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  1. Blue_Wolf

    Basho Talk - Hatsu Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    Injured Ama, losing Kakuryu, shaky Hakuho and other ozeki's down already Kisenosato has a big chance this basho.
  2. Blue_Wolf

    Natsu 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Long live Kintamayama
  3. Without the blessing of dai yokozuna no yusho for you, Hagiwara.
  4. Blue_Wolf

    Could this be Hakuho's final basho?

    His last basho? Hell no. If Hakuho chooses to continue as an average yokozuna he can compete at least 2 more years with comport. Who are the younger and stronger wrestlers coming at hem except Terunofuji? His rest and main contenders are Harumafuji and Kotoshogiku who are actually 1 year older than him and Kisenosato, Goeido only a year younger. Kakuryuu with a same age they can all stay and retire around same time.
  5. Sokokurai is not a chinese. He is a Mongolian.
  6. Harumafuji against Wakanoho
  7. Blue_Wolf

    Ichinojo in 2015

    Rank in Hatsu 2016-Ozeki east 6 KKs in 2015 14-1 Yusho in Sep or November
  8. Blue_Wolf

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    He's ok. I think he's slightly a better version of Kokkai. And i'm also worried of injuries he might get with the way he does sumo. Especially his elbow or wrist.
  9. Blue_Wolf

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    It is a nice joke in Kintamayama's word and it also could be a reality in another men's mind or world.
  10. Ichinojo 6-1. Are we gonna see him in Juryo next tournenemt?
  11. Blue_Wolf

    Haru 2014 discussion thread **probable spoilers**

    Ichinojo kachikoshi. Another win seals him promotion?
  12. Very promising start. I like it. Is Terunofuji going to replace Baruto? Powerful young man.
  13. Blue_Wolf

    Some more pictures

  14. Blue_Wolf

    Hakuho Interview

    Wish it had Mongolian subtitle
  15. Blue_Wolf

    YDC on the next yokozuna run

    It kind a surprises me that not many people believe in Kisenosato nowadays. Years ago when he was a just a youngstar people often talk about his potential to be a yok and now he is so near to finally become one, people don't see it anymore? I mean the guy has improved a lot lately. I see him winning from disadvantage positions after tachi-ai constantly. Chest to chest against Hakuho would be losing position for everyone but him. Anyway Kisenosato was incredibly good in 2013. And in 2014 he will win a tournement for sure.
  16. Blue_Wolf

    Aran talking retirement? Yes. Retired.

    Shotenro once told me he was on of the strongest of the division. I believe him. Disease, injury and of course time will eventually bring everyone down. I think his mouth cancer giving him trouble. One can't generate his own full potential must be feeling frustration. So why continue and suffer. Good decision. Good luck to him in the future.
  17. Blue_Wolf

    Baruto Intai

    Noooo. :'-(​
  18. Blue_Wolf

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Kotoshogiku the WALL.
  19. Blue_Wolf

    Nagoya 2013 Videos- Promo and All Days

    Did Miyogiryu get robbed today? I don't see no hair pulling. Btw since he's a beter wrestler than Goeido he might become ozeki sooner then later.
  20. Blue_Wolf

    Preparations of the masses-Nagoya 2013

    Any news on Baruto?
  21. Blue_Wolf

    Nagoya Basho Past Winners

    This was Chiyotaikai's second yusho. His third and last came a year later at hatsu basho, defeating my man Asashoryu. I remember it like yesterday. ;-)​
  22. I heard Hakuho shouting it feels GOOOD in another video. And i really really thank him for doing this. Why is it embarassing? It's a very different game and everyone knows there's not a single man from any other sport who can beat him in sumo.
  23. Blue_Wolf

    Yokozuna/Ozeki preperandum - Nagoya 2013

    Hakuho enjoying some Mongolian Wrestling
  24. Blue_Wolf

    Natsu 2013 videos- Day 1-15

    WOW my man Kakuryu.