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  1. Tatsuma Keiru

    Rikishi Talk Day 11 Hatsu 2007

    Jonosuke - could you qoute the original Japanese on this one? I'm just interested to know how he worded it. (only if you have time) Sorry for not picking up any translations this basho... I'm moving in a month, making a portfolio, and applying for jobs... I was thinking about going on Senshuraku but it looks like another bust :[ Thanks again for these translations!
  2. Tatsuma Keiru

    Rikishi Talk Day 11 Kyushu Basho

    Here's a batch of quotes before I hit the hay... (Bye, bye...) ---- Baruto: Taken in by Roho
  3. Tatsuma Keiru

    Two possible injuries

    From the Rikishi quotes of the day: Tochiazuma: Hurting his left knee at 2 losses,
  4. Tatsuma Keiru

    Rikishi Talk Day 10 Kyushu Basho

    Here's a start on today's comments... ---- Kokkai: On his who can get his first win of the basho duel with Iwakiyama,
  5. Tatsuma Keiru

    Youtube sumo stuff

    Asashoryu incinerates Chiyotakai (I think??), leaving only a smoldering hole in the ground: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np6lvdaRtbw Happened on this the other day, probably everyone has already seen it. ;-)
  6. Tatsuma Keiru

    Day 9 Withdrawl

    From Mainichi- Hokutoriki goes kyuujyou because of a bruised instep, will take 2 weeks to full recovery. Quoth the rikishi "It was hurting from before the basho. I can walk, but this is not a condition in which I can do sumo." 
  7. Tatsuma Keiru

    Rikishi Quotes - Day 6

    Asashoryu: On his win over Kotoshogiku,
  8. Tatsuma Keiru

    Rikishi Qoutes - Day 5

    Petr- Rereading the Japanese I have to say that you are spot on with your take on the different quotes. (Sign of approval) I'm realizing that Japanese is very sparse and it takes a little bit more knowledge and intuition in order the figure out what the (unspoken) subject of the sentence is. I've only been studying the language for a couple years so I'm happy to get some pointers. (I am not worthy...) I'll keep on supplying the originals so everyone can keep me honest.
  9. Tatsuma Keiru

    Rikishi Qoutes - Day 5

    Asasekiryu: On his win and being adviced by the other Morning Dragon, "When I got the mawashi that quick, I wanted to happily push the guy out but, like the Yokozuna told me, I took my time attacking. It's because I've been in that position many times and come up dry." Asasekiryu: On the retirement of Kyokushuzan and his own future, "To be his last opponent is something I think of with pride. From here on out I want to build a new era and be an example to those coming up the ranks." Chiyotaikai: More on Kaio, "Kaio existence (in the sanyaku) is becoming an encoragement to keep going." Chiyotaikai: More about him a Kaio, "I've been saying 'Gambare yo'. Conversely, when he's at the side of the dohyo, he's looking at me, getting me fired up." Chiyotaikai: About the Kaio and the yusho, "I'm also 30 myself. I have thought about (my age, retirement), but I look at Kaio and think he's not over the hill yet." --- 朝赤龍:「あんなにすぐまわしが取れたら、うれしくて前に出たいと思うけど、横綱に言われたからゆっくり攻めた。あの場面で何度も、はたかれたからね」 朝赤龍:「最後に相撲を取ったのは誇りに思う。これからは新しい時代をつくって、後輩の見本になりたい」 千代大海: 「魁皇関の存在が励みになっています」 千代大海: 「頑張れよって語っていた。逆に魁皇関が控えにいれば目を見て気合を注入しています」 千代大海: 「自分も30歳。考えることはありますが魁皇関を見てまだまだ老け込む年じゃないと思います」 *edited translations after Petr's post
  10. Tatsuma Keiru

    Rikishi Qoutes - Day 5

    From the Sumo Glossary in the links above: As for Baruto and the rest of the lot, I'm looking around but I wonder where the previous Rikishi Quotes guy found his stuff. (Help me...)
  11. Tatsuma Keiru

    Rikishi Qoutes - Day 5

    Thought I'd try to make up for some of the lack of "Rikishi qoutes" this time around. I will post more as I find them in the news. Please correct any glaring mistakes that I'm sure I will wind up making at some point. (Help me...) --- Kaio: On his bout with Futeno, "Because we're Aiyostu, I was thinking 'If I can just get a grip on the mawashi...'" Kaio: On his sumo in general, "I'm satisfied" but also reflected, "I'm not attacking forward. I take one step, and then after that I don’t follow through." Tomozuma Oyakata: On Kaio, "It's too good to be true. After being show that (Uwate-nage) we start dreaming (perhaps about the yusho or a comeback in general), but it's useless to get your hopes up." Tomozuna Oyakata: More on Kaio "I mean right now, we have no idea when his injury is going to show up again. From the point of view of everyone watching it's like get your wins in quick before it comes back, it's that sort of mentality." Asashoryu: "Seeing Kaio like that really gets everyone charged up." Chiyotaikai: Also on Kaio, "It's encoraging me on." --- 魁皇:「相四つなので、まわしを取れればと思っていた」 魁皇:「満足がいく」  「前に攻めていない。一歩足を出した、その後がついていかない」 友綱親方:「できすぎだよ。あれ(上手投げ)を見せられるとついまた夢を見たくなるけど、期待はしたらあかんからな」 友綱親方:「今だって持病はいつ出てくるか分からん。見ている方としては出る前に早く勝っちゃえ、という心境だよ」 朝青龍:「ああいう魁皇関を見ると盛り上がるね」 千代大海:「勇気をもらっている」 *edited translations after Petr's post
  12. Tatsuma Keiru

    Kaio crucial week-end : "more message please"

    Wow... if that's you're "cheerful support message" I'd wouldn't want to get on your bad side... anywho (Clapping wildly...) Kaio, Tomorrow no matter if you win or if you lose, I think you showed us all what it means to "Gambarize". Good luck, I for one will be rooting for you. Kale Chiba
  13. Tatsuma Keiru

    Baruto: Kachikoshi and alone in first!

    Shibouyama- That picture is really nice but probably if your scanner has a newsprint / magazine function (maybe it is called descreen or something like that) you can get rid of all the little misaligned dots. I'd also say put it in it's own thread in the Hombasho forum cause I think it's a pain when threads get as big as that pictures thread. Anyways, I'm jealous you got to go see the basho in person... living in tokyo I am getting a little spoiled...
  14. Tatsuma Keiru

    Baruto: Kachikoshi and alone in first!

    If you bet 14-2 you might want to stop drinking... sorry, (Applauding...) just messing with you.
  15. Tatsuma Keiru

    Baruto: Kachikoshi and alone in first!

    Try this... Yet another hakkeyoi search seams like Tokitenku did it from J10W with 12?!?!? Was there some other factor at play there? Luck of the banzuke maybe? (Applauding...)