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  1. Itchygao

    No Sumo on DISH Tv!

    There is a similar topic started by SEKITORI that is getting some activity. You might want to check there for latest information.
  2. Itchygao

    TV Japan no longer on Dish Network

    Hello: Living in rural Illinois, I am not familiar with the streaming options. Is this something you could perhaps refer me to a site that explains how it works in non technical terms? Another consideration, sadly, is band width. Our satellite internet provider charges $10.00 per Gig for every Gig over 15 used in a month. I THOUGHT that was a HUGE amount. But my wife burns through it regularly by simply looking at videos of people's dogs on Facebook, etc. . So if it takes 10 GB of data to watch the basho, it would cost us $100.00 . A lot of money for retired/disabled couple paying American pharmaceutical prices for their medicines.
  3. Itchygao

    TV Japan no longer on Dish Network

    Hello! i just posted a similar message u dear the upcoming basho topic. Glad you are covering some ground as well, as WE NEEDTO FIND OUT HOW TO WATCH SUMO. We have used TV Japan since the late 1990’s, as it was always there. Not sure what to do now. Wishing you the the very Best Itchygao
  4. Itchygao

    No Sumo on DISH Tv!

    I’m surprised not to see anything on this. We’re longtime DISH subscribers and watch the bash on TV JAPAN. Been doing it that way this entire Millennium. As is typical of dish network, no human beomg signed the letter, it is si ply signed”DISH “. They are offering 3 new Japanese station, one being baseball, one is Bloomberg Business, and the third is called “Family Gekijyo”. Sumo is Very Conspicuous by its absence in the description of any of the channels. Hasn’t anyone else heard about this, or am I the only guy who doesn’t know “the other way to get live Sumo”?? Help is both sought AND APPRECIATED! Doug. DeShong a.k.a. Itchy Gao
  5. Itchygao

    NSK Video Stream - Nagoya 10

    Many, Many thanks to those posting the links for the broadcast. I came here hoping to find information, and sure enough there was a lot of it. Regarding the VLC player, I have Windows OS and still use VLC, as I believe it is the best player of the two. The VLC player is super! Itchygao
  6. Itchygao

    Have admitted publicly to baseball gambling

    So, seriously, WHAT do they do now? Shut the sport down? For THIS? Unfortunately there have been worse things surface in the not too distant past. All the talk about Rikishi taking payoffs to lose matches, steroids and other drugs. I don't think we need a poll to determine who you trust more, a Rikishi who bets on a board game like Mahjong or one accepting a 1 million Yen payoff to throw a match. What IS needed now is for SOMETHING to be done. If this scandal also just slowly fades away, the sport we truly love will have yet another deserved black eye. Perhaps what is needed is an admission that this is not the 17th Century. There are more temptations, the participants in Sumo from the Beya to the Dohjo have much more money than in the past. Things need to be kept in perspective. 10,000 Yen is $100.00, not even enough to buy a Kobe steak burger for lunch. Does the equivalent of betting a lousy hamburger on a diversion really require the sport to be destroyed?! I think not!
  7. It would seem to be having an effect. I have a friend who is a "copywriter" in Japan. I recently asked him, through a translator, what his opinion was on the Sumo scandals. His reply was that he did not follow Sumo, as "It is considered a lower class sport." I was floored by his response. The translator we were using at the time lives here in the U.S> and teaches Japanese at a local private secondary school. She was not aware of this perception of Sumo. I hope some of the Japanese Citizens here on the board will be kind enough to comment on this. Is, (or perhaps "has") Sumo lost a great deal of it's stature in Japanese society? Are there a large number of Japanese who view Sumo as a lower class activity? Or, perhaps was my friend simply saying that as a way to explain away his lack of knowledge regarding Ozumo? Any comments from people in a position to know what kind of damage is being done to Sumo's place in Japanese society would be appreciated. Thank You in advance for your time and considered opinion.
  8. I just do not get it. Kotomitsuki is a gambler. This is news? That was obvious in Las Vegas. Then, there was the story NHK did on the whole world of pochinko(sp?) (the Japanese game with all the ball bearings.). Supposedly gambling on the game is illegal, but there was a guy at a booth the size of a New York Broadway ticket office exchanging coupons for cash. At the time I saw that, I THOUGHT I understood how Japan viewed their gambling laws. Basically the same way we do here. They are ignored unless someone really raises a stink. Nobody ever got upset with Pete Rose until he was gambling on baseball at a time when he was a manager. So, when are Kotomitsuki's Sumo betting slips going to come public?
  9. Itchygao

    Yokozuna promotion hypothetical

    No doubt boosted by the fact that he'd gone zensho in the preceding basho. At any rate, AFAIK it was pretty common to take a larger view for yokozuna promotions pre-Futahaguro; the emphasis on two-basho periods is just an unavoidable consequence of insisting on consecutive yusho. I'm mostly with Jakusotsu. Kaio might get promoted with 14-1J x2, Baruto or even Kotomitsuki not so much. On the other hand, I think the Council would be extremely careful about promoting Kaio. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge admirer of Kaio. His perseverance with a debilitating back condition is an inspiration to us chronic back sufferer's around the world. But, after the lingering of Musashi Maru far past the time most Yokozunas gracefully retire, I believe they would be careful promoting a man who could spend more time injured than competing. Further, I think it has been demonstrated that Kaio would continue on until HE was absolutely certain he could no longer compete. While I and others consider this an admirable trait, many do not see it that way when it comes to a Yokozuna. Basically, if a Yokozuna does not show he is the "champion of champions" every basho, or close to it, then it is time for him to step down. Frankly, I think there needs to be two Yokozuna. The demands of the position off the Dohjo are too numerous and time consuming for one man.
  10. Perhaps only Chicago Cubs fans have waited as long. This Basho may finally be the "Big One" where Takamisakari competes for the Yusho. I for one will absolutely go to Tokyo , should he be in contention next week. It may only be to wish him well from outside if no tickets remain, but I will be there for the momentous occasion. :-) (Applauding...) Are there any other Forum Members contemplating attending the current Basho? Always interested in meeting fellow fans of this great sport. Regards, Itchygao.
  11. Itchygao

    Former Makushita Arrested for Smuggling

    Just amazing! Hardly what any Rikishi needs.
  12. Itchygao

    Drugs, crime, and the law

    This reminds me of the U.S. in the 1960's. We had kids going to jail for 10-15 years without chance for parole for being caught with under an ounce of grass. The cannabis laws in this country were so outdated & outlandish they HAD to be changed, or an entire generation was going ot be "warehoused" as soon as the massive prison complexes were built to house them. Fortunately for the many, the misfortunes of the few led to the laws being amended. In cities with college campuses marijuana possession became akin to a traffic ticket, including the mail in $5.00 fine. If there is nothing that can be done for Wakanohou let us hope his great misfortune causes an archaic system to pause and self reflect.
  13. Itchygao

    Chiyotaikai's blog

    Harry: Thank you so very much for continuing to bring us the translated blog. And we are indeed fortunate to have "back up" translation as you continue your rapid progress in mastering a TREMENDOUSLY DIFFICULT language. (More like three languages if you count the various styles.) I'm sure many like myself would never know what was happening without these translations. I am very grateful for your tireless and unselfish efforts. Best Regards, Itchygao
  14. Itchygao

    The Most Frustrating Active Rikishi

    Count me in. This guy must be doing it because his other career option was shoveling salt in a gulag. He has NONE of the sportsmanship, temperment, and is especially lacking in RESPECT for his sport & chosen profession. Follow Roho around for a week with a camera and you could make a movie on :"Everything a Rikishi should not be." I was trying to think of something, even some little politeness about him to end on. There isn't one.
  15. OMG! WHat has happened to "The Strange One"? I hope it is not career threatening.