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    Formula 1, WRC, horseback-riding, tennis, Ozumo, K1, boxing.<br />Music, guitars, computers, astrophysics, cosmology, animals.


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  1. Kurinoku

    Article about Tongan ex-rikishi

    Thanks, found it now. Really worthwhile to read.
  2. Kurinoku

    2008 Kyushu banzuke

    Do you happen to know how up-to-date is the information of their weight?
  3. Kurinoku

    Article about Tongan ex-rikishi

    Error That asset cannot be found in this site section. (Laughing...)
  4. Kurinoku

    Featured rijicho - Musashigawa!

    Musashigawa continues to be relentless. Today, he called Onomatsu Oyakata to his office and scolded him - for his deshi's loose mawashi. "I didn't say a word," said Onomatsu. But he returned to the heya full of fierceness, and first deshi he encountered was the unlucky Kenou. Our very own relentless reporter Fay happened to witness the results of the incident... (sorry for linking, but it's probably worth it...) (the original thread from Fay in Honbasho Talk)
  5. Kurinoku

    Data Stream Kyushu 07

    This is certainly very strange, assumably you use the same ISP and even same router for both? Can you please tell, what op.systems you use on both computers? There was recently a Windows patch, could this have messed up things? (Perhaps one computer is patched and other not?)
  6. Kurinoku

    Rikishi Talk Day 3 Natsu Basho 2007

    I apologise for my ignorance, but would somebody please mind explaining the following comment about Tochiazuma ;-)
  7. Kurinoku

    Stream (Natsu 2007 Edition)

    I am with you in bad luck and in (I am not worthy...) No way - not with BSPlayer, nor WMP. WMP is urging me to use the valid format, like mms for instance... (Help me...) Not funny.
  8. Kurinoku

    YDC Post Basho Meeting

    My oh my. I'm almost forced to start to like the lady. Just for her adamance. (I am not worthy...) Even if the arguments she uses are... errr, should I say... badly ladylike? :-S Or can some Japanese (-speaking) friend here perhaps explain, what's so disgaceful in the word "ketaguri", that a dignified rikishi should avoid whole kimarite just because of how it sounds? (Annoyed...)
  9. Kurinoku

    Asashoryu will go undefeated this Basho

    Kotooshu has went to K1 as well? Akebono-beya?
  10. Kurinoku

    'Three Factions' article

    Quote from the article: Roho is a former wrestling world champion. Can someone help me with the frickin' guesswork? :-P :-P :-S
  11. Ah-haa! (Applauding...) Perhaps you can find some consolation by uniting yourself spiritually with the sufferings of all our dear rikishis. Don't you think their bodies must ache like hell x10? (Applauding...) (Applauding...)
  12. Kurinoku

    What is it with Hokutoriki and hair pulling?

    And why not? Is there anything in the rules about pulling the sideburns? Or any other body-hair? (Laughing...) I haven't seen... :-P The little old japanese ladies that say, "Isn't he cute?" do not count in this respect. They never get disqualified, due to their own disarming cuteness... (East wins...)
  13. Kurinoku

    Extraordinary happening

    Because, dear OY, your statements here are far beyond the comprehension of most people on this forum. Me included.
  14. Kurinoku

    Extraordinary happening

    I'm afraid he is. (In a state of confusion...) (I dunno...)
  15. Kurinoku

    Baruto in Makuuchi Version 2

    What case, exactly, are you resting? Bookcase? Braincase? Carcase? Cartridge case? (pardon... ;) Casebook? Caseine? Casement? Casern? Cigar case? Crankcase? Display case? Doorcase? Gear case? Glasses case? Gun case? (pardon again... ;) Jewel case? Lower case? Upper case? Medicine case? Mummy case? Pen-case? Pillowcase? Showcase? Staircase? Moving staircase? Spiral staircase? Winding staircase? Vanity case? Watchcase? Writing case? Hopeless case? Just in case? In any case? As you can see, Kintamayama has numerous cases to select from, for to rest them. I personally vote for "just in case", in his case. He'd probably vote himself for "braincase", let me guess the case... (Laughing...)