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  1. Itachi

    Banzuke Surfing 1st Wave Natsu 2006

    I'll switch from Masuko to Jd26w Takunishiki. He's bigger and he did better in his Jk debut. He's older too - hopefully because he had a fine college career.
  2. Itachi

    Featured Rikishi - Otsukasa

    I almost got taken to visit Irumagawa-beya in Saitama in 2001. The nice folks I was staying with said they knew someone there but the Haru-basho had just ended and the heya was busy with more important things so visitations were discouraged. As this fell through, I have never actually visited any heya.
  3. Itachi

    Screaming Babies

    Man, I should've entered my daughters! They were seriously loud (but I didn't have the equipment to measure the decibels). My son isn't nearly as loud fortunately. Or perhaps I just can't hear properly anymore.
  4. Itachi

    Kotetsuyama (Itai)

    Sorry, I have nothing to add about Itai. I just wonder where Ikishima got his 'avatar' image from? I wonder if I know this place. Is it along the Tanesashi kaigan?
  5. Itachi

    Banzuke Surfing 1st Wave Natsu 2006

    Jonidan 20 or so Masuko from Tokyo - Nakamura-beya. My 2nd wave has surpassed my first!
  6. Itachi

    Banzuke Surfing 2nd Wave Natsu 2006

    sd70e Masuhikari
  7. Itachi

    Sandanme and Makushita impressions

    [ If it's a picture you're looking for, he must be one of the guys behind Takanoyama on this (unfortunately low quality) pic: I suppose we have Tatsuyutaka on the left and Nishikikaze on the right. If you're interested in my impression of his performance, though, I'm afraid I don't have any. I saw him only once, on day 14, and have no recollection... I was looking for an impresion of his condition and his performance but thanks for the picture anyway. Here's another rikishi you may have seen - Sasaki from Sandanme. He's still pretty young but he's been limited to Sandanme for a few years now. Does he look like a rikishi who could still advance with a bit more seasoning and strengthening?
  8. Itachi

    Sandanme and Makushita impressions

    Many thanks to Azumaryu for his excellent report! Though he's not a young rikishi anymore, I wonder how does Nishikikaze look?
  9. Itachi

    Pick the Yusho Winners

    I'd like to thank all of you who play this game. Without such good participation, Oshirokita's efforts would go under appreciated. Thanks to Oshirokita for bringing this game into being and maintaining it despite all the computer troubles that always seem to hit him right around tournament time. I am honored to be promoted to Ozeki and I pledge to do my best to compete for the yusho in each and every tournament for the entertainment of my 'many' fans (I have at least 3 - my daughters and wife) and also to provide strong competition to challenge the other players. Thanks everyone, see you on the dohyo in May. Itachi
  10. Itachi

    Kaio crucial week-end : "more message please"

    Ganbatte Kaio-zeki, I hope Kaio earns his kachikoshi and then retires on a successful note. He has been a great Ozeki when healthy and often a good Ozeki even when not healthy. Though he has been kadoban many times, it could never be said that the quality of his sumo was diminished, only that he ailments were limiting his actions. He is known for his great strength and stability both physically and emotionally. I think he will make a fine oyakata if he wishes to pursue it. Also, I am glad he did not reach Yokozuna because I would rather remember him as a great Ozeki than as an weak Yokozuna (such as the most recent Wakanohana who was a great Ozeki).
  11. Itachi

    Timex-rikido: He takes a lickin'

    Now that I got my petty nitpicking out of the way, I will confess that I've followed Tamarikido's long climb back to sekitoridom. To me it seemed like he was getting good enough to survive in Makuuchi and I was glad to see him there back in 2004 (or whenever it really was). When he got injured and dropped like a stone, I hoped for him to recover fully so that he could return to Makuuchi and finish what he started there. Now I'm not sure if he has enough to get back there and stick anymore but Gojoro did a similar thing in the past as did Wakanoyama. Now the next returning sekitori I'm waiting for is Towanoyama but I fear he may have been unable to restore himself fully enough to make it back.
  12. Itachi

    Intai Inevitable?

  13. Itachi

    Banzuke Surfing 2nd Wave Haru 06

    After careful reflection, I swtich to Jd30w Morioka!
  14. Itachi

    Banzuke Surfing 1st Wave Haru 06

    No, I will switch to sd36e Seifu.
  15. Itachi

    Banzuke Surfing 2nd Wave Haru 06

    Masuhikari Jd69e
  16. Itachi

    Banzuke Surfing 1st Wave Haru 06

    Sd55w Kagemaru for now ...
  17. Itachi

    Adopted Rikishi

    Well, I don't mention my adopted rikishi very often even when they do well so I am trying to remedy that here. I have a very indirect connection to Makushita bound Nishikikaze who somehow managed to be ranked at Makushita 20 for this tournament and has won both his matches so far including tonight vs. Dewanofuji (Surely this isn't going to be a spoiler for anyone?). I have no connection to Sandanme bound Sasaki (I mean bound as in restrained to not as in headed for) except that we both lived in Aomori and he belongs to Wakanosato's heya which has been one of my favorites for a long time. Sasaki is ranked at sd 75 this time (I thought he was headed back to Jonidan before last tournament) and he has also won both his matches. I began this post mainly to crow about the solid starts by the two rikishi I have been following for so long (relative to their career length). I still don't expect either to ever manage promotion to the next division but Nishikikaze might just do it one day by accident and Sasaki is still young. I'm sure many of you have sentimental favorites from the lower ranks who you have been following without sharing. Rikishi who perhaps haven't been all that impressive over the last few years but who nevertheless you have become attached to for whatever reason. I would like to hear about them on this thread. Please tell us WHO you have been rooting for; WHY you 'adopted' them; WHEN (if you recall) it all began; and HOW they have been doing. I look forward to hearing about the unsung heroes of the sub-sekitori ranks. Sincerely, Itachi
  18. Itachi

    An Afternoon with The Demon

    Demon Kogure? Wasn't he in a band called Seikima II? I have a few of their cds and one of them I knd of like. They're sort of a prog-metal outfit with a sci-fi fantasy theme and makeup of course. Their albums are the kind that are more interesting to look at than to hear but one of them kind of appealed to me. I'm pretty sure it's the same guy but it wouldn't be hard to do a bit of web searching to find out for sure. I think the discs were dated early 90s so he could've been mid to late 20s then and now around 40. Is he still a musician or just a talento? I'm surprised that he's kept the Demon thing going so long.
  19. Itachi

    Gamers: How'd You Do?

    You and I seem to have only one game in common, Fukurou. I finished a modest 9-6 in Sekitoto. I'm just happy to get kk in that one lately. I only went mk in two games. I finished 6-9 in the Makushita Game which was close to last place! I had finished near the top in past basho so I was very disappointed in myself - though there are no losers in that game, only those who win less. In Banzuke surfing 1st wave I was one of those who took a chance on Towanoyama who was kyujo for much of the tournament and managed only 1 win. Back to Sandanme for us. In the 2nd wave of that game, me and almost everyone else are tied for first having selected Gagamaru. In a more popular game, I finished 9-6 as Wakatanuki in Benchsumo from Juryo 3 or so. I wonder if I'll get back to Makuuchi? I'm pleased to get kk in that game lately too. I ended up tied for the jun-yusho (if I remember correctly) in Guess the Yusho Winners. A yusho might have earned me a promotion to Ozeki so I missed that but I'm happy to have done well enough to have an opportunity next tournament. I probably finished with the best winning % in Kaiopectate's Ichimon Game though with only 2 rikishi in my heya I'm close to last in every other category. I saved the best result for last ... pity since there might no tbe anyone still reading! I took home the SUPER-YUSHO in the Juryo Game which has earned me re-promotion to Ozeki (I had fallen after 2 consecutive 7-8 tournaments). Hoshifransu sent me a nice prize last time and has already contacted me. I look forward to the sweet spoils of victory. All in all it was one of my most successful tournaments which makes up for my computer system self-destructing throughout. I finally got it up and running properly today after 2 weeks of everything but the mouse and keyboard giving me trouble and needing to be replaced or reinstalled. Well, surely someone else has bragging and/or whining to do. Let's hear some chatter. Itachi (and sometimes Wakatanuki)
  20. Itachi

    Banzuke Surfing 1st Wave Hatsu 2006

    Ok, I changed my mind - Towanoyama seems like a much better choice. Itachi selects Towanoyama and not Fudoyama
  21. Itachi

    Do you follow makushita?

    When I first started following the sekitori and began to try predicting results, it was hard to know what to expect from the newer rikishi so I started watching the division they came from. Also, I was learning to read at the time and I enjoyed the challenge of looking through the list of lower division results in the paper for riksihi from a certain prefecture or heya. The more I became familiar with the regular makushita guys, the more I noticed when new ones arrived there. Now I pay attention only when I have time except when preparing for sumo games. The games are helping me remain familiar with the lower divisions now.
  22. Itachi

    Sumo Stock Exchange Game?

    The concept is very interesting to me but I expect that it will remain a dream. There probably aren't many who would invest their time learning how to play the game and even fewer who would keep up with it. If someone actually put this game together, I'd find it hard to resist playing but I'm kind of maxed out on my sumo gaming time as it is so it would be difficult to stick with it. Good idea though! Itachi
  23. Itachi

    Banzuke Surfing 1st Wave Hatsu 2006

    Ms 60e Fudoyama (until I analyse further and perhaps change my mind...