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  1. DonKordylone

    The Wall

    Still No Onokatsu on the Wall :(
  2. DonKordylone

    The Wall

    Onokatsu doesn’t apply to the wall? 3 basho, 3 kk
  3. DonKordylone

    Terutsuyoshi Intai

    Terutsuyoshi debuted in Sumo along with Kagayaki and Takanosho. He was the 3rd youngest man to make Makushita after Takanohana and Kisenosato, shame he never really made a bigger splash. Since he was a career-long assistant of Terunofuji this seems like a preview of a much bigger Intai.
  4. DonKordylone

    Natsu jungyo 2023

    Terunofuji is injured but can’t go kyujo because he left Japan for Mongolia in the break to celebrate 3rd wedding reception.