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  1. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Sekitori-Toto Question

    I wonder why, with Shiyonofuji and Iepii getting identical scores today (Day 6), one entry lost while the other won: Shiyonofuji 20 15 0 20.0 4.0760 M14E 12-Mar-2005 11:54 PM 1 0 Iepii 20 15 0 20.0 4.0760 M5E 11-Jan-2003 10:23 PM 0 1 I'm not really complaining....
  2. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Sandanme Game Haru 2013

    I am feeling increasingly confident that I will finish in the Top Ten!
  3. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Games Bugs

    I'm not sure who's administering Juryo Game - can't find an email contact on its pages -- but the daily standings are showing both my original entry with my shikona, and also my amended entry (substituting for Homasho who had withdrawn) with my email address as the shikona! Naturally, the email address lineup is doing better. Does anyone know whom I contact in order to get this cleaned up? Thanks in advance!
  4. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Juryo Game

    An oddity noticed by me for the first time today -- My "Shiyonofuji" entry is reporting a score, but there is a SECOND participant whose shikona is.... my email address. ???!!! (I think what happened is that I amended my lineup on Saturday afternoon, when I saw that Homasho had withdrawn.) My email address has one more point than my shikona, after Day 2, so I may just keep this our little secret and see what evolves in the days ahead.
  5. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Salarycap Sumo : no news ?

    It really is an excellent game, and would be the best if stats issued daily. I miss it, too.
  6. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Sandanme Game Hatsu 2013

    They're good boys. They try so hard.
  7. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Sandanme Game Hatsu 2013

    I'm catching up! Plan to be there on Day 75.
  8. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Salarycap Sumo Kyushu 2012 invitation

    Too bad. I think this is a terrific game, regardless of how badly I have done thru time.
  9. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Games Bugs

    In Bench Sumo, I am unable to change my basho slate (from my original 'placeholder' slate - this is the day before basho starts. As a result, I can't enter a lineup with my preferred slate, as opposed to the 'placeholder' slate that I submitted earlier. Not sure what to do about that other than to email a few people. On the other hand, results may be better this way! :-)
  10. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Pick The Yusho Winners, Kyushu 2012

    Too bad...I've got an intuitive entry: Jk: Sato -- lifetime undefeated! Jd: Masutoo -- undefeated since Hatsu 2012! ...and some other guys.
  11. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Sandanme Game Kyushu 2012

    Randomitsuki is pretty good at this game, but Mirai is better!
  12. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Chaingang Carnage Kyushu 2012

    You should sell buy-ins, like in poker tournaments.
  13. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    SekiToto Day 15 Scores?

    Oh, I most definitely think so! This was a day on which you were better off not wagering! See my post re Bench: 3 entries with 4-loser "reverse" GBLs, and 1 with a 10-loser!!!!
  14. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Sandanme Game Aki 2012

    Achiyama and I have 7 picks who are 3-3. Profomisakari has 6.
  15. Shiyonofuji/Kaiopectate

    Chaingang carnage chapter 14

    I liked this game more, when I could pick the yokozuna.