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  1. Happy Birthday


  2. Tumppi

    Next Yusho Winner?

    Ahh, maybe that's it ;-)
  3. Tumppi

    Next Yusho Winner?

    I don't understand, what do you mean?
  4. Tumppi


    Everyone seems to be going intai these days :-( Well less competition for yours truly :-/
  5. Tumppi

    Next Yusho Winner?

    Or someone simply might be better than Asashoryu. Kotooshu. Edit: I hope for Kaio though.
  6. Tumppi

    Sekitori Oracle rookie of the basho?

    Woah that IS pretty damn much! (Laughing...) Next basho at least bench sumo will join my list. And don't worry, then I'll beat you in all 4 (Laughing...)
  7. Tumppi

    Sekitori Oracle rookie of the basho?

    Yeah I thought that might have been the case. Actually as I saw I had no rank anymore my goal was to reclaim the rookie of the basho title. ;-) Well at least I got my kk (A yokozuna...) So Fujisan-san (hehe), after sumo game and sekitori oracle the score is tie. The 3rd game was sekitori quadrumvirate, and I'm checking the results as we speak... Woohoo! It looks like I beat you with 9-4-2 vs your 8-7 ;-) (Blushing...)
  8. Tumppi

    Sekitori Oracle rookie of the basho?

    Darn, looks like it was a pretty close call for you (On the banzuke...) Luckily I got my kk in all 3 sumo games I made a comeback in, even though I forgot to play 2 days (which I lost) (Blushing...) Thanks Zenjimoto! (Cheers...) Too bad that you noticed what the automation (Kashunowaka) didn't, this would have been my second rookie of the basho title. Now that would have been something! :-P
  9. On the mainpage it says Pasciyama 519points but when I click results it says Thomashimaru 521points. What's up with that? (Censored) (Lifting weights...)
  10. Tumppi

    Kotooshu won

    Eh. Managed to secure his favorite grip once and already a formidable foe? I'd wait a bit. Kotooshu has been a formidable foe ever since he won Asashoryu the first time. And now as a soon to be ozeki he is even more formidable. I'm far more impressed with Kotooshu now than I was with Asashoryu even when he rose to Yokozuna (with absolutely no resistance present at the time).
  11. Tumppi

    Kotooshu won

    Didn't you see my question or are you just ignoring it?
  12. Tumppi

    Absolutely Disgusted

    Could you give me a hint?
  13. Tumppi

    Kotooshu won

    Live text updates?
  14. Tumppi

    Friday 13th Day pics Kyushu 2005

    Kotooshu just in time to rescue Asashoryu from falling to the enclosure of hungry crocks. edit: woah my 500th post! (In a state of confusion...) Not that much since 2002 I guess (Blushing...)
  15. Tumppi

    Zabuton !

    Hehee (In a state of confusion...)