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  1. Fay

    Asking for help

    Tnak you, that's great (Whistling...)
  2. Fay

    Asking for help

    Could someone of you guys there outside in Japan give me a tip how to get to Takanohana Beya and Takasago Beya without getting totally lost in translation (Whistling...) My sense of direction is incredibly poor. The only place I always find is the Kokugikan (Eating...) Thanks a lot!!!
  3. Fay

    Kotooshu Resumes Training

    I see the new oyakata is taking a more relaxed attitude to training and has turned up in in his Pyjama bottoms. ;-) ;-) oh yes, that suit is very flattering :-P (In love...)
  4. Fay

    MAS on SOS

    Ok let's feed Takanohana a bit and we'll see, what will happen (Whistling...)
  5. Fay

    Training news and other-January 2006

    Uuuuuups, I hope he will not get a cold. (Nodding yes...) Well Asa, just promise me to win the next basho (Whistling...)
  6. Fay

    Kotooshu Resumes Training

    Well at least Chiyotaikai and Kaio would deserve some congratulations, well if I had their email at least me would congratulate (Nodding yes...) I think there is a little too much hype with Oshu and perhaps too high expectations, I'm really very anxious how he will do in the next basho.
  7. Fay

    Hatsu Basho Tickets Go on Sale

    And thank God, I got the tickets today ;-), besides someone promised me tamari tickets behind Chiyonufuji (Blushing...) , but I don't think he can make this true .... But anyway, I will be there ..... ;-)
  8. Fay

    Next Yusho Winner?

    hey, that's cool (Dribbling...) , if you hear someone yelling loudly " Rohoooooooooo" in the second week of the basho, it's me (On the banzuke...)
  9. Fay

    Asasekiryu interview

    I just surfed a little in the Sumoforum and found this nice interview with Asasekiryu. Thanks a lot for this. I met him last year at Takasago Beya and he is really a sweet boy. He couldn't do any practise because he was injured, sat there on the ground and flirted a little bit - well until the oyakata went in who seemed to be in a very very bad mood.
  10. Fay

    A historic moment

    My congratulations to Asashoryu. (Showing respect...) This IS really another historic moment in Sumo. In my opinion he is technically amazing and he derserves any respect. I like him a lot and I'm looking forward to watch him live on the dohyo in January.
  11. Fay

    Kotonowaka Intai

    I will miss him a lot (Blushing...) . But I'm so glad that he will now take over Sadogatake beya so he is still there in ozumo.
  12. Fay

    Happy birthday Onnagumo!

    I agree, toooo bad, but he will do it tomorrow, I believe in him (Nodding yes...)
  13. Fay

    Happy birthday Onnagumo!

    Happy birthday from me too, nice 40 (Whistling...) (Nodding yes...)
  14. Fay

    New rijikai candidates

    A good starting point would be the great glossary linked on top of this page. Oh, oh, oh how embarassing B-) , as I always say read and think first and then talk ....
  15. Fay

    New rijikai candidates

    Why the governing body of the Kyokai, of course!! Sorry for asking ... I'm just a beginner
  16. Fay

    New rijikai candidates

    Well I must confess, that I even don't know what the rijikai means (I was stupid...)
  17. Fay

    Chiyotaikai and life on earth

    he will go on, I'm sure about that (In a state of confusion...)
  18. Fay

    Chiyotaikai and life on earth

    Chiyotaikai, I can't believe it ... 8:2, and I love to see it (Sign of approval)
  19. Fay

    Play with the thought...

    Well Hakuho looked so guilty after his henka against Asashoryu, I will give him another chance. I will put some pepper in his ..... in January. I've no hope with Futeno in the moment but I think Kisenosato will make it. And of course little Kotomitsuki (my christmas wish :-) ) And Oshi? ? I can only cross my fingers, pray for him and light a candle in the cathedral of Cologne (Clapping wildly...) But what am I saying.....I don't want Chiyotaikai to retire (A sekitori...)
  20. Fay

    Day 8 results and day 9 pairings

    Ma little Kotomitsuki, I'm sp proud of him (Clapping wildly...) , perhaps he will reach it to Ozeki in the next future. Come on go for it !!!!! (A sekitori...)
  21. Fay

    Takanohana Beya

    What's your opinion. Will there be a rikishi from Takanohana Beya in Juryo or even Makuuchi in the near future? I would like to be alive and see it (Sigh...) even I'm a Sadogatake supporter (Eating...)
  22. Fay

    Chiyotaikai and life on earth

    I must agree, I never liked him and his sumo very much, but I met him last September and he really is such a nice, polite and funny guy. Suddenly I found myself crossing my fingers for him in each bout I could see (Eating...)
  23. Fay

    Kotooushuu keiko

    make them so .... ??? Perhaps I could ask the oyakata for offering me a job of a mental trainer to give Kotooshu more self-confidence and take away the fear when there ist Asashoryu staring at him. I'm good in this job (Eating...) But on the other side I love to see Asashoryu win his fights, I love to look at his face when he takes all this envelopes and looking to his right side staring at I don't know whom ...
  24. Fay

    Kotooushuu keiko

    Well I would like help him to handle the pressure (Eating...) but nobody asks me (Sigh...))). I think it's a mental problem, but he is a young guy and he will manage it sometime.