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  1. Yubiquitoyama

    Stefan Gelow's Sumo Page

    I'm glad someone actually noticed it disappeared despite there being so much newer and better sources nowadays. I have all of it somewhere on my harddrive, so if anyone would like something, please PM me. My internet provider stopped providing personal homepage space and therefore I just let it disappear...
  2. Yubiquitoyama


    So, does that mean Miyabiyama is soon on a new Ozeki run? ;-) Btw, having followed sumo scarcely the last few years I just now noticed that Kasugano really is turning into a powerhouse in sumo. Suits me fine since I liked old Tochinowaka. Musashigawa though seems to be on the brink of the generational shift from hell... (Ok, no news to those more active around here of late, but things you notice when trying to get back on track...).
  3. Yubiquitoyama

    Election erection

    Joke's on them, the retirement age limit will still apply. ;-) You underestimate the power of the dark side, young padawan. When Takanohana is rijicho, he will of course abolish such nonsense for oyakatas with a BMI below 25... :-O
  4. Yubiquitoyama

    Biggest threat to Taiho's yusho record?

    With no Asa, Hakuho could likely take 10-11 of the next 12 tournaments. That would only bring him up to weeks after his 27th birthday, and put him within 10 of the record. Who's going to stop him from getting at least that far, besides an injury? I think that part is nearly guaranteed. After he's there, another 10 championships over 4 years would be do-able. Most people on here seem to think we're a long, long way away from the next Yokozuna, and Hak would need to be seriously opposed soon to derail his record hopes. With no Asa, and no other serious competition, the record could fall in just over 4 years. It's really a matter of timing. Asa was very fortunate in this respect, with nobody else able to regularly win 12 matches in a tournament during his solo reign. How long is it before the next contender arises? I hope we're never going to find out about this, because I'd like Asa to stay. Well, being around 20 yusho at the age of 27 is not the problem. Several have done it. The problem is the last 12. Anyway, as others have stated, the options are a bit strange. I don't think either will make 32, not because they are not dai-enough-yokozunas, but because 32 is difficult (duh). That something is doable does not make it probable. Anyway, I believe Asashoryu will stay in but will not win many more yusho either way, so he will not as such be the biggest threat to Hakuho. That threat will be injuries and future opposition.
  5. Yubiquitoyama

    Suppose Baruto....

    Which has been a surprisingly common opinion in past discussions on Ozeki promotion standards, if I remember correctly. Although of course the proponents wouldn't admit/realize that themselves.
  6. Yubiquitoyama

    Hakuhou in Puroresu brawl

    Wouldn't that be a bit "our guy hasn't done nothing wrong... but your guy did it too!"... Not that it is that unusual, but still... :-)
  7. Yubiquitoyama

    Can Ama make it higher than Ozeki

    Well, I'm not putting my money on him making Yokozuna just yet. I can still see him as some Araiwa-type who wins several yusho, but doesn't quite manage to string them together. But admittedly, he is in a good spot right now, and when he can even win yusho with all top contenders against him, I do admit I might be too cautious. But we'll see...
  8. Yubiquitoyama

    Both Yokozuna play golf-Sumo world angry

    Without going into the actual issue, I still wonder if this is really true. As far as I know, Kokonoe always enjoyed golf and I wouldn't put it past him, at least in the latter stages of his career, to accept to play if he found the opportunity entertaining enough, even a couple of days before hon-basho. But of course it's impossible to know.
  9. Yubiquitoyama

    Quotes from Day 12 - Haru 2009

    Hm. Yeah, that sounds like a good reason to write detailed articles: Surely it must exist, eh? (Showing respect...)
  10. Yubiquitoyama

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    But there are never any stray bouts, because the premises always change when such one occurs, so that it can be explained away. Of course, this is how any conspiracy theory works, so nothing strange with that. But it makes disproving it impossible.
  11. Yubiquitoyama

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    Of course, any good conspiracy theory can incorporate any result after the fact...
  12. Yubiquitoyama

    How many more yusho does Asashoryu have in him?

    My estimate is 2 more yusho, but I might be a bit too optimistic. He follows pretty much the usual pattern of the top-of-the-top rikishi, and if he continues like that, he is very much at the end of his career. I think we'll see him retired by the end of 2010 or possibly early 2011.
  13. Yubiquitoyama

    Sumo World Magazine

    It is not an easy one to find. I have (ever) seen two items for sale somewhere on the web, and both have been very expensive.
  14. Yubiquitoyama

    The Amazing Asashoryu

    Yes, I agree. I think I'd like to see Asashoryu in reasonably great form for a few years more and I think sumo would be better for it, but his career does in many ways resemble that of other great yokozunas in which case this could well be "that final showing"... (Whistling...)