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  1. Arvi

    Natsu 2008 banzuke discussion

    There is only one given constant for makuuchi banzuke - the overall number of rikishi is (currently) 40. That would be 42. (Sign of approval...) Is it out of date? Or is it without yokozunas there?
  2. Arvi

    Natsu 2008 banzuke discussion

    There is only one given constant for makuuchi banzuke - the overall number of rikishi is (currently) 40. Yokozuna, ozeki, sekiwake and komosuby slots are filled, and what remains are maegashira slots. A question here - how are filled maegashira slots, when the overall number of sanyaku (in wide interpretation) slots is odd (and as follows, the number of maegashira slots too)? Which slot will be missing, M1E, M1W, or W from lowest rank level?
  3. Arvi

    Wildlife online

    One of hottest links in Estonia now for more than a month: Click on "Vaata metsakaamerat" or on "otsestriim". Action starts ~20:00 (Estonian time) and sometimes goes on over midnight. Video archive is available:
  4. Arvi

    Surprise Kyujo

    Come on! When there is any real ellbow injury for Chiyotaikai, then there anyway was no chance for him against Kaio. WITHOUT any tsuppary!
  5. Arvi


    ... The goal for Baruto on Aki-basho is to remain healthy and to win as much as possible. "The main goal for every tournament is to get more wins as losses," did he say. "But importantest is, that knee (holds). Surely I have to tape it tight"
  6. Arvi


    The link to article in Postimees from August 29 Shortly: "I can't say that the knee is OK now, but it isn't very bad too"
  7. Arvi

    Asa in hot water again?

    I have followed this thread for some time now, and I feel that some forum members are completely missing some important points: Ozumo isn't plainly a sport. It's also a Japanese cultural phenomen, and also a part of (shinto?) religion (practically, top maegashira and yokozuna especially may be counted as some sort of priests). All three aspects of Ozumo are for Japanese community to decide over. Foreigeners are allowed to participate for some time now, but they have to accept the standards and requirements accepted by Japanese community. And they must at least formally behave accordingly requirements for all 3 aspects - like any japanese rikishi. (It is what foreigeners must be teached on their fist couple of years in heya, is it? And as for foreigen fans - you accept it or you find another sport to be a fan at!) The Kyokai is accepted by Japanese community as 'spokesperson' and highest authority in sumo affairs, and Japanese community is the only power, which can question about it's decisions. (Principially, when Kyokai decides, that from some time on, yokozuna must wear pink ribbons in his hair, and there will be no objections in public in Japan, Asashoryu must start or to looking for ribbons, or to packing.) Takasago Oyakata failed miserably teaching Asashoryu proper ways in his early years in Ozumo. But his doesn't mean, that Kyokai can't (and mustn't) demand proper behaviour from yokozuna now. (It only means, that when Takasago Oyakata fails to get at least some control over situation now, he will be next in hot water in near future.) And finally, my personal meaning about the whole affair. For me it looks like struggle between Asashoryu and Kyokai over power in Ozumo. Making a step back now may cause an irredeemable loss of face for Kyokai.
  8. Arvi

    Nagoya Henka Sightings

    Leaving aside releability of SFM henka sightings in general, in my opinion Kotooshu my have fairest result there from whole bunch. And the main conclusion will be, that people are caring - there are some cases, where 100% henka is declared by a single vote ;-) To illustrate my point of view, I created another couple of tables on fly. Rikishi Probable Henka Henka (Yes>0.5) Bouts Yes No % Bouts Yes No % Ama 2 1 19 5% 0 0 0 Aminishiki 2 14 3 82% 2 14 3 82% Asasekiryu 3 13 6 68% 3 13 6 68% Asashoryu 2 8 8 50% 1 8 5 62% Chiyotaikai 2 6 9 40% 0 0 0 Hakurozan 5 32 4 89% 4 29 1 97% Kaio 2 22 8 73% 1 14 0 100% Kasugao 2 6 2 75% 1 5 0 100% Kotomitsuki 1 2 10 17% 0 0 0 Kotooshu 3 84 48 64% 2 66 30 69% Otsukasa 1 2 1 67% 1 2 1 67% Ryuo 1 3 0 100% 1 3 0 100% Takekaze 1 7 0 100% 1 7 0 100% Tokitenku 2 11 7 61% 1 8 2 80% Tokitsuumi 1 1 1 50% 0 0 0 Yoshikaze 2 10 4 71% 2 10 4 71% Rikishi Probable Victim Victim (Yes>0.5) Bouts Yes No % Bouts Yes No % Chiyotaikai 2 15 2 88% 2 15 2 88% Dejima 3 25 31 45% 1 7 2 78% Hakuho 5 51 52 50% 1 47 27 64% Hakurozan 1 5 4 56% 1 5 4 56% Hochiyama 2 9 0 100% 2 9 0 100% Hoktoriki 2 7 2 78% 2 7 2 78% Kaio 1 5 4 56% 1 5 4 56% Kakizoe 3 9 3 75% 1 7 0 100% Kisenosato 1 5 0 100% 1 5 0 100% Kokkai 1 3 3 50% 0 0 0 Kotooshu 1 14 0 100% 1 14 0 100% Kotoshogiku 2 11 7 61% 1 8 2 80% Miyabiyama 1 8 5 62% 1 8 5 62% Roho 1 5 5 50% 0 0 0 Tochinonada 1 8 0 100% 1 8 0 100% Tokitenku 1 6 1 86% 1 6 1 86% Tosanoumi 2 15 0 100% 2 15 0 100% Wakanosato 2 27 11 71% 1 19 3 86%
  9. Arvi


    That`s really funny. The legendary Kimura was my height 5`7", but at least he did 900 push-ups a day. I only do 100 or so. There are many people who can't to 20 leave a lone 100. Don't be hard on yourself. It takes a long time to build up repititons in push ups. No one starts out at 900 a day. You can bet that it took a long time to get to that number. It depends from where you start off - in what form have you been earlier. It's probably a year from now, when I looked at myself in mirror, and I din't like what I did see - out of form body on lean legs (I weighted over 105 kg by 184 cm height, and I did run ~10 km daily). So I started with some additional exercises every morning (3-4 rounds of 8 exercises, including push-ups). At start I was able 10 push-ups in round, after 8 months it was 100 in round. at moment it is 70+30 in round with my feets up on stool (~40 cm high) with a minute for catching some breath between. I hope I can do it 100 in row soon again. Btw., I weight over 105 kg still, but it looks somewhat better at least (Holiday feeling...)
  10. Arvi

    Makuuchi Bout Videos

    I tried it once, but somehow dropped it. Don't remember why exactly, but don't they have there some pop-ups on page? For such cases I have set up some action shedule: Stop all programs from task manager; Make full scan for spyware and viruses; Restart computer in safe mode; Repeat scanning; (Never open this site again).
  11. Arvi

    What Happened to Jonas Lindstrom?

    Probably something like this will do: Hur m
  12. Arvi

    Fantasy books/serials you loved

    I have to confess I have (Dribbling...) I'm solidary with Kaiguma in his opinion about Tolkien and Martin. And I think that compared with book was LOTR movie really a crap! I don't have any opinion about Miazaky (haven't watched any movies for years anymore) or Stephenson (don't remember that I read anything from him). But I'll throw in my 2 cents, and add a couple of authors I'm always to read again. Terry Prathett and his Diskworld of-course. Robert Jordan with The Wheel of Times serie. There isn't many fantasy books, where characters really develop, and aren't only black/white figures. And Martin can learn from there, how to expand the story really :-P There are 11 books out so long, ~1000 pages each, and no end is visible (there was some talk that 12th will be last, but I don't see any way to end all storylines in a single book). And no sign that author is short of ideas yet. Robert Asprin and his Myth and Phule's series. Max Frai with his Echo serie. I'm afraid it's available in russian only. A very original word created by author, very good storytelling and an excellent homour. And I almost forget Roger Zelazny with his Amber serie
  13. Arvi

    Juryo bout videos?

    It looks like you catched something unwanted there - it's a common issue when exploring "wild east" (mainly former SU, but I think Mongolia will qualify too) in web. Whe you are lucky, it'll be only some spyware. Anyway it'll be wise to scan your comp for spyware and viruses both - and immediately. To avoid such problems in future, it'll be best to use for navigating and downloading an account with none administrative rights - and with any installing denied. When you want to install something, you log in as an administrator for this.
  14. It looks like this guy has really rough times this basho. 0-6 with rikishis from bottom of Makuuchi - and a lot of them not much better so long. And further he'll fight opponents from middle-makuuchi mainly - he must struggle to get some wins at all.
  15. Arvi

    Whats going on?

    My Computer > View System Information > System Restore tab - check/uncheck 'Turn on/off System Restore on all drives' (It applies for Windows XP of-course) You are right in general. But Fujisand did wrote, that all the scrap was restored somehow. No antivirus does find all existing viruses, whatever their advertising does say (Clapping wildly...) So when you did have one, and you have now a need to additional scan, then why not to have a try with different one. I myself keep always saying, that to be almost sure your comp is clean, you have to scan it at least with 3 different antivirus programs (of-course you can't do this on dayly basis, but a couple times in year will do) And it looks like most of antiviruses aren't very good at detecting trojan downloaders - but one of those online ones is quite good at it. Edit: Fixing quote tags.