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  1. Shikona meanings

    Could anyone tell me what the shikonas mean? I would really appreciate if someone took the time and translated some. :-)
  2. Edit

    (Gyoji...) Hello stranger,whats happening? Not much? How about you? I've been really busy, so I can't really follow the forum anymore. I'm only here during bashos and very irregularly even then, but I couldn't resist taking a shot at this wonderful prize... (On the banzuke...) (Applauding...) Best of luck!!! (going back into lurking mode)
  3. Edit

    Tochiazuma: Oshidashi Asashoryu: Sotogake
  4. Good bye, Toki ?

    (Applauding...) :-) :'-( :'-( :'-(
  5. Yusho decided

    31 years old now, and if he goes better than 2-5 next basho I'll eat a banzuke. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> :-P Please remember this, someone!!! (Sign of approval)
  6. Go the reds !

    LIVERPOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Being thrown tomatoes at...) (You are going off-topic...) (Dribbling...) (Blushing...) (First prize...) (First prize...) (First prize...) (Applauding...) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...) (Dribbling...) (Cheers...) (Showing respect...) (Showing respect...) (Showing respect...) (Sign of approval) (Sign of approval) (Sign of approval) (Sign of approval) (Sign of approval)
  7. Gyoji injured

    Now, if you can explain what a metatarsal bone is, I (and thousands more..) would be right happy.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> (Help me...)
  8. Ichimon Banzuke/Topics Page Updated for Haru

    Thank you all for your kind words. I haven't had the time to follow sumo for real for a couple of bashos. No time for timeconsuming daily games as well. I tried to keep up with some of the prebasho games, but now is the time to cut the ties to all of the games. It's with great sorrow in my heart I say bye to the Bench Sumo game and community. It is by far the game I enjoyed the most. I wish all members of the SFI a great game and continued dominance over the other ichimons. (Sign of approval) A special thanks goes out to Tzutziyama, who enriched my game immensely by joining in with my bantering and trash talk. I truly believe he will be the next Bench Sumo Yokozuna. (Applauding...) (Applauding...) I still come here to the forum sometimes during bashos, so don't count me out yet. But becoming a doctor and trying to maintain a social life is not always as easy... (Applauding...) Big hugs and thank yous to the entire gaming community!!! (Applauding...) :'-( P.S. I am no longer a member of the BS list. If someone could send this or something like it, I would be very grateful... D.S.
  9. Hatsu Banzuke

    Probably at keiko.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> (Shaking head...) :-P (Shaking head...)
  10. Hatsu Banzuke

    Where's Tochiazuma?
  11. English

    One of the reasons why at least Swedes speak and write ok English is that we never dub movies and TV. You are constantly surrounded with English speaking moviestars and television. English is a normal thing in society which almost everyone knows. That's at least my two
  12. How you became interested in sumo..?

    Hahahahaha!!! (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Whistling...) ;-) :-/ (Clapping wildly...) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...) (Punk rocker...) (Showing respect...)
  13. I am openly shocked! How anyone could dislike Toki is above me. His grace, the style, the smile on his face when he wins some important match. Sure, he's been lackluster the last bashos, but I remember a time. A time not long ago, when he was seen as the next yokozuna. When his sideburns flew over the dohyo like two flying squirrels. When his technique gave him wins where no man has ever won before... What? Never? Not even in his early career? Well, drat! Whatever, he's still my favourite rikishi! (Whatever above, it is funny...) Yeah, right. The rikishi I dislike the most. That has to be Kyokushuzan, for reasons already specified earlier in this thread. Hairpulling incident just wasn't nice... (Censored)
  14. Happy Birthday, Tokimori

    Thank you, all! I've been away for a while and have a bit to read. :-O
  15. Day 7 activities on the dohyo

    Thank you for your reports! They are for me one of the top things with this forum. (Holiday feeling...)
  16. Happy Birthday Nekonishiki!

    Big congratulations and thx for your efforts with your homepage!!! Domo arigato!!!
  17. FINAL REMINDER Sekitori-Toto/Oracle/Quadrumvirate

    I would like to register a kosho for the S4 this tournament. I didn't find anything like that on the website, so I hope you will see this. :-P
  18. Some more pictures

    The civilian is Sugei Kanemochi, their accountant. If you look in the background, you can see the Ryogoku branch of the "Tokyo National Bank". Behind Waka's head, you can see the blue "Udon" sign of the famous eatery near Ryogoku station that is frequented mostly by rikishi who say "ni". The white van on the left is the Futagoyama delivery van bringing groceries to the heya. The rikishi on the right is Wakafutago, the third brother who never made it. He had problems with his perpendicular thyroid muscle which wouldn't flap, and never got a license for his minkey. He now works for Japan Airlines as a stewardess. The telephone pole in the background is a retired Takasago-beya teppo. This was the day the brothers acquired the eatery in exchange for a future first round draft pick for the Clippers and four hairdressers who were especially adept with a fan. Waka is smiling because the accountant just told him that one of the hairdressers couldn't dress a hair if his life depended on it, but he could manage a mean salsa. Inside their bags: Taka-you can tell that his is the heaviest by far by the look on his face- 47 barbells and an expandable teppo. Note the fake real Rolex. He should have spotted the "Rolecks" insignia. Waka- 4 expandable and expendable hairdressers. Kanemochi-24 units of sushi-flavored edible underwear, and a rubber stamp that says "Moxie". Lost brother- Fake Gucci ladies' handbag. Or it could be Takamisugi. (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Clapping wildly...) (Sign of approval) (Sign of approval) (Sign of approval) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) Best ever, Kinta!!!!
  19. Jam?

    Don't believe a word they told you. Lakkahillo- Arsenic- will make you bloat "like a hill-o". HJORTRONSYLY- Extreme laxative- Will make you "hjortron (round toilet) silly" KARNFRII- this is the worst and most dangerous one- Cornfree- It has no corn included, and we all know what THAT means. MARJAPITOISUUS- This means that Mr. Ito, who is thought to be Japanese, is actually American. Devious. You have been warned.. (Showing respect...) (Sign of approval)
  20. New RotoSumo Ozeki Promoted

    Grattis, Yubi!!! M
  21. Next featured rikishi?

    I really would like Iwakiyama to be the next one...
  22. SEX

    This turned out to be a very amusing thread... ;-) :-/ ;-)
  23. Featured rikishi: Kotoryu

    Welcome to the forum, Jakusotsu! May you enlight this forum as much as the BS mailing list!
  24. Euro 2004 in Portugal

    i didn't say you don't ..... i bet you meant ANR-san ... (Laughing...) Sorry. My mistake... (Oops! )
  25. Euro 2004 in Portugal

    Toki-san, (Shaking head...) 'always' ?? At 24 odd just how many tournaments do you remember - you would have been 12 when the Danes won - do you know why they were even in it? If so, did that info come later because not many 12 year olds read enough of the media to know what people 'always' talk about. And 'always' - hardly fair when I guess 3 (4 at most) tourneys is your memory limit. My referral to 'always' is mostly based on the sports commentators views. I am a big follower of sports and I read and listen a lot. But you're right, I can't say anything first hand about the tournaments before 1992. The 1992 tournament I strongly remember. It was held in Sweden, where I live. Denmark got a place not long before the tourney started since Yugoslavia was in a war. (I won't go into details about this war...) Group 1: Sweden and Denmark went through to to semis. France and England got kicked out. Group 2: Holland and Germany went through. Scotland and Russia got kicked out. Semis: Sweden lost against Germany with 3-2. Denmark won by penalties against Holland. The final was won by Denmark against Germany by 2-0 with the finishing goal scored by Kim Vilfort. Some people said that he did take the ball with his hand before scoring. I'm not sure, the Tv images wasn't clear on that. And that was by heart. So I do remember 1992, Aderechelsea. And I did read a lot of newspapers when I was young. :-) And I agree with Qttp. I definately think you have ventured into deep political land here. I won't discuss that topic here. :-O