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  1. jutumull

    Junior Sumo World Champs

    Here are the final lists of the Sumo Junior World Championship. Lightweight Division (-80kg) Middleweight Division (-100kg) 1. MONGUSH, Nachin RUS 1. SHIMAKO, Takashi JPN 2. ISHIURA, Masaskatsu JPN 2. SIHIMETS, Madis EST 3. CIURILOV, Igor MDA 3. TYULYUSH, Khayaa RUS 3. BAATAR, Banzagch MGL 3. POCINOC, Artiom MDA 5. HIJZEN, Toby NLD 5. RIES, Sven GER 5. TEHUNEN, Daniel FIN 5. VAOA, Oscar NZL 7. WENDE, Kevin GER 7. MENSCH, Karoy HUN 7. KILBAS, Sergey UKR 7. CHUMAK, Yevgeni UKR 9. PACZKOW, Krystian POL 9. RAILA, Ronaldas LTU ROOSIM
  2. jutumull

    Junior Sumo World Champs

    Great championnship. But the Japan ruled the sport as they should be (Punk rocker...) Liked it, even if I'm an Estonian. I have to say, that Japanese technique was unbeaten, especially, when 114 kg man was against an 160 kg Russian guy and guess what... He (japanese) won. Great tournament, by deepest bow to You Japanese Sumotori (Sign of approval)