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  1. s0101

    Asashoryu Road to 100 Yusho update

    I see, I thought the "very special" one would surface when Shoury clinches his 50th or 80th Yusho milestone. I'll do an update when he hits that mark, count on me. (On the banzuke...)
  2. s0101

    Day 15 results, yusho and sansho

    LOL conspiracy? I was hoping for a playoff match, sigh... he served these belt grips on a silver platter way too easily.
  3. s0101

    Asashoryu Road to 100 Yusho update

    Finally, the order is being restored. It's been a long time. Tell me, why is the last update "Very Special"? (Clapping wildly...) edit: its time for me step aside & keep :-D how the drama folds.
  4. s0101

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

    thanks for the comment I can picture them now (Sign of approval...). :-D BTW sekihiryu, a mavericks fan?
  5. s0101

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

    LOL, I wouldn't blame him for that, if one can be promoted to yokozuna why not to ozeki.
  6. Thank you Tikozan, it works no more sleepless night (In a state of confusion...)
  7. s0101

    Kotomitsuki's Focus

    There's two things I never hit jackpot & Mickey puzzle. Where's the trend?
  8. s0101

    Kotooshu Henka

    you see, it has became his instinct move. (In a state of confusion...)
  9. that's the part of the problem (Weeping...), even if I manage to keep awake the stream wouldn't work always (Showing respect...).
  10. s0101

    Sumo Reference

    I love the way you setup the filters (Shaking head...) and the rest :'-(
  11. s0101


    9-6 1) Yorikiri 2) no 3) 10 4) Hokutoriki 5) No 6) 5 7) Yokozuna West (Shaking head...)
  12. s0101


    Asashoryu : 13-2 (Shaking head...) Hakuho : 15-0 :'-( now he finally got over the hump, there's no stopping him... Kotomitsuki : 9-6 (Mickey...) will be (Mickey...)
  13. s0101

    A smiling Danpatsu Shiki

    thank you thank you thank you i :-) Does Shuzan know the goldhat-man personally? anyway, nice to see him let one of his die hard fan to have a snip.
  14. s0101

    What was your biggest disapointment?

    Homashou - I was hoping he'd make Komusubi at least. No playoff - the healthier Asa better the chances to have a playoff.
  15. s0101

    Hakuho Speculation

    thanks folks
  16. s0101

    Hakuho has the sword

    Aren't sumo rituals all 'bout superstitions? ...since they live & breath in that environment their judgment might be affected by it no matter if they're religious or not. BTW, how many styles of yokozuna dohyo-iri do exist and where are they come from?
  17. s0101

    Asashoryu Sends Toyonoshima to Hospital

    I got the impression that higher ranking rikishis visit lower ranking rikishis' heya to train them or practice with, not vise versa. Can lower ranking rikishis visit the yokozuna's heya to practice with him? If yes, who gives the green light?
  18. s0101

    Azuma Will Intai

  19. s0101

    Azuma Will Intai

    good point, I'd have done it. ;-) (Shaking head...) (In jonokuchi...)
  20. s0101

    Asashoryu Sends Toyonoshima to Hospital

    sounds like "my dad can beat up your dad his hands tied behind"... (Sigh...) if you know what I mean ;-)
  21. s0101


    Thank you Kaiguma 8-7 1) Hatakikomi 2) no 3) 14 4) Kaio 5) no 6) 4 7) Sekiwake East
  22. s0101


    I'd love to try, but I'm not familiar some of the terms. Can you rephrase the questions 3 & 5?
  23. s0101

    Hakuho Speculation

    If he gets thru the fist few bouts then (Yusho winner...) (Clapping wildly...) 15-0... odds are against but I'd stick to it.
  24. s0101

    Who could be the best rikishi ?

    Size + strength do matter, what about skill, instinct, & some IQ... even if they do posses all these qualities how many of them could integrate them... I wish it were simple.