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  1. Asashoryu is now 17% of the way to my prediction of 100 career yusho. I expect him to be at 20% in January 2007, 50% by January 2013, and retire upon winning his 100th yusho in Fukuoka in 2022 at the ripe old age of 42. This has been an Asashoryu Road to 100 Yusho Update.
  2. Peterao

    Goeido Yusho! reports that Goeido won the 34th Japan Ozumo Tournament at the Kokugikan today. After knocking off Yokozuna Hakuho in the semi-finals, Goeido then defeated Ozeki Kotooshu to win his first championship. The record for most tournament titles is four, held by some former yokozuna who's name escapes me at this time...
  3. Peterao

    Natsu Basho 2012 - Discussion

  4. Peterao

    Sad, sad news

  5. The Kyokai have repeatedly stated that the bashos would not resume until the yaocho investigations have concluded. Those investigations include the thorough examination of the cell phones of rikishi under suspicion. For domestically made cell phones, the process is said to take one to two months. But for the cell phones by foreign makers, the gathering of evidence is said to require five to six months. Five months from today would put us in the middle of July, so the papers have now started talking about the very real possibility that the Nagoya basho will be cancelled as well.
  6. Let's be honest: this is the 2011 Natsu Basho. All of the things that supposedly make this not a basho are window dressing. All matches count the same, all yusho will be recorded the same, and people will watch the same matches under the same rules as a normal basho. They are going through with a basho with yaocho investigations ongoing with rikishi still under suspicion of having engaged in yaocho. I will be most interested in seeing how the general public reacts to this.
  7. I was...well, not "expecting", but hoping to see a more urgent type of sumo at the skill test. More desperate battles on the tawara, less people meekly stepping backwards out of the dohyo, that sort of thing. But my impression is that the sumo we are seeing now is basically the same as before the scandal. We even had henka on the very first day! I don't see too many of the "new" viewers that the extraordinary circumstances attracted sticking around once things settle down...
  8. Peterao

    Day 3 expert (not so much) predictions

    Are you an Administrator, Moderator, or Owner of this forum? If so, then I have nothing more to say. If not, then who the heck are you to judge the merit of a post that is perfectly on topic for "Honbasho Talk"? (note: not "Honbasho News")
  9. Peterao

    Day 3 expert (not so much) predictions

    So because I stuck up for the guy, I'm to blame for hurt feelings? That is an awfully bizarre leap of logic to make...
  10. Peterao

    Nagoya basho might be cancelled

    As the investigation appears to be at an end, NHK has announced that they will televise the upcoming Nagoya Basho, provided that it is held as a true "Hon Basho"
  11. Peterao

    Kaio: first 0-15 ozeki?

    It wasn't actually a prediction; I just said that I wouldn't be surprised if Kaio didn't win. That was back when I still thought that we might have a real gachinko basho...but obviously it would look bad if ozeki performance were _too_ radically different from previous basho.
  12. Peterao

    Video Streams - Natsu 2011

    On a more low-tech video stream note, I saw a couple of highlights on the NHK 9 news broadcast tonight (featuring Kaisei and his Holy kesho-mawashi) The surprising thing was that the shown bout was called by one of the regular NHK sumo announcers! I wonder if he just overdubs the matches they choose for the news broadcast, or if he's actually doing a full call of all the days matches that no one will ever hear...
  13. Peterao

    Day 3 expert (not so much) predictions

    Well it seems that we've scared Haruibono away, so problem solved! (Sign of approval...)
  14. Peterao

    Day 3 expert (not so much) predictions

    I don't see the daily results posted in a single thread... Sure, but at least he could reply to the daily results (and next days pairings) postings instead of cluttering up the Honbasho forum with low interest threads. What's your basis for this claim, besides personal disinterest? This thread has about as many views as your Day 2 lower division results post...
  15. Peterao

    Day 3 expert (not so much) predictions

    I don't see the daily results posted in a single thread...
  16. Peterao

    May basho to be broadcast in full on the internet

    By the way, the English description on the NSK site now reads "Real-time, streaming video from the very lowest Jonokuchi Division now available." If they actually bothered to change the English text, then perhaps this is now a permanent arrangement...
  17. Peterao

    Kaio: first 0-15 ozeki?

    Nosh tried a maki-kae at the most inopportune time. Good to see that Kaio can move forward quickly, but maybe it was Toyonoshima's weakness rather than Kaio's strength that did it. For the sake of our premature jumper - was it Toyonoshima
  18. Peterao

    Day 1 lower division results

    Complete with two ugly matta and annoying free software watermarks.
  19. Peterao

    Video Streams - Natsu 2011

    Well, we are getting close-ups and stuff-not the one camera from a far -off land we have been getting on the stream, so it's a great start. And it seems to cover many different needs with many different feeds, so everyone should be quite content. I know I am.. If this is a dress rehearsal for life without NHK, then I imagine that they need to impress people. Because going forward, those people will need to pay for this service in order for it to remain viable. Unless the Kyokai can make up the license fees with enhanced advertising that would be possible without public broadcasting restrictions...
  20. Peterao

    Video Streams - Natsu 2011

    This actually works much better for me (and I can save the stream!) Can't really compare the quality of the two though...
  21. Peterao

    Video Streams - Natsu 2011

    Haven't had much luck with this so far. Best I've had was a couple of seconds of video before it stopped. Nico stats say that over 21,000 people are currently connected. From the comments, it sounds like at least a few people are getting through...
  22. Peterao

    Natsu UnBasho 2011 - Absent/Withdraw/Return

    Technically, none of them are "sekitori" I could see why he's sitting this one out...
  23. Peterao

    Ozeki preparations-May un-basho

    That comment may be even more interesting than Hakuho's "I can't say anything else, can I?" from a couple months back...
  24. Peterao

    The 2011 May Ability Judgement Event

    It seems that they've already released the lineups for the first two days (Hakuho will face Toyonoshima on Day 1, Goeido on Day 2) I guess with all the new measures in place, the rikishi _will_ need a little extra time to coordinate their yaocho...