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  1. Jeronimozo

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Copy the link and replace wins=8 with wins=9.
  2. Jeronimozo

    Ura injured

    He seems to be in Facebook. As I am not, I can not say what he is doing there.
  3. Jeronimozo

    Aki 2016 - Videos- Day 1-15

    "Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell was 'Oh no, not again'." Thank you. Again.
  4. Jeronimozo

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    Thanks. The NHK videos are not bad (reminding me of the Eurosport broadcasts millen... milen.. jum.. many centuries ago), but as Sinead O'Connor and many others here already said - nothing compares 2 U.
  5. Jeronimozo

    Nagoya 2011-the daily videos

    Thanks, Dood.
  6. Jeronimozo

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    And the world will turn without you, and history will soon forget about you. (Nick Cave, Faraway So Close) The second verse is completely wrong of course but the first one is not.
  7. Jeronimozo


    The Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club (Showing respect...)
  8. Jeronimozo

    Day 2 Pics - Hatsu 09, Part 2

    Talk to the hand! - No, no, take it away...
  9. Jeronimozo

    Ama's potential shikona change

  10. Jeronimozo

    Day 6 Pics - Kyushu 08

    In remembrance of his Bavarian ancestors, Toyonoshima performs a Schuhplattler victory dance.
  11. Jeronimozo

    Kaio Injures His Leg

    Ama might follow in his footsteps, but he will never replace him.
  12. Jeronimozo


    There are some security issues and the protection of your privacy is at least a bit unclear, so watch your steps. Just one of many links.
  13. Jeronimozo

    What are your professions?

    System administrator.
  14. Jeronimozo

    Wakanohou arrested for drug possession

    He should have been content with heating the wall instead of heating some "smoking apparatus".
  15. Jeronimozo

    Soken- January 8th

    I just try my best. And I also have no life.. Oh, and I actually enjoy doing it too. And I enjoy the occasional thanks most of all- it proves at least people are reading.. As Laurie Anderson put it: Listen, uh - I just want to say thanks. So... thanks. And that should be said much more often. P.S. You are missed on the Sumo ML, though nobody here might care for that.