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  1. Flying_Monkey


    I'm a big fan of Hakuho... and I don't think he lacks charisma, he has an aura about him which says 'yokozuna'... but he's still young and says silly things and doesn't always get his tactics right. I've been slighly unimpressed with him in this basho, but this is only in comparison with awesome performances previously... he is still performing very well. I just want him to be perfect, so that no-one could possibly argue with the promotion... even as a fan, I'd prefer him to get promoted with an undeniable case than because he's 'good enough'.
  2. Flying_Monkey

    A good bad Basho @:-)

    Well, personally, I am happy Hakuho won since I have been following his career for a long time. Miyabiyama surprised me, and that's always a good thing. But I don't understand the various people who were saying 'of course I was supporting Miyabiyama'. Why 'of course'? Because he's Japanese? In Hakuho we are going to get a new Yokozuna soon and finally some real competition for Asa at the top. I hope Miyabi makes it to Ozeki, but he's still got a lot of underperforming to make up for in my mind... Baruto did slightly better than I expected. I am not sure if this is good or bad. He's going to 'heat the wall' sooner or later and this can only be good for him - it would make a better long-term champion and force him to improve his range of technique... personally, I am a technique person and I don't enjoy just watching sumo won on strength (not that I am saying Bart is doing only that). I was very pleased to see Yoshikaze get his kachikoshi (and more) - shame that Homasho (who I've also been following) got injured. He is still a big prospect I think. I just like his manner - he has a calm, old-fashioned presence which hints at inner-strength.
  3. Flying_Monkey

    Kyokushuzan vs Hakuho

    Shuzan is the master of edge-of-the-ring fighting and unexpected moves (as well as being one of the most experienced rikishi out there), so even some of the more powerful rikishi can do rather odd-looking things against him...
  4. Flying_Monkey

    What is wrong with kotooshu?

    I don't mean to sound like an agitator, but that is just plain SILLY (Tears forming...) Put them up against one another (before the injury, or after it's fully healed) and you'll see what I mean. It's really difficult to judge the potential of a rikishi while he's still developing his form (I'd describe Baruto's form as still fetal), but I would wager that Baruto will have trouble breaking into sanyaku for another 5+ basho, probably more than a year. What's more, if he does and you still want to talk about "early promotion" then let's see if he beats Asashoryu in 2 of their first 7 bouts . . . (You are going off-topic...) Read what I wrote more carefully... I am NOT saying that Baruto will necessarily make the top quickly (and I am not one of the rather mindless Baruto cheerleaders). I am just saying that he's more likely to get there than Kotooshu. It was a comment mainly on Kotooshu's likelihood of making the top.
  5. Flying_Monkey

    exciting basho so far

    And what about the indomitable 'shuzan... he is actually having two fine bashos in a row for once! He could even be back in the top ranks before he retires!
  6. Flying_Monkey

    What is wrong with kotooshu?

    It's one of the problems with being promoted too quickly... and with the expectations on him. I still think that he is not as talented as his fans think and a far more limited rikishi. I believe that Baruto is more likely to be the first European yokozuna than Kotooshu...
  7. Flying_Monkey

    kaio = dirty sumo today?

    Get over it! It's a perfectly legal and not uncommon move - it's how Hakuho destroyed Asa a couple of basho ago, and when it works it is frightening. It's up to rikishi not to get into positions where they can be beaten this way, and if they do they have only themselves to blame...
  8. Flying_Monkey


    I'm standing by my prediction of a while ago that he will be a regular yusho contender in the not too distant future...
  9. Flying_Monkey

    Can Miyabiyama make it back to Ozeki?

    Can I change my mind? That was a great performance today against my second-favourite Mongolian... but we'll see.
  10. Flying_Monkey

    Can Miyabiyama make it back to Ozeki?

    Simple answer, no. He does not have the necessary variety of technique or movement. As for other prospects - Mokonami is one I have been watching for a while, and it does seem true that he has not developed his bulk and upper body strength, unlike his near contemporary Hakuho. Whatever Hakuho has been doing, Mokonami has obviously not been following...
  11. Flying_Monkey

    Baruto was robbed!

    Some of you seem to think Baruto should win unless something goes wrong. Sure, he's a big guy and he's strong and talented, but he's still got a lot to learn when fighting at this level. Just be patient, and expect him to lose a few. That's the only way he'll improve and become the great rikishi that he has the potential to be.
  12. Flying_Monkey

    Next Japanese and gaijin Ozeki?

    I'd love to see it happen, but I think he is too lightweight. I hope I am proved wrong...
  13. Flying_Monkey

    Next Japanese and gaijin Ozeki?

    I don't know about next... but both Baruto and Homasho will get there eventually. Miyabiyama... no. Kisenosato... maybe. I can't stand either Roho or his brother's sumo. They both have this tendency to look like they have no idea what they are doing on too many occasions. I think Hakurozan is more naturally talented, but neither will get to Ozeki ever...
  14. Flying_Monkey

    Razzberry Sansho

    Some people here need a sense of humour and an anger management course. (Clapping wildly...) This thread (and indeed this Forum) isn't a competition to see who is the most serious about Sumo. It's for fans of Sumo. We are all fans, and we all express out love for the sport in different ways. No-one can dictate to others what how they can do this, as long as we do it within the bounds of the Forum rules. This thread is silly fun. I did not suggest there should be a proper serious competition for ugliest rikishi. It is called a JOKE (like all of these suggestions). And besides, if you really think that Rikishi are really good-looking guys, then you need to get your eyes tested as well. Strong, dedicated, extraordinary in motion and skilled to degrees that most of us can't imagine - but most of them are not lookers and the sport neither requires them to be so, nor pays much attention to conventional looks. For someone to seriously suggest that we all CANNOT think that any rikishi are ugly even in jest, is simply a ludicrous kind of humourless and intolerant political correctness. Have a cup of herbal tea and calm down. (Applauding...)
  15. Flying_Monkey

    August-Mongolian Jungyo

    Yah, just wait for all those Canuck ex-lumberjacks to start on sumo, eh? Canadian Yokozuna, whoda thunk it? :-( Actually, stranger things have happened...