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  1. Tasha

    Kyushu 10 Video Stream

    Is he the one who runs the Fukao85 channel? Yes, Yoshi make this page to put Fukao videos since 2008 (Nodding yes...) He is nikkei and live in Brasil, sumo fan But Miss Toyoshima, a ladie from Tokyo, dont send him videos since July, she record all the videos and send him, but she move to USA, now Yoshi try find a way to watch and record fights but he dont know how
  2. Tasha

    Kyushu 10 Video Stream

    Someone record the Juryo fights? Because my friend Yoshi have a Youtube Channel about Akiseyama but his friend Miss Toyoshima no more in Tokyo and dont can send videos to him anymore He want record the Akiseyama fights (and lost his 4 first victorys) :-)
  3. Tasha

    Scandal fallout

    (Sign of disapproval...) What happen? I dont understand... But today a friend told me he dont can record sumo fights because NHK dont show this anymore and he need find another way to watch and record... He put sumo videos in youtube since 2008 and now dont can do it anymore Someone can tell me a way to record sumo fights in internet or some TV channel?
  4. Tasha

    what's the name of these Sumo

    Tasha? (Yucky...) I said long time ago, who is the fan of Fukao is my friend Yulia, because this i ask about him in past...
  5. Tasha

    Day 3 lower division results

    Fukao lost again, really sad (Tears forming...) I dont understand why (I dunno...)
  6. Tasha

    Day 1 lower division results

    Ms48e Sotairyu (1-0) shitatedashinage Ms48w Fukao (0-1) (Sign of disapproval...)
  7. Tasha

    Fukao Birthday

    Born in 1985 (Holiday feeling...)
  8. Tasha

    Pics Day 05 - Natsu Basho 08

    No one remember to make pictures of Fukao and Kise Beya...
  9. Tasha

    Some pics of day 14 Hatsu Basho

    What happened with his shoulder?? :-P Asashoryu never blinks... :-O It is sleeping or it turned a statue? (Laughing...)
  10. Tasha

    Hatsu Basho on TV

    Fukao? Possibly in 3 years, but most probably never. I hope I'm wrong. To watch NHK, you need to be subscribed to NHK satellite dish. But here said about Fukao in Hatsu Basho, http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?...45&hl=fukao i really dont understand now :-/ but thanks
  11. Tasha

    Hatsu Basho on TV

    Please, i try find informations about fight and the time of fight in the website of sumo.org.jp But in this website say only about buy tickets, no name of wrestlers and hour of fight, my friend Yulia and Boris want watch this (specially Fukao fights) in NHK Please when will happen that in TV? (Can someone say me in Tokyo time and i say to they in Moscow time no problem) :-)
  12. Tasha

    New recruits for January 2008

    (Laughing...) Really, my friend Yulia from Moscow loves him (Fukao) and dream about come to Tokyo with Boris (her brother) and make interview with Fukao Maybe now this will be more easy, or not if he be very famous (In a state of confusion...) But... Yulia will finally find a lot of pictures and news about Fukao and maybe email or msn of him (Neener, neener...) PS: I am fan of Mr Chiyotaikai as my friend Chiyomaru,but sometimes i try help Yulia about news of Fukao here
  13. Happy Birthday Mitsuhiko (Sign of approval...) Yesterday was birthday of Mitsuhiko Fukao, 22 years old Congradulations (Neener, neener...)
  14. Im Natasha, and i come to this forum long time ago Since 2006 i try help my friend Yulia and Boris, Yulia is a fan of sumo too specially Mr Mitsuhiko Fukao This because his brother Boris study to be a journalist in Moscow University, they write in a small magazine of sports to University. In 2005 he watch Fukao win the World Sumo Challenge and have interest in make a interview with him, because now Sumo is big in Russia with Orora and others Well but university will give only US$3000 to Boris make interview with Fukao in Nihon University Sumo Club What our idea? Someone who know Nichidai Sumo Club and Fukao help us making pictures of him, friends and club and maybe translate questions of to ask him Unfortunately no one want help and say bad words to me and friends, as we 'crazy guys' and other words If someone want helpf repply us ok? This serious but without a friend inside Nichidai never we will can make this, and im sorry if this topic no right here but where we can have help?
  15. Tasha

    Personal Communications

    This no nice to say about u dont know... Yes Yulia and me added u (and she loves Fukao a lot) but she very young and u be rude with her... And when u say to her stop talk with u never more she talk with u in MSN I really dont understand why u hate us. This sad. Thank you very much...