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  1. Igiski

    2022 World Games

    Who is going to the Games next weekend? I don't post much here; I'm more active on the Sumo ML. But I have tickets for Saturday (only, unfortunately). (now going by) Oyama
  2. Igiski

    Superbanzuke Updates

    Where can one find the rankings for Chain Gang? Apparently, I'm 3rd in those rankings (?!?!?!), but have not been able to figure out where to see them or how they are figured. Igiski
  3. Igiski

    Behold, it's a Sekitori-* games banzuke update

    I guess I'm an escalator rikishi in Seki-Toto. Vew the following: Hatsu 06 Rank: M12W Record: 5-10 Haru 06 Rank: J1E Record: 9-6 Natsu 06 Rank: M16E Record: 7-8 Nagoya 06 Rank: J1E Record: 9-6 Aki 06 Rank: M16W Record: 7-8 Kyushu 06 Rank: J1W Record: 9-6 Hatsu 07 Rank: M16E Record: 6-9 Haru 07 Rank: J3E
  4. Igiski

    Ozumo World Champion 2005 is...

    Don't get fooled. I'm probably the only one. Ok, Igiski too I think, going by his picks. I use my power-differences, yes. But I'm adjusting them with injury updates, age developments, actual form and personal observation - plumbing it in manually for a change. You think that's why my picks are so similar to yours? :) Yeah, I do about 90% of my picks straight from my ratings. Though it's more helpful in some games than others. Igiski