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  1. Original links:33: Oxygen used to be piped into gym at Nagoya ‘tropical’ tournament 32: Keep an eye on Ura’s acrobatic sumo performances 31: Tears shed by attendants reflect Kyokutenho’s affectionate ways 30: Kisenosato keeps hopes of becoming yokozuna alive until Nagoya tourney 29: Never be late to go big in the sumo world 28: Promotion to yokozuna means the start of the end to a career 27: JSA Chairman Hakkaku showed power in his reign as yokozuna 26: Various facilities host rikishi on road for regional tourneys 25: Ozeki Kotoshogiku must gain momentum in first 5 days 24: Going through the motions to get in sync for bouts 23: Rikishi fight for laughs in lighthearted shokkiri routines 22: Where do the gods go after descending for a tournament? 21: Good luck buried in the ring 20: New Year for sumo starts February due to tough schedule 19: An unvarnished look at former yokozuna Kitanoumi 18: What does it mean for an ozeki to be a ‘kadoban’? 17: Amazing show of technique dampened by tategyoji referee 16: Tossing cushions at Kyushu Basho made more difficult 15: Regional sumo tournaments celebrate local wrestling talent 14: Skillful use of ingredients the key to great chanko 13: ‘Full house’ banner expected at 5th straight sumo tourney 12: Tsuna-uchi, ceremony to make pure white rope for yokozuna 11: Making, announcing the banzuke 10: Summer tour chance for fun, and to train 9: Throwing seat cushions when yokozuna lose 8: New ozeki Terunofuji enters 1st test on way to yokozuna 7: Wrestler dreams of honoring father at Tokyo Olympics 6: Oyakata work under monthly payroll system 5: Why sumo wrestlers keep their eyes on the bonus 4: What’s the ‘shinitai’ position? 3: Monoii seen as proof of a democratic system 2: Get a free peek at Kokugikan 1: The secret behind topknots (Sign of approval...) Thanks alot !
  2. Anyone happens to have saved the ealier articles (1 to 19 roughly) ? Wasn't careful enough, can't find them now that i want to translate them in French... :(
  3. Toonoryu

    Pick The Yusho Winners! Kyushu 2015

    S : Hakuho M : Takayasu J : Shodai Ms1 : Kizenryu Ms2 : Daiki Sd : Chiyonoumi Jd : Mitsuuchi Jk : Kaito
  4. Toonoryu

    Pick The Yusho Winners! - Aki 2015

    Sanyaku (Y through K) : Hakuho Maegashira : Ichinojo Juryo : Mitakeumi Upper Makushita (Ms1-15 ) (not including any tsukedashi of any rank) : Daido Lower Makushita (Ms16-60 plus tsukedashi if any - including Ms 10 or 15) : Ryuden Sandanme : Ura Jonidan : Hamamachi Jonokuchi : Hokutoryu
  5. Toonoryu

    Pick the Yusho Winners - Nagoya 2015

    Sanyaku (Y through K) Hakuho Maegashira Osunaarashi Juryo Mitakeumi Upper Makushita (Ms1-15 ) (not including any tsukedashi of any rank) Tosayutaka Lower Makushita (Ms16-60 plus tsukedashi if any - including Ms 10 or 15) Sato Sandanme Hishofuji Jonidan Ura Jonokuchi Kiribayama
  6. Toonoryu

    Natsu 15 Streaming

    Thanks for this, i thought it was my connexion that wasn't good enough cos i don't have UBS either :(
  7. Toonoryu

    Natsu 15 Streaming

    Only have FOX Sports on this spot, is it normal ?
  8. Toonoryu

    PTYW Natsu 2015

    S : Hakuho M : Okinoumi J : Tokitenku Ms1 : Mitakeumi Ms2 : Chiyonokuni Sd : Hitenryu Jd : Hishofuji Jk : Daiki
  9. Toonoryu

    PTYW Haru 2015

    S : Hakuho M : Ikioi J : Tosayutaka Ms1 : Mitakeumi Ms2 : Hamaguchi Sd : Chiyonokuni Jd : Kansei Jk : Hishofuji
  10. Toonoryu

    Video Stream - Availability

    The second one. Thanks ! good thing cos the first one doesn't work anyway. They still are not on sumo, hope they will catch up soon.
  11. Toonoryu

    Video Stream - Availability

    Mongolian stream doesn't work for me anymore... as for Niji, it's the first or second NHK channel that broadcasts sumo ?
  12. Toonoryu

    Pick The Yusho Winners Hatsu 2015

    Hakuho Osunaarashi Takanoiwa Abiko Hamaguchi Ryuden Sato Ohata
  13. Toonoryu

    Pick The Yusho Winners Kyushu 2014

    A little late but i humbly accept my first yusho in this game i always enjoy playing. I hope that more payers will join the fun !
  14. Toonoryu

    Toto, Quad, Oracle and Fantasy Sumo banzuke Kyushu 2014

    Thanks for your answer. Anyway, i blew my last tiny chance of making it today...
  15. Toonoryu

    Pick The Yusho Winners Kyushu 2014

    Why do i suddenly have Hidenoumi instead of Tosayutaka in juryo ? :-O