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  1. Just found some time to check my SB masters scores over the years (2006-2019). For me it was a big surprise to see S-Oracle leading the rest of the games by a mile. At least my favourite pre-basho game UDH (I have a special faible for losers ;-)) is 2nd best among the pre-bashos. Scores in my favourite dailiy games (SG & S4) are also fine. Bashos from 2020 are not included in this ranking (Sumo Game has overtaken Toto meanwhile).

    No surprise to find Fantasy Sumo and Paper Oyakata far behind due to their huge number of participants in the past. Playing rather safe in Odd Sumo is reflected in a low overall score as well. Perhaps I should change my strategy in near future. And in Hoshitori I'm simply crap for more than 14 years now...




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  2. On 24/03/2020 at 18:18, Randomitsuki said:

    Ganzohnesushi gets his second career gino-sho for balanced scoring in daily games (e.g., a jun-yusho in Sumo Game) and pre-basho games (e.g., 7 points in Juryo Game).

    I assume my lousy score was the worst ever to win this prize.


  3. Mixed bag of everything on Day 14 for me. Lost in Bench (now 8-6), Toto (7-7), Odd and ISP (8-6). DST slightly above average but this comes way too late. Nice wins in TTT (7-7) and S4 (9-5) should secure a few points for SB masters. Highlight of the day of course was the win vs. Flohru in SG and Sumo's loss which brings me in a nice position in Sumo Game. Jun-Yusho (would be my 9th!) is already sure, but of course now I want more...

    In Juryo game I will finish somewhere between 1st and 5th, I guess. And all of a sudden I'm also in contention for a few points in S-Oracle. I have not yet checked but it seems I can stay among the top 10.

    And finally the first edition of the Dödel-Cup is decided. This trophy goes to the Panda as my 5 winners today were slightly better placed than his.


  4. Today was a mix of everything. In DST I scored again way below average, thus the KK-line is meanwhile 20+ points away. Horrible. S4 gambit did not work well today, but at 8-5 I'm fine ith that. Kaisei screwed me in Odd. Went over the line in Toto just with the musubi no ichiban to get 7-6. ISP is 8-5 now but it is too early to celebrate KK as most likely banzuke maker will deduct at least one win. Nice win in TTT to get 6-7. A fraction of 1 SB masters point seems possible here. Win in Bench, i.e. immediate return to Makuuchi after securing kk today. And another nice win in Sumo Game (9-4 now) where I'm hot on the heels of the current leader. Pre-basho games all might end somewhere between 9-6 and 6-9. Realistic chances for SB masters points only in Juryo Game.

    So my hopes are on SG, JG, S4 and TTT. 20 points would be nice, anything beyond superb. And I need just one more win to ensure the Dödel-Cup goes to Simon.


  5. 23 minutes ago, Pandaazuma said:

    And amazingly I beat Ganzo in an embarrassing 4-4 draw. 6-6 now. I've been rubbish this basho so it would be highly amusing if I won this cup and Ganzo wins the yusho! I don't think Ganzo would mind that so much! ;)

    I would be very pleased if I get both trophies, Yusho in Sumo Game plus Dödel-Cup (Laughing...)


  6. Wins in both H2H games, i.e. at 7-4 in both games I need just one more win for KK. Wins also in TTT, ISP, S4 and Toto. Tamawashi screwed me in Odd and in DST I'm losing more and more ground every day. Still in 2nd place in Juryo game but with Terunofuji now on a losing streak there is absolutely no chance for my very first Yusho in this game. In most other pre-basho games I might end with a KK or a small MK. SB masters points hopes in JG plus SG, Bench, S4, Toto and TTT.

    And despite a 6 points gap the Dödel-Cup is a close-run thing with only a 6-5 lead for me.


  7. 4 hours ago, Pandaazuma said:

    Owl indeed has had hideous luck, with 8/8 AADs and a fine score. 4/4 tie-breaks lost is no joke, especially on an Ozeki run. Must say the Centipedes have been cursed in general with awful luck this time.

    Well, in that high quality 9-9 match either Owl or me would suffer. A 10-10 would have been in Owl's favor but Asanoyama surprisingly losing vs. Yutakayama helped me a lot. Who knows better than me how often bad luck can hit you hard. Sorry, Douglas.


  8. Important wins in both H2H games, scored well in Toto and won in ISP today. Went out in Chain with Teru, thus no win in TTT either (Teru's loss ruined 31 Shiroboshi in total) and the rest is also to forget. Still one of approx. 48 co-leaders in Juryo and slowly recovering in the other pre-basho Games. It helps a lot that Yasu is out and substitutes step in.

    Ah, and completely crushed the Yokozuna in the Dödel-Cup to go 3-3.


  9. Day 5 went well for me. Slightly below average in DST, but wins in all other dailies. Still co-leader in Juryo game. In the other pre-basho games I'd be happy with a kk as I had expected much more from Takayasu and Tamawashi.

    And as Panda took a day off in SG I achieved an easy win in the Dödel-Cup to get 2-3.


  10. 4 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

    I've lost count how many times you screwed up that way...

    Unfortunately this time it was really late... or better say early in the morning. Had not enough time to finish my picks in the afternoon before I had to leave and when I came back it was 2:30 a.m. already. Completely tired and not fully concentrated obviously... I could check how many times I have missed that in the past 15 years but I'm too lazy now.


  11. Bad day for me. Both H2H got lost, SG by simply bad picking and in bench I ran into a 9GBL. Horrible. Even worse, I thought I had saved Toto picks but obviously I did not. The good thing is, with 20-15 I would have earned a Kuroboshi anyway as I usally don't achieve too many points with the risk factor. DST just 1 point today, meanwhile 0-3 in TTT and so on. At least I'm still in Chain where I hopefully can defend my rank #1 again.

    Surprised to see on top of the standings in Juryo Game but there are still 12 days to go.


  12. 4 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:


    (we use that term frequently for rikishi snatching defeat from the jaws of victory)

    Jakusotsu is right. We use that term especially when an almost sealed win is clumsily turned into a loss. Hence we should play for the "Dödel-Cup". In case you have problems writing the ö you may use oe instead.


  13. From my point of view all Games should be cancelled immediately once the basho is cancelled, regardless on which day. Exceptions could be Chain Gang, if already decided and GTB of course.