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  1. Sandanme Game Kyushu 2017

    Gurowake, Chishafuwaku, and the drone Genzai all finished with the same score so they share the yusho! Chishafuwaku's extra kk compensated for the small difference in win-loss ratio. It is Gurowake's 7th yusho and Chishafuwaku's 1st. I believe it's the second time the drone Genzai has shared the yusho but I didn't not investigate fully. See you in January! Thanks for playing!
  2. Pick The Yusho Winners Kyushu 2017

    Big congratulations to the game inventor, Oshirokita for achieving the best score for the Kyushu basho! It is the first time he has won the yusho since I began compiling the results for his game.
  3. Pick The Yusho Winners Kyushu 2017

    I saw your message. Thank you for your entry!
  4. Pick The Yusho Winners Kyushu 2017

    Bumping the topic - still time to get your picks in - a few hours at least!
  5. Sandanme Game Kyushu 2017

    Bumping the topic - still a few hours left!
  6. Sandanme Game Kyushu 2017

    The Sandanme Game will run again for Kyushu 2017. I have been very close to giving this game a kyujo for a few basho now but since some of you continue to take the time to send me entries, I feel compelled to keep it going. There may be a delay in getting the results to you but I will set up the game, record your entries, and compile and present the results. Hopefully, I can catch up on the banzuke making as well. Thanks for your patience and continuing interest in the game!Here is the usual invitation:For the Sandanme Game, please send me your list of 15 rikishi from the usual segments of the banzuke.Sd 1-5/6-10/11-15/16-20/21-25/26-30/31-35/36-40/41-45/46-5051-60/61-70/71-80/81-90 and 91-100+ (91-100 including tsukedashi if any)Your rikishi earn points for each win, for a kachikoshi record, for leading their group, and a bonus for the best scoring rikishi on each team based on how close they were to the yusho winning record. The result is adjusted so that the best possible score gets a 15-0 result.The drone Mirai knows the future and always selects the best rikishi in each group. This shows us what the best possible score would be at each stage of the game.The drone Genzai picks the most popular rikishi from each group. This drone has tended to score well.The drone Mukashi picks the rikishi in each group who had the best record last basho. This drone isn't expected to score well but sometimes surprises us.Send your entries to me at before any of your selections enter the dohyo for their match (and preferably a few hours before that).
  7. This is the thread for the Pick The Yusho Winners (PTYW) game for Kyushu 2017.Until further notice, the game will run just as it has the last several times. I will compile the results and post them as best as I can on this thread.This is a pre-basho game where each player selects a rikishi from each of 8 sections of the banzuke. The player earns points for each win, each kachikoshi, and each yusho earned by their team of 8 rikishi. The sections of the banzuke are these:Sanyaku (Y through K)MaegashiraJuryoUpper Makushita (Ms1-15 ) (not including any tsukedashi of any rank)Lower Makushita (Ms16-60 plus tsukedashi if any - including Ms 10 or 15)Sandanme (plus tsukedashi if any)JonidanJonokuchiThat's it! Simple to understand, difficult to master. The hallmarks of any engaging game.Please send your 8 selections to me before the beginning of action on Shonichi.Itachi: or by pm here at the forumAs a reminder, I am only a temporary caretaker of this game until Oshirokita can address the reconstruction of his system. All banzuke, website, and records updates will be on hold until then but the game itself and results postings will continue here on this thread.Good luck with your picks.
  8. Pick The Yusho Winners Aki 2017

    Checking my records, I believe this was Kuroimori's first yusho in this game since I have been managing it.
  9. Sandanme Game Aki 2017

    Congratulations to Flohru on winning his SIXTEENTH yusho in this game X!V!I! Gurowake takes the jun-yusho. Thanks to everyone for playing!
  10. Pick The Yusho Winners Aki 2017

    Congratulations Kuroimori! Torafujii takes the jun-yusho with the drone Genzai. Thanks to everyone for playing!
  11. Pick The Yusho Winners Aki 2017

    Here are the standings after Day 14. Kuroimori has a good lead and a chance to earn yusho points with Enho in Sandanme and Harumafuji in Makuuchi. Torafujii has Masunoyama in Sandanme (3-4) so no chance to take advantage if Enho loses the playoff match. He does have Harumafuji though. Tsubame has Enho but no other yusho contender.
  12. Sandanme Game Aki 2017

    Here are the standings after Day 12 with all the scoring factors included. Flohru has a substantial lead.
  13. Pick The Yusho Winners Aki 2017

    I have other business to attend to but I will try to get back on to present Sandanme standings later this evening (for those players who play both games).