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  1. sumolady

    Sumo Illustrations

    But....the cartoons and the pastels were both drawn by the same person? Thanks! Angie aka Takanjisafari
  2. sumolady

    Leaning on a post

    Neat! Thanks for that! Angie in Texas, US
  3. sumolady

    "Off With the Beard"

    Thank you for the very good laugh on this generally laughable subject. Too funny. (In a state of confusion...) I'll line up behind the aesthetic reason argument, though. There's just nothing sillier looking than that much beard on the bottom of a head that has a bun on top. Even John Belushi wouldn't go there (for those of you who remember John Belushi)(if that's anybody... :-D ) Angie
  4. DAVE! WRITE A BOOK! Angie in Texas, US
  5. sumolady


    LOL! These are great. Thanks for this thread! (and the favorite one, too!) Angie in Texas, US
  6. sumolady

    Most Enjoyable Rikishi

    Well, there are so many! (Applauding...) Asashoryu, of course, especially when he goes into his gorilla routine before the bout. Tochiazuma, when he's on --- he just attacks like a pit bull. I like Kitazakura, too --- definitely a GREAT salt thrower, but also practices such nice, crisp sumo. Angie in Texas, US
  7. sumolady

    KONISHIKI in a movie

    Too funny! Love the picture! Sumojumping? Skisumo? Sumoski? Angie, all confused now, in Texas, US
  8. sumolady

    Sumo en Vogue?

    I don't often read "Vogue" magazine, and much less often than that do I see a sumo wrestler in it! Here is a picture of photographer Bruce Weber and the ever fashionable scion of chic, Kushinoryu. I kid you not. It's from "Vogue," the page where they introduce the contributors to the month's issue. Apparently being photographed with a rikishi establishes Japanese cred for this photographer, who is doing a piece on Yoko Ono (who lives in New York City.... :-S ) Angie in Texas, US
  9. sumolady

    Get in shape, improve your health

    Oh, I love the dohyo-iri statue and am plotting to get my hands on one! I know, I know... :-) Angie
  10. sumolady


    That was cool and interesting. Thanks for posting it! Angie in Texas, US
  11. sumolady

    Hey handsome!

    Mebbe, but in Asashoryu's case, I think it's because with very few exceptions, Mongolian men are hot. Angie in Texas, US
  12. sumolady

    Hey handsome!

    Oh, I beg to differ.....:) "Cutest post-defeat slouch: Roho" Nah...gotta be Takamisakari. He manages to make a face like a Japanese temple dog as well! Angie
  13. sumolady

    King Kong

    So for the terminally out-of-it among us, are the people with Asashoryu the cast of the movie "King Kong?" I think I recognize the skinny guy with the nose on the far left as an actor....duh.... Angie in Texas, US
  14. sumolady

    sumo manga

    Well, bummer --- they don't have any new copies, only used, and they will not send to the US. But thanks for letting us know about it, anyway, nomo! Angie in Texas, US
  15. sumolady

    Tomozuna Beya

    This is GREAT! (Sigh...) (Clapping wildly...) (Laughing...) Thank you so much for posting this, and thanks to whomever is doing all the translation! Angie in Texas, US