traditional Sumo Song

    aaa-dosukoi-dosukoi <-------- You know the chorus of the song !!! I need the name of the song pls. Thanks anyway.
  11. Umut66

    Eurosport Nagoya

    Hello every1, I wonder does anybody knows here when Eurosport gives Nagoya Basho. Any information would be great. Thanks !!!
  12. Umut66

    Eurosport Nagoya

    Can I have the web address for this information pls? I dont wanna ask or bother you people in every basho with this question. Thanks again.
  13. Umut66

    Eurosport Nagoya

    Thank you very very much....
  14. Umut66

    Eurosport Sumo

    Hello friends, Does anybody know when Eurosport showing Natsu Basho. I have looked some sites about it but cant find. Any information will be great. Thanks
  15. Umut66

    Eurosport Sumo

    Thank You very very much. I got what i need...thanks again...
  16. Umut66

    I am leaving !

    Take care and have fun my friend...Take lots of pics so we can see the places you see too
  17. Umut66

    Tamanoi Blog

    Hmmm then i am thinking of doing my own unofficial t-shirt. I did that many times like this "unfinding t-shirts" Photoshop and a high tech press machine works good on this. I will send pics here when i do it. Lets see if you like it i will do more and send them to ones here who wants.
  18. Umut66

    Sumo for Japanese

    I am from Turkey capital city Ankara. And I LOVE SUMO very very very much. I can almost die for them and my wife seems jealous sometimes about my love. I am totally disagree with Sithlordess about SUMO is Japanese. Yeah we all know here SUMO is Japanese but i dont see any barrier foreigners joining Sumo. I am trying to manage a fanclub here in Turkey. Turkish people usually loves Japanese people we have lots of relationships between Japanese people in history. BUT Sumo is not much known here in Turkey. I wish a Turkish rikishi is in SUMO now. I hope there will be some in the near future. Plus there are lots of Foreigner players in NBA and again lots of Foreigner players in European Football. In my opinion foreigner rikishis adds a color to SUMO and makes SUMO more interesting and attractive. Maybe in this way Japanese rikishis work hard to bring a new Yokozuna in SUMO in addition to Foreigner ones. Sorry for my false English...Anyway its not my mother language. Thanks
  19. Umut66

    Tamanoi Blog

    Great Blog with Great Pictures...After reading this long blog I looked at and saw a great t-shirt. "No Chanko No Life" Is there any way to get that t-shirt for myself. I am in Ankara/TURKEY and I would appreciate any help....I want that t-shirt for myself....Pls Help !!!
  20. Umut66

    Hakuho's Hono Dohyo Iri

    Great pics as always...Thanks (Blushing...)
  21. Umut66

    Extra! Extra! Ozumo Is Going to London!

    If I dont die from now to on that date....I will be there....
  22. Umut66

    A smiling Danpatsu Shiki

    Thanks a lot for the pics...all great
  23. Umut66

    Pics Natsu Basho Day 15 - Senshuraku

    Agreed...Thanks Fay...U make me feel i was there all of this basho. Thank you very much (Applauding...)
  24. Umut66

    NHK News Video on Hakuho Yusho

    Great Video...Thanks
  25. For me the Kaio and Kotooshu wins over Asashoryu have no value. He is obiviouly injured and unable to use his right arm. Neither ozeki would have beaten him otherwise. Todays victory was totally predictable. Same tomorrow. Hakuho will finish with 15-0. Agreed....I dont think that Asashoryu that weak and misarable. He is yokozuna. I hope he recover immediately.