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  1. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Forum Board turned into mere chat, as I see it here. Not good. Well, if admins read this, I complain. You know, I appreciate for many years the excellent and information rich service provided by many members, with insights, polemics, speculations, fun, it is all fine for me. Even one liners can be on point. But this is ridiculous.
  2. Metasumo 2018

    1 to 5 Gurowake 6 to 10 Norizo 11 to 20 Andonishiki 21 to 40 Andoreasu 41 to 80 Bill 81 to 120 Ruziklao 121 to 200 Getayukata 201 + Tsupparitaro Finally, thanks to very bad 2017, it makes sense to include myself in the selection as I am sure I am able to get more... and so I motivate myself!
  3. Games Bugs

    TTT entry page at is not working for me. Do I do something wrong or is it down for everybody?
  4. Bench Sumo news

    It worked for me, e-mail confirmation received too.
  5. How long have you been interested in sumo?

    Around 2002, while sharing a flat with friends, one of them introduced me to Eurosport coverage of honbasho. It was soo weird, but so interesting... so I started to read a lot about sumo wherever I could. A few basho later I was hooked and enjoyed every one of basho digests. And rest is history...
  6. Bench Sumo Quiz Part 2 (of 5)

    Just as I read this Terarno's complaint, I wanted to point that there are many people not nominated at all. But then came the very last question in the 5th part and I have found it rather flattering that someone might consider me as a person possibly sharing some positive record with Randomitsuki (one has already voted for me, and no, I was not the one). Sorry...
  7. Aki Masters 2017

    Does this make sense? For this basho, being very short of time, I skipped all preparations of reading training reports and most of pre-basho games, entering only a few. During basho I had not enough time to watch or read almost anything, doing predictions only based on latest results and gut feeling. Yet, 21st place in Masters this time... maybe the basho was totally Wacky after all.
  8. Hatsu 2017 - Promo and Days 1-15

    Sokokurai was literally dancing with Kaisei in mid part of the bout, it looked like foxtrot.
  9. Why I have read Buratinosato? Ah, I see:
  10. Fantasy Metasumo 2017

    1: Gurowake - while the first place is not ensured by any means, a lot of points are safe if participation is regular 2: Norizo - after poor years something much better would come 3: Andoreasu - another player to strike back soon 4: Flohru - although I am by chance placed in this backet, chosing giant of gaming should probably yield much more points 5: Gonzaburow - as many top 10 finishes as I had, just for a less value 6: Chocshoporyu - I have a feeling 2017 would be much better 7: Getayukata - clearly playing a lot of games, so some points are inevitable 8: Sherlockiama - no need to explain
  11. Bench Sumo news

    Sanyaku! If somebody would predict that after day 7, score 2-5 and horrible points until the point...
  12. 2016.9 Norizo Cup [PLAN]

    Hm. It looks like you are hinting there is no prestige in winning Norizo Cup, aren't you?
  13. UDH Nagoya Basho 2016

    Or just 17 others? ;-)
  14. Games Talk Hatsu 2016

    Making picks of daily games always almost in the same order, just based on daily reports and sometimes after watching some videos (Kintamayama and others, thousands of thanks): - ISP - Maegashira - Bench - TTT - SQ or Odd - Odd or SQ - Chaingang - no, I am joking, I am obviously already out ;) Pre basho - make gut feeling prediction for everybody like for S-O, then read keiko and other preparation reports, adjust predictions, enter S-O, then in the order Hoshitori, UDH, Roto, Fantasy, Bench, SCS, Norizo Cup, based loosely on S-O entry, but varying selections for individual games slightly. This prevents me from elusive big-basho with many wins, my results vary, but it allows for better chance for possible good result at least in some game.
  15. Having spent more than 10 years on this forum I would say that there are a few people here that know about Japan quite a lot too. Even about Japan today.